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  1. I recently got MicroSD version of the Harmony encore. When I try to use SD card it is not recognized. The card type is "HC I" so I suppose it is the cart type that is not supported. What types of uSD are working well with it? Same result with both FAT32 and FAT16.
  2. I know. We need them badly! Next batch of PCBs is ordered, and should be in the next week, soldering components is next. Also all technical problems should be solved now... Sorry for off topic!
  3. Glad you do both outsourcing and improvements. I'd say it's well worth the wait IMO.
  4. Same here - I'd like all available colours for the shells too.
  5. Id like one! Sign me up for the next batch please!
  6. I want them both - the programer and the carts! What should I do? Also what will I need in order to use the programmer?
  7. zoran

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Interested. Please add me to the list.
  8. I'm really interested in a set or two of carts if a programmer is also available for purchase...
  9. Please add to the preorder list for the both versions of the cart if possible, if not I like the lynx2 more.
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