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  1. Legendary thread and contribution, thank you sir!
  2. Bags are a bit of a special case, and they are vertically separated from your use of P/M graphics - so make a bag a P/M object maybe?
  3. Loads in multiple configs I threw at it, including sio patched and no accurate disk, so basically insta load. Altirra command line: /tempprofile /burstio /siopatch /fastboot /noaccuratedisk /hardware:130xe /kernel:xl /memsize:128K /ntsc /artifact:none /nobasic I also tried sio patch off, accurate disk, loaded fine.
  4. Incidentally as part of my Launchbox front end work I've written a little utility that uses a hash of the disk image to index into a DB to detect any tricky flags like this. It can be translated into Altirra compatibility database (and will be, when done). I wrote it as a separate command line utility so it would also work with atari800 for most cases - atari800 doesn't have all the same configuration choices as Altirra, so sometimes it's a no go.
  5. It works with Altirra 4.00-36, just requires accurate disk timing (3.90 is likely fine). Altirra command line would be: /tempprofile /burstio /siopatch /fastboot /accuratedisk /hardware:130xe /kernel:xl /memsize:128K /ntsc /artifact:none or you can check on "Accurate Sector Timing" in Altirra System/Configure/Disk.
  6. One minor correction out of 3000 awesomely preserved files =). Hopefully as I get things set up for my launchbox config I can contribute more!
  7. Despite the file name instructions, it is not a CLOAD/RUN program, but the more rare "RUN C:" approach. Boot Altirra as an 800/48K/OSB/Basic (probably other configs work). Do NOT have auto load casette set on (System menu/Auto Boot tape should be off). At READY prompt, type RUN "C and hit return twice. Command line flags for above are: /tempprofile /burstio /siopatch /fastboot /noaccuratedisk /hardware:800 /kernel:osb /memsize:48K /ntsc /artifact:none /basic /cart "<your path here>\Atari BASIC Revision A (1979)(Atari)(US)(400-800).bin" /cartmapper 8 /nocasautoboot /type "RUN `C~~"
  8. This didn't go quite where I was hoping, but it's so 80s I still think it belongs here. PAL only image unless you want to see a green tinted Wonder Woman. ww.xex
  9. It's not just Atari, although that area is close to all of us and causes consternation (if you want to be glass half full, think of the wider interest it creates to see high dollar items for old systems). Retro computing across the board has dramatically increased in cost particularly in the last decade - very non linear with previous years. My "other 8-bit" was a C64 and sheesh it's even crazier over there I think. But even past retro machines, it seems we are at a point where uniqueness has increased in value almost worldwide. Nearly everything is mass produced these days for the modern consumer, and it's just tremendously boring. Often highly economical mind you, but boring. People seek the quirky and unusual, and in the 80s there was still enough of a newness to (for instance) consumer electronics that they show their occasional hand crafted touches. Atari, Commodore, Spectrum etc units of our chosen area just had a lot of style, comparatively. It attracts a lot of attention and recently, undue investment because people think that will last. I agree with @gilsaluki though, once our generation is gone, who drive most of the reverence for that era, it will go from "unique = value" to just "old trash". I'll still love it to the end though 😃
  10. This is the part I was curious about. It's hard to see (for me at least) in the picture but it looked like it might be wired in/out of your machine config there. And some random capacitors and push pins ;). Just got me wondering.
  11. Now I'm curious - what's running through the big white break out board? It's placed so prominently I assume you fiddle with it a lot.
  12. Ah, I was making an assumption that I didn't make clear, sorry: I'm figuring the cartridge only board will physically be the same layout as the fuji board, but without fuji capabilities (because that makes case design etc the same).
  13. Pictures of what it looks like in case with cartridge inserted are a few posts down from there.
  14. I jumped on the 576 link so fast to order I didn't put the other goodies in at the same time. Nothing that multiple trips to the virtual cart can't fix!
  15. Truly sad news, I was not aware of how long and arduous his struggle was. I respect his decision to make his own terms at the end, and I hope he felt thanked and supported by his contributions to our hobby communities over the years.
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