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  1. Progress continues (slowly over the summer). What you are seeing here is just the w5100 responding to the network. I have yet to code the CPLD to give the Atari access to the chip. I just realized I have the lables swapped so TX is RX and RX is TX - which explains all the activity. 😁 IMG_5266.MOV
  2. Hi Everyone, finally I have the PBI version routed (4 layer board). I still have some labeling to clean up and then it's off to the PCB house to have a very limited number of alpha PCB's produced. These are already spoken for. Once we work any klinks out then a wider beta may be offered. Thanks for your patience. Glenn ps Drogon is just the code name not the final product name.
  3. Sorry for the lack of updates - making progress but it is slower then i hoped Glenn
  4. Hello Mr Robot, I believe I will be publishing the schematic for the cards in what ever documentation will be provided (as I did with the Apple II version). Beyond that I haven't decided yet. Glenn
  5. a2retro

    WTB Atari XE

    Hi Coleconut, Thank you for responding! No rush but I do need a system. Thanks!
  6. a2retro

    WTB Atari XE

    I live in Ajax, just outside of Toronto Canada. Looking to buy an Atari XE (65 or 130) - Cosmetic condition not important as long as functional as test box. Also looking for a suitable 1050 disk drive and cable that would work on my 800XL and the XE Prefer local buy vs shipping if possible.
  7. Hi the web site for the 8MB (64Mbit) expansions for the Apple IIe and IIgs is a2heaven.com. The supply of 8MB sram chips kind of dried up as they were being cleared out as EOL by one vendor for about $5 ea. I bought 50 of them (chips) at the time The replacement versions are very expensive in comparison. Glenn
  8. Hi Michael, the current PBI card as shown is 6 cm tall not counting the edge connector towards the XL. I think the idea for the XE version card was to support PBI pass through as I have seen on other cards, so given that, I think that would preclude fitting in the Realan Mini-ITX gaming case. Having said that, I would like to support the XEL/XED efforts if possible but it is a little early for me to make a commitment on that yet. Glenn
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