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  1. Haven't talked much on here, sorry. Right now, can't do much of anything, as I'm recovering from eye surgery (corneal transplant to treat keratoconus). Wish my luck on a quick and smooth recovery.
  2. I'll sign up for the mystery box. Also, how much would shipping be to 46580 for the Skylanders box? It sucks that that hasn't been taken, yet, and I do own one Skylander figure through my roommate, so...
  3. Not interested in getting these (as I'm saving money for some other, more expensive figures on preorder), but just wanted to clarify to the people here what figures they are: The purple one is Mace Windu to Actis Jedi Starfighter and the blue one is Plo Koon to Aethersprite Jedi Starfighter; the latter seems to be missing quite a few pieces, but the former, except for the lightsabers and mini figure, seems to be complete and in good condition. Hoping that, whoever does get them, can find the remaining pieces to finish off Plo Koon, at the very least.
  4. https://lostmediawiki.com/Gyaku_Shaun_Sai_Hanri_(partially_found_furry_fangame_of_"Ace_Attorney"_game_series;_2003) I was recently looking at videos of lost content in the media, and came across this Phoenix Wright fangame from 2003. It has anthro animal characters, but to my knowledge, doesn't delve into NSFW stuff besides the typical murder crime drama shenanigans of your typical Ace Attorney game. According to the site linked, a demo has been found, which contains one case, but it's unknown if it's the full game or not, and the only way to know for sure is to get a hold of the game rom or the CD it was sold on. Does anyone know of this obscure internet fangame, and if so, could you help contribute to finding it again? Thanks.
  5. Ah. Maybe it's the emulator you used that's part of the problem? I've been looking at various reviews of it on amazon, and they do say that it's quite fiddly, but once you get it calibrated alright, it should work very well, so I'm going to try a few emulators from GooglePlay on it, to see what works. Thanks.
  6. Thanks to a kind person on here, I'll be getting their old X96 Mini android box in the mail. It's my first of this kind of device ever, and I'm wanting to know what to expect with it. Questions that immediately come to mind: 1. What controllers would be compatible with it? 2. What game emulators would be best for it? 3. Can I use some or all of the Android games I have on GooglePlay on it, without incident? 4. Since it's an android box, can I get access to Android apps and games that a tablet or smartphone wouldn't have access to?
  7. PM sent for the Android box.
  8. A copy of Air Raid for the Atari 2600 donated to Goodwill sold for over $10,500. It doesn't say who donated the game in the article, but it is officially the most expensive single item Goodwill has ever sold at auction in their history. According to the guy who put it up for auction, he found it in the donations, noticed it was unlike other Atari 2600 games he's seen, before, and asked his dad about it. When his dad freaked out about what he found, the guy knew he had something special, put it aside for the auction site, and went to research it. Apparently there's like 13 or so copies known to exist, now? Thought you guys would like to know about this...
  9. I'll take the laptop, if the shipping price is alright. My roommate's laptop is on the fritz, so this would be a good replacement for it.
  10. The only video game board game that I own is the Doom board game based on Doom 3, and the game's expansion. Cost me $40, but I heard they can go for much, much more, even in rough condition.
  11. I'd like to be added as a contender for this.
  12. Okay. I may have to delay, for a few days, so if anyone else is interested in grabbing it, go ahead.
  13. I was thinking of getting it, but if you're eyeing it, I can step down from the offer and let you have it.
  14. From what he told me, it's the stock stuff that came on the system.
  15. Am I signed up? If not, I'll like to be signed up for it. Thanks.
  16. I'd like to get both, but money is tight, right now.
  17. I'll throw my hat into the ring for the goodies box raffle.
  18. A few years ago, my roommate was forced to sell most of his old gaming systems to help pay for some stupid fee we had with the housing authority (we're getting section 8 housing assistance to help pay for rent), and that included his first ever console, an N64 he bought with his own money as a kid. I really feel bad, to this day, for having to have him sell it, so now that I have some remaining stimulus, I'd like to try and get another for him, if at all possible. Box and instructions aren't necessary, but it has to have at least 1 controller and all of the components to it. Any games for it would work, as well, if we can get the console. Thanks.
  19. Wanting to expand my roommate's TI-99/4A experience with a FinalGROM99 and/or 32K side cart, so we can try out the various homebrew games on here. Not willing to spend a whole lot for them, so condition of the case isn't that important, as long as they're both functional. Thanks.
  20. I'm interested in the Dingoo, but I haven't used one before. How well does it work, and what all do you have on it?
  21. I'm interested in the FlashRom and the side cart upgrade. What's the minimum you'd be willing to part with them for?
  22. Though I haven't played it, my favorite controversial game has to be Dante's Inferno. Shame that they didn't have the gall to try and make sequels based on Purgatorio and Paradisio... I've played Eternal Champions, as well, and I didn't like it as much as Mortal Kombat, because of its sheer difficulty. Didn't know it had a canceled Saturn sequel.
  23. This is interesting that people are still finding old programs they made for these computers...
  24. I'm interested in showing my roommate the Atari 2600, the way I played it back in my youth, but getting an actual console is out of the question, right now, so the next option is the Atari Flashback game consoles. However, I know its primary creators, AtGames, is notorious for being rather crap, but I heard that a few of the early ones were pretty good. So, which version should I get to show off the games to my roommate?
  25. Here's a video of the history of Nick Arcade. Apparently, everything that made it work - including the Mandala program and machinery used for the Video Zone end game - was done by the Amiga.
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