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  1. I'd push vector 3D games to the limits and would bring them into 16-bit console era.
  2. Thanks for the interesting article! So, simply put, concept of Breakout appering during brainstorm session of Steve Bristow and Nolan Bushnell in 1975 and was the thought of either Steve or Nolan (not exactly known who) in pursuit of distancing from Pong yet making something in the same genre. First commercial availability was in arcade Take 7 in 1975 which were done by Fun Games Inc. which were ex-Atari employees who just stolen idea. The version featured in Take 7 is horisontal (are there any screenshots? The article shows only caption of what I believe is flyer.) And real arcade Breakout was made into production in 1976 and were ghost-constructed by Steve Wozniak for Steve Jobs who finally robbed him and took credit for his work. Have I understood everything right?
  3. Thanks for recollection! Simply gamer thinks: "Wait! It is advertising, you make profit on me and make me consumerist zombie, maybe you could sell me this blockbuster for a buck or two less, eh?"
  4. Do somebody remembers (or knows any reliable site) were 'advergames' like Cool Spot, M.C. Kids and others initially priced lower than the rest or not? Could you get them for free in some sort of advertising campaign?
  5. It is something like online PLATO emulator. I can't register here, although I submitted the form and got automatic e-mail response that it was accepted, but never got login and password necessary to use the system. I mailed several times, but got nothing in response. Is Cyber1 still alive?
  6. Is there any site with reliable charts covering how much (relatively) computer or videogames sold from 80`s and early 90`s? Scale don`t means much - it may be chart of one market chain.
  7. Got some issues of mentioned magazines for a short time. I want to scan some materials from them and need to know if there`s any of issues are online or maybe some of AtariAge members are planning to scan them in future.
  8. I can clearly see that his first name is Chris, but last name is not very sharp (Relufote, Reiufore?). Anybody knows for shure? And do you know other works from this artist? Sorry for broken english.
  9. Watch the TV next week to get the answer. *** I really like RTM - it gives me feeling that every month I return to some nice place.
  10. What comes up to mind first are S.T.T. Band`s music for OutRun and After Burner. Ofcourse Hubbard`s Sanxion and Galway`s Comic Bakery. There`s a lot more, but list would be too long.
  11. I think that you`ll not find anything good and hi-res at the same time - even scans at arcadeflyers.com would look nice on the postcard, but not on A4. Making poster yourself is not an easy task, and as I understand now requires special skill. Next is what I did some time ago trying to create poster. And regarding your attached image - There were no 2600 in 1977 - it was called VCS then!
  12. Still it more adequate than many similar lists I`ve seen through years. Thanx 8th lutz for input.
  13. Ah, it doesn`t count computer games. BTW is it normal for game magazine, that Sonic the Hedgehog is lower than Soul Calibur?
  14. What was criterias for including game in the list? Positions seem to be pretty random.
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