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  1. The Asteroite update for February 2021. Some new enemies, and a vertical level, enjoy. Note that the video capturing tool does not capture blinking sprites very well (e.g. when you are hit, or when the enemies disappear) Either you see them all the time, or they just disappear. I does not look like this on the real Jaguar.
  2. Yes, it certainly does. It helps to see things from a new angle, with fresh eyes. Sometimes you also feel like you get stuck, then it's nice to have something else to focus on for a while.
  3. I changed a little bit. Originally there were 5 states, pre-jump (1), jump with the legs pulled backwards (2), mid air with the legs a little bit like in the crouching position (3), on the way down with the legs pulled forward (4), and finally the post fall frame (5), which is the same as the pre-jump frame. Now the legs are only pulled forward (4) if the player pulls they control stick in the advancing direction. Otherwise (e.g. in a straight upward jump, or a straight fall), the game character won't pull the legs forward, thus staying in state (3) until reaching the ground, state (5).
  4. OK, So we changed the main sprite again. Now to something unique for this game (the previous hero was borrowed from open gunner)
  5. Great initiative, @agradeneu, I would love to see more of your artwork on the Jaguar, @LordKraken, please feel free to use any parts of my code, if you find it useful? Also a little tip from my side, from a person who have tried for a while to find a platform for my independent games: Stay focused on the retro consoles, it's very hard to get trough all the noise on the modern console/PC market. Unless you have very good contacts with a large publisher who can really get their game trough, otherwise it might not be worth the effort. (besides from your own satisfaction of seeing your game on a modern console, and to maybe get a few buys from your closest friends) On the Jaguar there is a large gap to fill, since it had such a short commercial lifetime. It seems to have a dedicated community, were all active persons will definitely check your game out, and most likely many of these persons will also buy your game...
  6. A musician has joined the team, you can hear his first contribution in this video:
  7. Cool! I also changed the main sprite. @WAVE 1 GAMES now the Samus lookalike has been ditched:
  8. I actually enjoyed Fallen Angels recently, as soon as I understood which button to press for docking with the mother ship (e.g. this is what you have to do when you have rescued enough fallen pilots, in order to reach the next level)
  9. ...and yes I am very sad that Nintendo pulled the plug on one of the best games ever made e.g. AM2R, but that one used assets directly from the Metroid games. Instead Nintendo released a 3D, but still 2D remake of Metroid 2, when everyone was actually hoping to see a legal version AM2R. Obviously, they couldn't, or were not willing to hire real pixel artists, instead they re-used the 3D artists to make a low polygon count 2D game using a 3D engine.
  10. The game is not supposed to be called Metroidvania, it's just the name of a genre. I haven't come up with a proper name yet. The main character is not final, I just used something to test the engine with. Isn't Castlevania IP of Konami, e.g. the second part of genre name "Metroidvania" What about Axiom Verge, isn't that also a Metroidvania game taking place on an alien planet without any vampires and castles? No one prevents it to be sold...
  11. Time for another update, this time I added some wall climbing enemies (e.g. the first monsters in the game) It is now also possible to shoot in diagonal directions while jumping, or running. Currently, I have no pixels artist supporting me, so I have to do everything using my own skill, or using free online resources. Thankfully there seems to be a good amount of Metroidvania related assets freely available.
  12. Technically speaking, all home consoles (except for the Vectrex) the image is a matrix of dots of varying brightness. This is the only way you can connect your home console to a TV, because it does not understand the language of vectors. That's also why the Vectrex must have a built in monitor, because it's a custom built vector monitor, and not a TV. Although more modern game consoles, and high resolution monitors are able to emulate vector graphics faithfully (because the pixels are so dense it's hard to distinguish them) they will never become real vector devices (e.g. a device that has a real vector monitor) In the first pixels based video games, the dots of different intensities were defined by hand, one by one. Later high end graphical workstations used math to generate raster images that looked like vector graphics, but they were still made up of pixels. The later home consoles (including the Atari Jaguar) could also draw vector-like images on a raster display in real-time, rather than showing pre-computed images made on a workstation. A pixel artist in my opinion is a person who can use a combination of different techniques. - Drawing by hand (e.g Dexule Paint, or Paintbrush) - Drawing by hand + using filters and compositing techniques (e.g. GIMP) - Draw using simulated vector graphics (e.g. Inkscape, or Corel Draw) - A grey zone for me is pre-rendered vector images using a high end graphical workstations (e.g. Maya, Houdini, or LightWave) This is just what I think based on my previous experience,... Regarding what kind of graphics is suitable for the Metroidvania. The whole atmosphere (in for example Metroid) makes you feel left alone on a desolate planet. You are exploring deep and dark caves beneath the surface of a seemingly dead planet. The mood is built up by dark music, cold environments, and unpleasant surprises. In order to create such atmosphere, you cannot have to colorful graphics, and to cheerful music, but that doesn't say that the graphics cannot look good. However, it's not supposed to be a competition about which pixel artist can make use of the most amount of colors available on the screen at the same time.
  13. The aim with Kings of Edom is for it to be a fully fledged rouge-like (but not necessarily a clone of the game Rouge) In the future there might be other projects (Action RPG, Metroidvania etc.)
  14. It should be possible to re-use the engine for any type of run-n-gun, side scrolling action game. I looked at some videos of Gunlord, and it seems to have one layer using a tile map (which I currently have in this demo, this is the layer the action takes place), and second layer using a large bitmap image, or a series large images (for decoration). This is just how thought about doing it, because the Jaguar's ability to handle really large images (besides from many 16x16 pixel sized tiles, as used in the first layer) is really what differs the Jaguar from the other consumer 16-bit console systems from that time (e.g. SNES, Genesis, which use 16x16 tiles for both layers. The NeoGeo would of course also be able to do how I described, but that was really not aimed at the mass consumer market) However, it can still be a Metroidvania, but in order to make it look something like Gunlord, I really need the help from very professional pixel artist(s). My current focus is to get a very good physics engine, the decoration comes later...
  15. So basically you mean an arcade RPG in isometric view?
  16. While Kings of Edom is being beta tested, I started to experiment with ideas for the next Atari Jaguar game. Another genre that seems to be under-represented on the system is "Metroidvania" It's actually a platformer, with with adventure game elements, the name originates from 2 games, e.g. Metroid, and Castlevania. Metroid was a game for the NES which added adventure game elements to a platform game, and later games in the Castelvania series also adopted this approach. So if anyone would be interested in a game like this, perhaps this tech demo can become a real game? However, I realize already now that it will take a very long time to design the levels for a good game in this genre: Note that this game will in no way be related to the 2 games mentioned above, these were just used as examples to describe the genre. The same info is on Wikipedia
  17. It would be worth it just to see if the mail is faster the opposite way?
  18. That will probably be me, because I always fail to understand how to buy these things the official way. Now I checked Dragon box, and it says out of stock. I also registered on the Atari Age waiting list ages ago...
  19. It looks nice, but the game already has a logo. Thanks for the effort...
  20. phoboz

    Super Burnout

    Yes super scalers are great, how many are there on the Jaguar? I can think of at least 6: 1. Super Burnout 2. Atari Karts 3. Val d'Isère Skiing and Snowboarding 4. Wormhole 2000 5. Saucer Wars 6. Blue Lightning (I think it's a super scaler, but I haven't played it since it's a CD game) PS. I don't count Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Alien vs. Predator, as they have a 3D environment for the maze walls. Would have been really nice of SEGA made good on the settlement towards Atari and ported some of their super scalers as well. (Can't the current owners of the Atari brand enforce what is left of SEGA to fulfill this somehow?)
  21. It was primarily focused on re-implementing the hardware. So if you mean if someone was to write a source code to supplement the bios, then I don't think so.
  22. Yes I must admit that some of these myths really scared me from starting to develop games for the Jaguar. - Of course I like to use the 68000, it was, and still is one of the most popular, and most widely used devices in the world. Why can't I use it on the Jaguar? - Is the console hard to develop for? Probably not harder than any other console. I don't know, I only know that is equal hard to develop for as the other consoles I have worked with. - I have never understood what those crippling bugs are? Oh yes, I read that it was a big "bug" that the custom hardware cannot access main RAM, and you have to move stuff. Then people realized that these devices actually could access data from RAM, the data just need to be aligned to the bit-size of these devices, e.g. 32-bit aligned, or 64-bit aligned. Of course it has, that's true for all devices, including the x86 in 32-bit mode (e.g. a PC running Windows), but the compliers handle this without you knowing about it. So how can this be considered a "bug" for the Jaguar, when it is not considered a bug for the PC?
  23. Updated the description above, due to changes in the game.
  24. The object processor is a verycapable device. It can do just like you describe about the Neo Geo, to draw a large arbitrary sized sprites, in large numbers (I think up to 512). It can even draw scaled sprites, with no, or very little additional overhead. So this is in my opinion really the strength of the Jaguar. The blitter (which you need to use for real 3D games) is a different story.
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