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  1. I figured that. Thanks. We'll try some of them out, tomorrow.
  2. So, now that my boyfriend and I have confirmed that our work-around for getting tape games gotten online to work on the TI (like with Peter Cottontail's Egg Hunt), I was wondering if there was any non-32K-required wav format games (either official or fan-made) that you guys would suggest for us to try out? We do have Extended Basic, so keep that in mind. I used to have a link to a large collection of TI programs, but lost it in a sudden reinstall I needed to do to my computer. Also, thanks to ArcadeShopper, we do have his tapes for Adventure and Tunnels of Doom, so unless there's any other sets for those two that aren't on the ArcadeShopper ones, we don't really need those. Thanks for all your help with us!
  3. Yeah, I can see that. On a different note, but one related to computer gaming, I'm excited for the news that Doom 64 is coming to all platforms next March, and as a preorder bonus for Doom Eternal. That means I can now have a digital collection of all of the main Doom games legally on my computer (I had to resort to total conversions for Doom 64).
  4. And, just like that, it's met its quota by over 500 backers. Interesting. I wonder if it'll just be available to those who backed it or not...
  5. Well, what do you know? They did say they were extending the deadline to after some sort of comic con, this weekend, so it looks like that strategy is working for them... Sadly, I don't have nearly enough money to get one, but I do hope it gets made, at this rate.
  6. Anyone remember the movie "Mannequin" from 1987? I found a news article that talked about the authentication of part of a mannequin that a Philadelphia store had that was the "star" of that movie. I love stories like that; there was a SciFi (SyFy) show about the authentication and auctioning of movie props and memorabilia that I got reminded of when I read that article, and it made me reminisce about other such shows, like Toy Hunter (which got me into watching toy collection webseries Toy Galaxy) and American Pickers. I dunno what fascinates me about that kind of stuff, but it does.
  7. I'm looking at the current status of the crowdfund, and it's barely gone up to over 5,700. I really doubt that it'll make its cut, and after the one extension, I doubt they'll be willing to make another one just to try and bring in more backers. If they had limited themselves to 5000 backers instead of 8000, then they'd have made it, by now, but I think they overshot the amount of people interested in this huge toy.
  8. Wow, no wonder the seller of the graphics card I bought said he "took a loss" on the shipping; when we tried shipping it back to him in the same box, it came out as being oversized, and thus, cost the same price as I paid for it.
  9. Well, I dunno if they would. I can ask, when I send out my other packages, today.
  10. I saw that. I'm excited, but I'm anticipating the crowdfund to fail. I've owned the Armada Unicron, and I would've loved to own this, but the fact that it's mostly a shellformer* kinda ruins it for me. Anyway, good news/bad news time, for me: Good News: I'm getting a refund for my graphics card, after filing a case against the seller. I'll need to return the item and provide a tracking number for it, but that's okay. Bad News: I lost a good $30 on a sale that got damaged, and I can't request insurance on it, because a second sale I had for the same company was shipped in the same envelope with it, and was fine, so... * Shellformer: a Transformer whose transformation is mostly folding it up into a ball, and covering it with a shell for the alt mode.
  11. No, it isn't; the horror stories I've heard about it is why I refuse to trust cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and why I haven't watched the Wreck-it Ralph sequel, yet (since it has a scene where they go into the dark web).
  12. I'm choosing B, because A is just horrible, C is just... no, I've heard too many horror stories about the Darkweb to even want to touch that; at least with B, there's a chance the cat can still be alive, and it doesn't scar to physically or psychologically once the mystery is revealed. Anyway, anyone want a slightly-used, mostly-working old gaming video card that can still run Doom 2016 at minimum settings? Turns out our rig is too primitive for it, and the seller won't return it, because he shipped it at a loss.
  13. *sighs* This PC upgrading thing is getting rough; the video card I got online is just a tad too long for the space in the case, so we're going to have to dremmel a space out for it to fit, or get a bigger case...
  14. My only Ebay dealing with TI stuff was that vintage Atari controller adapter that I found, and I had no problems with it, so I guess I was lucky...
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