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  1. They shipped it last Tuesday, and it was DHL with tracking. The status is that it's being transported to the USA on Wednesday, but that's it; they linked over to USPS, but it's been stuck at "pre-shipment" since then.
  2. Speaking of 3D printing, I've been waiting for a pair of 3D-printed figurines I bought from a company in Germany to get shipped. They have, but they haven't arrived in the states, yet, and I'm getting worried about them...
  3. Interesting piece of tech for any newer TI aficionados.
  4. Perhaps not that unusual, given the person, but anyone know of Stewart Ashen on Youtube? He had a small series where he went to the Cambridge Center for Computing History and rummaged around their storehouse to see what he could find to share on video. One video had him finding an auctioned-off TI-99/4A speech synthesizer, which he apparently didn't know existed (despite being a huge retro gaming and computing fan, and using synthesized speech from old computers in his videos). Then, he had a video showing off a second wave of old computers he got for gaming research purposes (for his "Terrible Old Games You Probably Never Heard Of" series of books), and one of them was a TI-99/4A, which was rather cool. In the video, he said he didn't know much about the TI, but that was years ago, so I'm hoping he was able to get it working and make some assessments of the games for it.
  5. Eww, that sucks, man. Hope you can get it sorted out.
  6. So, one more item was sold, but still got 4 left. Want to try to at least sell the Barcodzz and Merlin games, if possible. Should I keep this open, or should I sell them on ebay?
  7. Apparently, the code for the game was found on a bunch of 5.25 floppies and painstakingly cobbled back together to make a full game. Nothing known about it, yet, other than that.
  8. A never-known NES rom has been found and painstakingly put back together, will be released Monday. According to the link, a brand new, never before seen NES prototype was found on a bunch of 5.25 floppies and painstakingly put back together to create a playable game, and will be released on Monday. There's a lot of speculation on what the game is, but it had to be delayed a day, because of how the team who found it restored it (it was originally going to be released on Sunday). What do you guys think it might be?
  9. Interesting you guys are talking about chairs and desks; my boyfriend splurged on a new computer, and with the help of his friend in Ohio, got a new gaming chair and is planning on getting a desk for it. The problem is that he has to buy it locally with cash, and the coronavirus is not making that easy, so...
  10. Giving this until the end of the month to see if anyone else is interested in my wares, before I shut the thread down and probably try to sell them on ebay or something.
  11. So, apparently, scientists have discovered possible evidence of a parallel universe. How could they tell? They stared into the crack between realities they found and saw Spock wearing a goatee.
  12. The amount of sirens going by our apartment (we live near a major highway that's notorious for accidents) is staggering, this couple of weeks. It's really making me nervous...
  13. Jeez, I've only got a 1tb hard drive installed on my computer for programs like SFM, and one 1TB hard drive externally for files I want to keep, and neither of them are more than halfway full...
  14. My boyfriend ended up getting approved for the stimulus! : ) They're sending it to the bank account of his that got shut down, because our bank merged with another one and we got new accounts : (
  15. Huh, my stimulus check came in much faster than I expected it to. I hope that's a good thing...
  16. So, Indiana's governor has started a five-stage plan to gradually reopen the state, with stage 2 (limited reopening of retail and other stores and lifting of nonessential travel blocks) starting on the 4th and continuing for the next 3 weeks. He's hoping to have the state fully open by July 4th, but is having the CDC of the state carefully monitoring every instance of outbreaks to make sure things don't escalate with this gradual opening-up. I must say, he's being rather sensible about this...
  17. So, to rerail this discussion back on the normal OT, my boyfriend has been playing the new Animal Crossing game, and has encountered a unique bug: he got some sort of cosmic flower that grows next two two different colored flowers under some circumstances I don't know of, but it was in a color that, according to the charts for the game, shouldn't be possible with the combination of colored flowers he had: he had red and yellow flowers, yet the cosmo flower spawned from them is pink. This isn't the first time something like this happened in his games; one time, he had a shiny female Shinx from Pokemon Gen 4 that he transferred to a Pokemon Ranch app for the Wii at the time. When he got it back out, though, much later on, it had inexplicably changed gender to male. We have no explanation for it.
  18. My apologies. I am very emotionally invested in this, and I didn't mean to turn it into a mess. I have a big problem with not being able to get my point across without it being misconstrued, and I think that was the problem, here. So accept my apologies, for whatever worth they have.
  19. Okay, sorry, didn't mean to bring up trouble here.
  20. No, I think you're just being insensitive and not getting how important this was to both my boyfriend and his friend. Seriously, comparing their loss of this to you being mildly inconvenienced from peeing because of a road accident? There is no comparison at all with that. I'm sorry, but you're ignored. I am not going to have this kind of dismissive BS given to someone close to me at this juncture. Good day, sir. PS. You trying to tell me this crap by saying you're "explaining it to me like you would your child" is insulting. I'm almost 38 years old, I'm not a freaking toddler, nor is he. Maybe it's you who need to be talked down to like a child.
  21. Yup? Yup what? Yup, you expected me to take it as dismissive? Well, sorry, but you don't seem to get how important this trip was to both my boyfriend and his friend. Both of them are furious and distraught over this, and all you can do is say "Well, that's like being kept form the bathroom for a few more minutes, because of a car accident"; I'm sorry, but that doesn't parse with me, at all.
  22. Let me try to elaborate on this: This friend we've known for years online, he's possibly the second online friend my boyfriend's had after me. They are very close, almost like brothers, and he's done us a solid by buying souvenirs from the convention for us each year for the last couple of years. Also, this was the biggest convention of its kind in the world, and my boyfriend had sold off and sacrificed a LOT to try and get the money for a hotel room and a pass into the con. Together, he would've been the friend's costume handler there, mainly at a cosplay parade they have, every year - that's a lot of pressure and responsibility on him, and a lot of trust from the friend for him. So, this is the equivalent of you saving up to go to Disney World for once in your entire life, finding out that a long-lost friend or relative you wanted to meet for decades would be there and would hire you as an assistant during the trip... only to have to scrap it all, because there was a contamination of the water fountains at the Disney World you two were going to meet at, and it had to shut down for the year, as a result. And there was NO WAY to get the money raised for another try, because of both a limited budget AND a witch of a landlady (or, in our case, HUD official) that wants to wring you dry of any money you have, to the point of raising your rent twice for selling off a few things in the past few years, and who considers a candy bar given to your kid by a neighbor each month to be income you NEED to report. That's the situation we're stuck in, right now. It's not a matter of "oh, he can spend the money elsewhere", or "oh, he can just visit the friend next year", because this is it; this is the only shot they had to do this, and it's now not possible.
  23. ...no offense, but being mildly inconvenienced to do a bodily function by a horrific injury to someone else isn't exactly the same as being prevented from meeting a friend for the first time IRL and going to a once-in-a-lifetime experience due to a freaking virus.
  24. Possibly, but it feels like we've been cursed to make these big plans that would help our lives and social connections with people, only for something out of our control to come in at the last minute and say "NO! You don't get to have this happy thing! Screw you!"
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