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  1. To compete with Arcade 1 UP? Saw that at WalMart. Was excited.
  2. I can totally understand how casual buyers would be underwhelmed in buying the AFPortable. I'll be honest - it took a little time to warm up to. There are definitely issues that need to be considered, IE: the D-Pad response. DigDug, PacMan, etc., are practically useless with the character going whatever direction other than what's pressed. Other games seem to not matter. I don't get why, and I know there's been a lot of discussion about it. I've even tried FireSlayer's 3-D printed version, but it really wasn't much better, though it did help a bit. Also, are the traces to the AV output wrong? I have audio on yellow and video on red on my composite... And the RF interference is huge. LOTS of noise. I did get mine for $15. I'd buy a few more for $15. But $40 is crazy high for a product of this quality.
  3. Ahh - so you see, I was going to suggest to Bill - but if he's already got a book out, then maybe not... On the portable, that QR code on the page with the SD Card selection is a great opportunity to link to a page on atgames.com that had all the information that is in the essentials book. I would figure that since atgames has rights to the box art and the ROMs, then perhaps they would be able to post on their website an explanation and scanned manuals for each game. IE: What the different "S" settings do, what the objective of the game is, the "World" comics, etc. Maybe even a little note stating why moving sprites flicker when more than one are on the same horizontal line and why Pac Man and Frogger are not 2600 ports but newer ones. But if there's a book for that...
  4. Probably overlooked it. My bad. Also discovered that the S button works at any time, whereas game reset only takes you to the selected version start. Again, probably obvious stuff to Atari users, but not to a newcomer - especially if purchased 2nd hand without the manual. Another thing about the manual - doesn't really explain gameplay. Just a brief description. Had to go online looking for each have to figure out objective. Things like the Aqua,Earth, etc World series are practically useless without the comics for context. This is fine for gamers, but a kid picking it up without reference would be clueless.
  5. There is nothing obvious about how to select game variants. I did find that the S button (from the opening screen ONLY) is how you cycle through. Perhaps this is intuitive for Atari veterans, but not for folks new to the system (like me).
  6. Yeah, yeah.... LOL.... Protection is always best. I'll try some auto polish. What's the toothpaste trick?
  7. Is there any way to buff scratches off the plastic screen lens?
  8. Yes - I recall reading all that through this thread. I'm sorry that the arcade ROMs didn't make it in. I look forward to 2019. SO - for now, there is no 2P capability? And, do you have to change the dongle for each variation of Blast! you buy? Finally - is that an Apple IIe in your avatar?
  9. I walked into WalMart last night and decided to wander over to the huge AtGames end cabinet in Electronics with all the Blasts. They're being sold for $18.88. Not a bad price. I had previously seen a Pac Man 12-in-1 Connect and Play for $13.88. First thought, "Holy Cow! There are WAY too many choices!" As I started reading up on the specs, I was generally impressed with the wireless HDMI dongle. A did a bit of reading up on AtGame's website. Many offer two player games, but said "a 2P controller is required". Maybe Bill can clarify if this is a special 2P controller that is compatible with all the various Blast modules, or if you need a separate one for the separate units. Also not clear if you can 2P with a 2nd controller of the same kind. As I was wading through the multiple varieties, I couldn't tell if they were arcade ports, Atari ports, NES ports or other. Glad I found this thread! Looks like Legends Flashback Blast! may be the only one with arcade ports? But then, looking at the images on the website, many clearly show Atari boxart, which is confusing because there are three other ATARI Blasts and an Activision Blast, which I can't determine if they are Arcade or Atari ROMs, too. I'm not wholly convinced that Sardonyx's list of Arcade ports is accurate - there are way more games listed than I think are being offered on the non-Atari based Blast! series, which there are only 8 BanDai and some of on the Flashback Blast. Besides, the box art on the AtGames website clearly show Atari cartridge boxes, though that probably doesn't mean anything. I concluded that I was plenty happy with the 2017 (or '16) Flashback Portable that I got at the flea market for $15. I may go back and get the BanDai PacMan for $13.88. It's an open box, but I'll just have to see. Mixed reviews, but for $13, how can I go wrong? And it has 12 arcade ports! I would love to see fewer products that are excellent than more products that are so-so. Bill, I appreciate y'all bringing these classics back. I think there is a bit of over-saturation in the market, though, and superior quality will be what I, personally, will be looking for. Oh yeah, for less than $30.
  10. Never fails. I'm the guy at Walmart that asks where the pancake mix is and it's right behind me.
  11. Without going back 40 pages in history, is there a plan to re-release Zaku or any new Lynx games?
  12. Yup. Understandable for the concern. I wouldn't know there was naughty content unless I came across one accidentally. Easy enough to delete from the SD card if you know which ones, prior to passing to the kid folks.
  13. Like Nukey Shay said, the commercial Flashback releases are clean. The OP was referring a ROM package he downloaded.
  14. Fair. New to the scene, so I don't know the differences yet. It was included with the the other listed titles on the zip I downloaded from here. As for gameplay, maybe on the Portable just isn't working right, or I'm doing something wrong. That's not unheard of.
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