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  1. Oh good lord I got maybe 30% of the connections and it was obvious I was being WAY too dense, lol, need to spread out some. I had to pull it all and will start small and build up, this is going to take a while. Ordering larger project boards.
  2. Not Steve

    Atari 600XL Breadboard

    I pulled the chips from my 600XL and am getting them to run in a breadboard.
  3. I got my breadboards in the mail, got the chips set in place (I may have broke a leg on my RAM) and have labeled some chips. There is a power supply and a Teensy ++ 2.0 that I will use to send keystrokes to the controller chips. I am going to set up a separate bus for A0-A15 and D0-D7 and will wire everything as best as I can. Ordering a single large project breadboard (solderless) I'm pretty much just going to start with getting power to the chips and figuring out how to get some sort of a basic input/output, then I will take the rest of it in chunks and keep tweaking it. Of course, I'm going to have to order a DIY oscilloscope kit and put that together, and get the heartbeat of this thing going. One thing I'd like to do is to be able to swap out the timer with a button and step through the execution, that would be cool. Pics in 2 days.
  4. I have ordered parts a couple of times and waited for them to arrive; I have used my time watching electronics videos on YouTube. Man to have had these resources as a kid! So when I started, I wanted to look at the 600XL motherboard, and count the components and reassemble them as if it were some sort of a big jigsaw puzzle. After some thought, I realize that's not exactly what the deal is. Like, a lot of the components are definitely part of the main path, you have to have some of these resistors in place or the chips will burn up for example. But then what happens is, you get your chips in place and make your connections, then you start going at the thing with an oscilloscope or a frequency monitor or something. You use capacitors to level out voltage and inductors to level out amperage. You fine tune the machine that you have created. What I wanted to do was to recreate jimi hendrix's guitar from monterrey, perfectly, and then expect it to be in tune based on what it looked like. I guess maybe close to that. I was not considering that some of these chips had names like Sally and Pokey and are very very important, and some chips and other parts seem to be simple things that accomplish some task, more for being a computer than being an atari or whatever. So yes, this is my learning project, and I learned not to do it like I wanted to do it. I have to start with a breadboard (I have several now) and a breadboard power supply (I just got two today) and I have to start putting chips in place. So yeah, I have to order a bigger project board from jameco but I am going to simply go for a READY prompt and then take it from there. So enough messing around, I'm getting ready to snap some chips into place and take some pics. So thanks, now I get to look at all of these schematics for all of these chips. I have an arduino uno and two teensy ++ 2.0 devices, I may actually do a teensy to emulate the keyboard, send the pulses to the two keyboard controller chips and on into the system. That would add a nice aspect to make this deal more relevant (2019). Pics in a week or so, maybe sooner.
  5. yes I thought about it. Maybe I'll ask santa for a kit for christmas.
  6. It looks like my controllers are finally here for the keyboard. I need to find a connector, a way to connect to the keyboard ribbon. I've seen people solder straight to the ribbon but I need something a little more forgiving. Ordering the SBC in a week or so. And I got everything covered as far as mounting the SBC, I bought a hot glue gun and extra sticks. lol, kidding. And I'm not going to run Raspberry Pi, I'm running Windows, so what's a good name? A 600XL running Windows 10? more updates in a week or so.
  7. Ok I bought some breadboards on ebay, shopping for some other parts. Probably like a week or so to wait for parts. I got my chips socketed last night. Will be checking youtube for electronics lessons in the meantime.
  8. Ok so I am starting at the beginning. Like, really. I spent some time today trying to learn how to solder on a prototyping board. Which was silly, I need to actually breadboard this. I soldered the leg off of my voltage regulator lol. Going to get 10 more. I got it working too, but then I kept fiddling with it. I didn't seem to order some of the caps, ordering more of those. Ordering a bunch of breadboards. I learned a lot. I am trying to start where the power comes in, I'm considering a breadboard power module for $4 so I don't recreate the wheel. But then I want to condition the two power channels with all of the same caps as in the diagram. I'm not going to do power channel 5VC because I'm omitting the RF portion. I'm using this as a learning experience, can't wait to start stringing chips together. Question - how many amps is the 600xl going to draw? I'm going to get a small fuse also I think. There is an item on the schematic close to the beginning, it is L1. I see that L10 has a rating of 820uH. Researching, it seems to be a fixed inductor. I am not familiar with these, seems to smooth out the current or something. Not sure if this is a critical part. Having to take time to learn the bits and pieces as I get to them. The last order only took a few days. Ordering more parts today, I'll go ahead and assemble something once the parts come. Pics soon.
  9. My parts came in today. Jameco, quick delivery. Installing sockets in my protoboard tonight.
  10. I placed my order today, sockets and resistors and capacitors, should be fun.
  11. Hey guys thanks again for the groundwork. I wanted to let you know that when I documented my motherboard, I documented the components that were marked on the motherboard but not installed, and your parts list has a lot of parts listed that mine does not have installed ... I am gathering my info and about to place an order, it will be a couple of weeks before all of my parts come in and I have a halfway decent mock up to post. I will maintain an actual parts list for my build and try to post the spreadsheet.
  12. https://blog.lmorchard.com/2018/03/01/sio2pi/ Looks like this dude has done this maybe. Perfect. I love using other people's work. I mean using, like, this is going to be my desktop replacement lol. I'd love to get this to work on that Windows 10 SBC.
  13. I am pulling the chips from a 600xl and setting them up in a protoboard. I am trying to replica my 600XL as closely as possible, but I do not want to move the RF to the proto and my 600XL does not have any other video out. I was looking for the option that does not rely on the RF being there. I saw Ken Sumrall and I will give that a try. nice thread. I am going to proto a 600XL then walk through a series of upgrades/mods. Starting vanilla sans RF.
  14. I inventoried my chips. I created a Visio with each chip represented by a network segment, each pin a connection. Laid out according to my motherboard sockets. About to start drawing connections.
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