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  1. Agreed. I'm tempted to grab them, not for myself or to sell, but to mail as a gift to an action figure Youtuber that I watch, as a way of contributing to his show. If anyone knows what to do with them, it would be that guy.
  2. xabin

    PC Game Deals

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/346850/Chips_Challenge_1/ Chip's Challenge 1, the PC DOS port, is free right now on Steam.
  3. I kinda wish I had grabbed that router and the Echo, especially the Echo; I just learned that that "Skyrim Very Special Edition" "joke" was an actual product, and now I wanna test it out...
  4. Hmm. those look rather cool. Not sure if the pull string that's broken can be fixed, but I hope it can be.
  5. I dunno, I heard that Atari's competitors bribed the developers for Donkey Kong to exclusively gimp the 2600 version, to keep them from gaining the upper hand in the then-to-be-short-lived 2-Bit console wars. Someone recently has tried making a superior port of Donkey Kong onto the 2600, and, well... just look for yourself:
  6. I'm still shocked at how much better games like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Burgertime were on the TI-99/4A than on the Atari 2600. It's like Atari wasn't even trying with that console...
  7. That is true, sadly. It's a risk, either way, but appealing to the people who you think would be more likely to buy it for its collector's value or nostalgia makes finding the right person a bit easier. I remember trying to sell figures my boyfriend and I had of a specific offshoot line to Lanard Toys' The Corps on ebay, thinking they wouldn't be worth much, and someone who literally spends his time collecting those specific figures for a museum for the line bought them all, so from then on, I learned to try to research and then advertise what I had more, to appeal to more specific people.
  8. I know this, and I'm not trying to suggest that you should sell any future stuff you decide to put on here. You're being very generous with this, and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I think, like with the General Lee finger racer, I'm implying that you should do some research into future stuff you decide to give out, to see if it's particularly rare or collectable, so you can advertise that and be more certain to be able to find someone who would truly want it for their own personal collection, instead of just grabbing it in order to cash in on your generosity. For instance, your first item, the near-complete original Voltron figure, is really collectible and expensive on Ebay, so it isn't surprising that so many people were interested in it, but the Gobots you gave out, later on, or the Animated Spider Man figures would've been a hard "sell", if someone didn't recognize them. Also, not saying you're not doing enough research on them, so sorry about that. On that note, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-Figure-Lido-4-LAVA-MONSTER-Galaxy-Warriors-die-cast-Woolworths-KO-He-Man/283988944784?epid=10035964335&hash=item421f0f6790:g:ZMUAAOSwM8xfQ88M This seems to be the figure that you posted up, the green die-cast one. Rather strange action figure line. Seems like the line is fairly rare, with some accessories (like shields) going up to the $50 range, so if anyone is a collector of odd knock-off figures like this, or has an attachment to the line (Galaxy Warriors), they would do well getting this from you.
  9. Ah, the Dukes of Hazard General Lee. Looking on ebay, it looks like, loose, that thing is going for a good $15-$20. Never heard of these things, before, but they seem fun.
  10. No problem. From the looks of it, the Spiderman is a Web Lair Kay-Bee Toys exclusive variant, which is kinda rare.
  11. Those three are from the Spiderman Animated Series from Fox. There's Black suit Spidey on the top right, Vulture on the bottom, and the top left is Alister Smythe.
  12. xabin

    PC Game Deals

    Damn, I don't have Twitch Prime...
  13. Gah! My package from Germany's been stuck in pre-customs for over a month, with no sign of moving, and the seller hasn't gotten word back from them about its status, so he's having to send me a full refund ($170+) to compensate. Ugh...
  14. This is rather interesting.
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