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    Filling out my Atari 2600 collection... over different 500 carts so far and growing.
  1. Here is a list of all of the games... in the manual section it has the overlays https://atariage.com/software_list.php?SystemID=JAGUAR&searchValue=&searchCompanyID=ALL&searchRarity=ALL&searchLabel=&orderByValue=Ascending&recordsPerPage=100&searchType=NORMAL&Submit=Begin+Search Thanks for working on this. Alien vs. Predator is a must also
  2. Anyone make end labels for the 800, something to put over the "Left cartridge" so you actually know what game it is? Thanks
  3. A few of these have been traded, but this gives you an idea of what I've got.... Please send pics of what you have. Thanks Sean
  4. gbrsean


    Great trade, both of our games arrived the same day. Easy to work with.. Would recommend
  5. 20 basic ones... nothing for a collector
  6. Here are some games I have to trade, looking for similar rarity... Send me some pics of what you've got also. Thanks
  7. Correct, all 2600 Games, but I have some 5200's coleco and intellivision also. Not looking for a someone with an extra space invaders, but someone with over a hundred extra to see if we can swap. Thanks
  8. I've been collecting games for 20 years and have little over 250 dups to trade. Anyone out there the same? Alittle of everything from the common to rarer ones. Let me know what you have, happy to trade with "like" rarity games....Looking to fill out my collection with different labels of games (text, picture, sears) and other types of games of course. Thanks Sean
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