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  1. I have created a clone of the great Super Snapshot cartridge. https://github.com/Kalidomra/SuperClone-5.0
  2. Looks like you renamed "AdamNetIdle.ino" somehow. You should redownload the v0.82 release from GitHub and compile that.
  3. I am having the problem described here: https://github.com/ADTPro/adtpro/issues/53 It says the issue will be fixed in the next release, but a new release was not issued. Has anyone compiled a new version they can share?
  4. Not sure what I was doing wrong. I have a few basic programs that I copied from the DSK image to my PC. When I try to copy them back they are always corrupt. I think there is a bug in the interleaving that Image Maker Uses, the corruption starts always at the same spot. if I use a DDP image, it works fine.
  5. On this topic. When I have tried to use ADAM Image Maker, it seems to corrupt the files. I have tried moving basic programs to a .dsk file and the programs are always corrupt.
  6. Version 0.5 Released today. Here are some of the changes: Changed how the AdamNet line is connected; it now requires a PNP transistor and 2 resistors. This version is not compatible with the old method of connecting the AdamNet line to the Mega2560. This was required to improve the reliability of the AdamNet communication. Added the device configuration mode. Enables any drive to be turned on or off. Added a voltage monitor mode. Added extra step to send SD commands and access large disk images. This will enhance Adam program compatibility, while maintaining the ability to use SD commands and very large disk images. Fixed a write bug. ADE was not sending the required ACK after receiving the block data to write. Fixed a timing bug in Process Command. ADE was sending the ACK back to the Adam too fast, it was sometimes missed. Fixed the status not being reset after the status was sent. This caused issues with programs that tried to access blocks outside of the normal range on purpose. (ie Formatter 3)
  7. Thanks everyone. The case design looks great, I will have to print it this weekend. I would like to hear any suggestions or feedback on the current implementation of ADE. I am currently working on v0.5. It will include a couple of minor features and some code cleanup. I hope someone takes on writing a nice front end for the Adam side. I'm afraid I don't have the energy or the time to learn Z80 assembly.
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