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  1. On 3/2/2021 at 9:08 AM, BladeJunker said:

    Looking pretty good, of that Metroidvania ilk but different looking enough to stand on it's own. :) I'd pretty much given up on owning a Jag, was going to buy a controller from AA and go the emulation route(warts and all heh) but I won an auction recently. 😲 Anyway that's some cool homebrew. ;)


    I see some chatter about 2D graphics performance levels. Yeah it's true the Jag could use more screen melting 2D like other platforms had, always figured it had the potential to do some of what the SS was capable of in 2D. 🤩


    Music sounds good, pretty early but any thoughts about a CD soundtrack? The Sega/Mega CD homebrew scene has done interesting cart/CD releases. That GameDrive should help stimulate things a bit, no CD games but still cool.

    I am quite happy with the way music sounds now, I will post a new update soon a very cool tune for the ice levels.

    A person called Sergio Enrique Nuñez Stolles is helping me with music, sound fx and graphics, also @SlidellMan has supported with some graphics.

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  2. My favorite was a person who claimed to sell his whole game collection on a Swedish auction site.

    "I am now practically giving all of this stuff away, because I want to invest in life instead"

    (each item had an individual auction, so he must have spent some of time on putting up the auctions at least?)


    - I really don't understand that you cannot invest in life, and have games?

    Even if you don't play them today, you might play them tomorrow.

    (or some child, or anybody else who might be interested?)

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  3. I think a sd drive is something that misissing for the Jaguar, but in the end such device is of little use unless there are many great games to try with it (sadly the GameDrive itself does add any new games to the system)


    Perhaps most people who were quick to get in the queue for a GameDrive were the same people who were also quick to get the hottest games?


    So we just have to wait until this becomes accessible to everyone (both players, and developers), in order to see any new games released for it. So until then it seems that people will be playing the same games as before (and perhaps reduce the wear a little bit on the cartridge port)


  4. I would not call Hyper Force amazing, but it's decent in the same category as Zool 2.

    Bubsy looks quite nice, but unfortunately totally unplayable (I am very sorry for this, as it looks better than the SNES version of Bubsy, but the SNES game is much more playable)


    I feel a little bit sorry that many Jaguar games were more like technology demos intended to display to true 64-bit power of the system, rather than being great games.


    So an exclusive, playable platformer is definitely a goal. Graphics will be what we, as home-brewers are able to come up with. The limitation is mainly the people who are willing to contribute, and not the system's capabilities. What I truly long for are playable platform games, and not more (very nice looking) Bubsy games...


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  5. Very cool @DrTypo, there hasn't been many 3D homebrews.

    I have been fantasizing about making a game similar to the 1979 Tailgunner (Cinematronics) Vector arcade game with flat shaded polygons.

    (would look a little bit nicer than the original wireframe graphics)


    The polygon count would not need to be high, but I haven't been able to find a library that I can use with C for this

    (most open libraries for the Jaguar focus on 2D graphics)



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  6. On 2/7/2021 at 3:42 PM, Rick Dangerous said:

    Is a Jaguar CD release of this possible, from a memory standpoint?

    I don't know. I am not so familiar with the Jaguar CD, but why is this interesting?

    The game fits on a cartridge, so I don't see the point of having a CD release.

    Also I don't have access to a Jaguar CD rom drive, so it would be quite difficult from a practical point of view.


    However, the game is to large to fit all of it in the Jaguar RAM at the same time, so it must have the cartridge. This is manly due to the music.

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  7. 6 hours ago, sd32 said:

    the only thing holding this to its "superficial" 8-bit looks is how dificult and expensive it is to get high quality pixel art?

    I think that it is only the generation who grew up during the bit-wars that are so sensitive about how many bits the graphics looks like being.

    Today (even for the Jaguar), the number of colors is not really a limitation, and still we see graphics on games for the Nintendo Switch that even look 4-bit.

    No one seems to complain about that (e.g. they are still being sold for the console), maybe some people even like this simplicity.

    So graphics (on platforms without severe technical limitations) becomes what is drawn to be, graphics does not automatically look a certain way just because it is displayed on a platform with a certain word length, e.g. 16, 32, or 64-bit.

    For example, 2D Metroid never had 64-bit looking graphics, even if there were games with computer pre-rendered graphics on the same platform (e.g. on the SNES, Super Metroid vs. Donkey Kong Country) Would you have liked a dark space action adventure with colorful pre-rendered computer graphics, I know I wouldn't?

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  8. On 2/11/2021 at 11:41 PM, SlidellMan said:

    I also agree with Cyrano that a layered background/parallax in areas would help it immensely.

    I added a background layer (parallax, because the map moves and the background is static)

    Thank you @CyranoJ for the tip on how to make all of this play together.

    I also changed the jump. It now displays the "crazy" leg pulling frame only when the player is jumping very far...

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  9. On 2/11/2021 at 11:41 PM, SlidellMan said:

    Adding a run ability was a smart decision, but do you have to use a button or double tap the pad in a given direction?

    You have to build up speed by moving in the desired direction long enough. If you change direction, hit an obstacle, or get hit by an enemy, you loose speed. This is a very important part of the gameplay. You will need to build up speed to perform a long jump, thus being able to reach new areas. If there are obstacles in they way, you would need to clear them before you successfully can build up speed.

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  10. The Asteroite update for February 2021.

    Some new enemies, and a vertical level, enjoy.


    Note that the video capturing tool does not capture blinking sprites very well (e.g. when you are hit, or when the enemies disappear)

    Either you see them all the time, or they just disappear.

    I does not look like this on the real Jaguar.




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  11. 10 hours ago, JagChris said:

    Does this help you when you take a break from one project and work on something else? I hear a lot of people say it does

    Yes, it certainly does. It helps to see things from a new angle, with fresh eyes. Sometimes you also feel like you get stuck, then it's nice to have something else to focus on for a while.

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  12. 3 hours ago, PeterG said:

    It does indeed I also like it a lot, the only thing that I don't quite like is pulling the legs to the front when jumping, it is unique somehow but the Turrican fan in me wants to see them go slightly to the back. :-D 

    Nice to follow in any case. :)

    I changed a little bit. Originally there were 5 states, pre-jump (1), jump with the legs pulled backwards (2), mid air with the legs a little bit like in the crouching position (3), on the way down with the legs pulled forward (4), and finally the post fall frame (5), which is the same as the pre-jump frame.

    Now the legs are only pulled forward (4) if the player pulls they control stick in the advancing direction. Otherwise (e.g. in a straight upward jump, or a straight fall), the game character won't pull the legs forward, thus staying in state (3) until reaching the ground, state (5).

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  13. Great initiative,

    @agradeneuI would love to see more of your artwork on the Jaguar,

    @LordKraken, please feel free to use any parts of my code, if you find it useful?


    Also a little tip from my side, from a person who have tried for a while to find a platform for my independent games:

    Stay focused on the retro consoles, it's very hard to get trough all the noise on the modern console/PC market.

    Unless you have very good contacts with a large publisher who can really get their game trough, otherwise it might not be worth the effort. (besides from your own satisfaction of seeing your game on a modern console, and to maybe get a few buys from your closest friends)


    On the Jaguar there is a large gap to fill, since it had such a short commercial lifetime. It seems to have a dedicated community, were all active persons will definitely check your game out, and most likely many of these persons will also buy your game...

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  14. ...and yes I am very sad that Nintendo pulled the plug on one of the best games ever made e.g. AM2R, but that one used assets directly from the Metroid games. Instead Nintendo released a 3D, but still 2D remake of Metroid 2, when everyone was actually hoping to see a legal version AM2R. Obviously, they couldn't, or were not willing to hire real pixel artists, instead they re-used the 3D artists to make a low polygon count 2D game using a 3D engine. 

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  15. The game is not supposed to be called Metroidvania, it's just the name of a genre. I haven't come up with a proper name yet. The main character is not final, I just used something to test the engine with.


    Isn't Castlevania IP of Konami, e.g. the second part of genre name "Metroidvania"


    What about Axiom Verge, isn't that also a Metroidvania game taking place on an alien planet without any vampires and castles? No one prevents it to be sold...

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  16. Time for another update, this time I added some wall climbing enemies (e.g. the first monsters in the game)

    It is now also possible to shoot in diagonal directions while jumping, or running.


    Currently, I have no pixels artist supporting me, so I have to do everything using my own skill, or using free online resources. Thankfully there seems to be a good amount of Metroidvania related assets freely available.

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  17. Technically speaking, all home consoles (except for the Vectrex) the image is a matrix of dots of varying brightness. This is the only way you can connect your home console to a TV, because it does not understand the language of vectors.

    That's also why the Vectrex must have a built in monitor, because it's a custom built vector monitor, and not a TV.


    Although more modern game consoles, and high resolution monitors are able to emulate vector graphics faithfully (because the pixels are so dense it's hard to distinguish them) they will never become real vector devices (e.g. a device that has a real vector monitor)


    In the first pixels based video games, the dots of different intensities were defined by hand, one by one. Later high end graphical workstations used math to generate raster images that looked like vector graphics, but they were still made up of pixels. The later home consoles (including the Atari Jaguar) could also draw vector-like images on a raster display in real-time, rather than showing pre-computed images made on a workstation.


    A pixel artist in my opinion is a person who can use a combination of different techniques.

    - Drawing by hand (e.g Dexule Paint, or Paintbrush)

    - Drawing by hand + using filters and compositing techniques (e.g. GIMP)

    - Draw using simulated vector graphics (e.g. Inkscape, or Corel Draw)

    - A grey zone for me is pre-rendered vector images using a high end graphical workstations (e.g. Maya, Houdini, or LightWave)



    This is just what I think based on my previous experience,...



    Regarding what kind of graphics is suitable for the Metroidvania.

    The whole atmosphere (in for example Metroid) makes you feel left alone on a desolate planet. You are exploring deep and dark caves beneath the surface of a seemingly dead planet. The mood is built up by dark music, cold environments, and unpleasant surprises. In order to create such atmosphere, you cannot have to colorful graphics, and to cheerful music, but that doesn't say that the graphics cannot look good. However, it's not supposed to be a competition about which pixel artist can make use of the most amount of colors available on the screen at the same time.

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