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  1. Oh, believe me, I understand! My version of Premiere is like 10 years old, before Adobe started doing all that awful subscription junk. Adobe subscription products are painfully bad.
  2. Hi, Omega! Thanks, I use Adobe Premiere on Windows. Do you create TI videos? Vorticon, I'm flattered; thanks!
  3. Hello, contest participants! All of your entries were very inspiring. I hope you don't mind, but I made a little video featuring the contest entries and winners.
  4. tibasic and kl99, congratulations! Vorticon, thanks to you for conducting this fun and exciting contest, fueling many very creative works. To all participants, great work! It has been a delight seeing everyone's strategies around the 10-line limit.
  5. Submission: Alpha10 Platform: TI BASIC Written by: Geoff Haddad Instructions: Three at a time, letters come falling down from the top of the screen, and you must press and hold each letter shown to vanquish them! Make sure Alpha Lock is on. If a letter makes it all the way to the bottom, you lose, and the program freezes. alpha10.dsk
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