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  1. Any chance for a datacorder wav file for this program? I wouldn't mind having my roommate test it out on his TI, but we can only play downloaded games in that format.
  2. I have what may be the entire Legend of Mother Sarah comic series , more or less, sitting around in my closet. I was given the set by my mom, and wasn't able to get it sold, so hoping to give it away to someone who would appreciate the series. Series comes in both individual comic issues and graphic novels. Let me know if you want it. Thanks.
  3. Interesting. The files have to be uncompressed on the thumb drive, or...? Just curious, because we do have a thumb drive that we can use for that, and we've used Hackchi before, so...
  4. That reminds me of a PC mod I read about in an issue of PC Gamer, a long while back, which put a coffee maker into the tower.
  5. Hmm. We know about the diminishing space for save states if we put in more games, we've hacked our SNES and NES Minis before. I do have all of the Genesis and 32X game roms on my computer, so we'll just have to pick and choose which games to put on there. My boyfriend noticed, when comparing the audio lag with Sonic 2 on the Mini to the audio on the Genesis collection on Steam, and he noticed the same lag with both, so...
  6. How do you do that, get the games read from a flash drive? We have a thumb drive we can use for that, but we dunno how to get the files to run on the mini from there.
  7. Huh, interesting. With the hacking of the console, I've read somewhere that if you load it up with over 100 extra games, it'll start to glitch out, so I guess that's the limit for the game options for dumping roms directly into it.
  8. Just the NES and SNES minis. The only other Mini we've seen available that we don't have was the PS1 mini, and we're not planning on getting it.
  9. Long story short, early Christmas visit was crap, but we got money for our own Christmas dinner, which my roommie used to get a Sega Genesis Mini. He knows I've been wanting one for a while, having grown up with the system, and he's been wanting to play it to see how playing on semi-original Sega hardware is like. We're thinking of possibly hacking it to add in some more choice games (though we dunno how many games we can fit on it without compromising stuff like save state space and whatnot), and I'm thinking - if I get some money but not enough to pay for a new gaming chair for my desk - using some of the money I get to get a pair of 6-button controllers. The only game we really tested on there was Sonic 2, its 2-player mode, and my god, dunno if it's the emulation being crap or the system, or the rom is just that bad, but the slowdown for it in certain spots was so unbearable. I honestly don't remember it being that bad for the game on actual original Sega Genesis hardware. So, that's 3 classic mini consoles down. Likely not going to get any others, since we've still got a modded slim PS2 we can use to play PS1 games (so no need for the PS1 Mini). I'm curious how you guys think of the system, and what advice you'd give us for modding it.
  10. You could recreate that one interrogation scene from Shrek.
  11. Well, at least up to and including The World is Not Enough, but right now Youtube has almost all of the classic James Bond movies available for free streaming.
  12. Anyone have Snupps on here, and if so, have you had any issues uploading an item you have in your account on there for sale on Ebay using its link? I have a few things on mine, including my roommate's LCD game collection (now down to a few games), and I've been wanting to try and get one of them (the Mortal Kombat Barcodzz) on ebay through the Snupps app, but I keep getting an error.
  13. Still looking for offers on Merlin: The 10th Quest, Sonic Space War, and Mortal Kombat Tiger Barcodzz. Last chance will be now until Christmas, then I'll have to shut down sales for the next couple of months.
  14. Sent a PM for KOTOR2. Thanks for the second chance.
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