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  1. Yeah, I know there's a form for updating your address, but I'm not sure if I would need to use that or not, especially since I've been filing for SSI for so long, that the government has my address, already, through that.
  2. Mmm. Well, that just leaves what I'm supposed to do, if I should file for a return now or wait to see what paperwork they come up with for people like me to file in lieu of a tax return.
  3. My issue is that technically, I'm not on SSI or any other form of disability, but thanks to a long and arduous battle to get on SSI that lasted a full decade (and is still ongoing), I've recently been declared "medically frail" by the FSSA, and thus, cannot work. I haven't been able to file for any taxes, as a result. I dunno if I should file, or wait for a form to be put out for people like me, as the IRS states it may get:
  4. *grits teeth* The IRS and SSA offices are closed, due to this pandemic, meaning I can't contact them to see how I can file for the stimulus check (IRS) or how my SSI application is going (SSA). How in the hell is Trump expecting the checks to go out, if the IRS is literally frozen to a stop, thanks to this pandemic?
  5. TFW you are forced to buy a $25 plugin for a free 3D modeling program JUST to get some of your models to work with it...
  6. Oh, great, one of the recent virus cases in our county is a worker at one of the local hospitals where one of my boyfriend's sisters works at. This isn't good. She's alright, for now, but to know it hit so close to us... we're petrified, now...
  7. Erf, boyfriend decided to ragequit on, of all things, Minecraft. Even on easy, he kept on getting ganged up on and slaughtered by enemies, to the point where he couldn't last much longer than a few in-game days there. I feel bad for him...
  8. Second case of the virus in our county in the same number of days. My boyfriend's paranoid to the point of not wanting to go out and forbidding me to do so. This really sucks...
  9. Keeping things classy, Jon St. Jon just posted a twitter feed of him saying Covid-19-related pickup lines in his classic Duke Nukem voice. So, I had to ask him the most logical and sensible thing you could ask him... ... How would he voice an evil counterpart to his other famous (or, rather, infamous) character, Big the Cat, in a Sonic game, and would it be like Duke Nukem but evil?
  10. It's fine. I just hope it isn't in the city I'm at, that would be horrible.
  11. County, as in a smaller part of a US state. I'm in Indiana.
  12. Great, my county has its first confirmed case of the virus. We knew it was only a matter of time, with us surrounded on almost all sides by other counties with confirmed cases, so...
  13. I've had this happen to me, once; I was selling a fridge that I had bought a year prior (because we couldn't keep it in our new apartment), and I was sent a check for $2000 to pay for it. Had to get bailed out of the resulting scam by my boyfriend's mom.
  14. Anyone longing for Reaganomics, right now? Anyone? Or maybe the Lewinksy scandals? Or Watergate? I do; at least those stupid mistakes didn't outright KILL people, even peripherally...
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