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  1. Better with a detail mask, or possibly just the settings I used were a better fit. ahhhh.jpg /pal=altirra /dither=floyd /details=detail.png /details_val=2 /contrast=2 /init=smart /s=1024 /threads=4 ahhh2.xex
  2. This one didn't end up great in color accuracy but is still a great contrast pic regardless. I'm going to try again with a detail mask for the mouth to see if I can get some of the reds; but red variation that fine is probably past the ability of the 8-bit palette. ahhhh.xex
  3. http://www.virtualdub.org/altirra.html (or search "Altirra" here on AtariAge, you will find a lot of discussion!) You may need to fiddle with palettes to get the colors right. Menu View/Adjust Colors. I usually use the "NTSC (Contemporary XL)".
  4. The help file says: /details=Details picture To help the optimization algorithm you can set the details mask. The brighter the color on the mask is, the higher is distance of the color difference between input and output file on the masked region. This way you can make some objects like faces, eyes or other small objects more detailed. I can't find the detail file i used here as I've done several others since, but the basic process was very simple. I loaded the original picture into Paint.Net, lasso selected the interesting area, colored it white and made everything outside of it black, then saved that out as details.png. I actually tried it the other way around first (outside white, inside black) as that seems to be what the help file says, but I found it worked better with white on inside. But anyway the brightness of the area represents how much detail.
  5. CmdLine: buffy.jpg /dither=floyd /details=detail.png /details_val=2 /s=2048 /distance=ciede /threads=4 I didn't preprocess other than to get it the right size.
  6. Late to the party. Used a detail map to get some of the eye fidelity. As I look through the various images here, I'm sad we didn't have techniques like this back in the day, as there would have been some awesome adventure games with this level of image quality. Of course, it does take a modern CPU hours to come up with some of these, so maybe not even if we knew how back then... buffy.xex
  7. Would you consider a combined DH/DH2 release when it's ready? I missed the original, would love to play it.
  8. Hmmm. Using the latest version, I can get it work from command line, but not when invoked by the frontend (LaunchBox). I wrote a little utility to spit out the command line and dropped it in place of Altirra, and I get exactly the same usage in both cases, so that's a little puzzling. Nevertheless looks like a frontend or environment problem, not an Altirra one. If I use /disk1 and /disk2 with the latest I get expected behavior. And yep, I realize many games don't work with multiple disks. I just use loading multiple disks and then rotate them using a custom assigned keybind. Works great!
  9. Hey folks/Avery, First, thanks for Altirra Avery, I learned assembly on the Atari and it and the 6502 will always be the greatest to me. 2 registers and an accumulator are all you need, get off my lawn! <shakes fist at youngins>. On to my issue. If there is a way to do this i"m missing it - I'm looking to load multiple disks (e.g., Infocom adventures or other similar games that require side A/B rotation) via command line so it's easy from a front end. I know about the /disk switch with Altirra, but when I do a command line like this: /hardware:800xl /kernel:xl /nobasic /noaccuratedisk /memsize:128K /ntsc /artifact:none /disk "D:\somepath\Planetfall (1983)(Infocom)(Disk 1 of 2)(US).atr" /disk "D:\somepath\Planetfall (1983)(Infocom)(Disk 2 of 2)(US).atr" I get BOTH drives mounting Disk 2. /disk1 and /disk2, which seemed the intuitive drive specific version, doesn't make a difference (and probably just ignores the extra character I'm guessing and figures I'm telling it /disk). If I could do this, from a front end or batch file I could load a complete game, and for those games that only understand one disk I can just assign a disk rotate keybinding and I'm still good. As there are a lot of games that required multiple sides or disks to play, would be a nice quality of life feature.
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