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  1. I need one of each printed and mailed to my home please... I'll "Beta" test them for you LOL
  2. Hey lets not shame out games, they have enough issues as it is
  3. Not so much a sham as now obsolete. It was handy at one point.
  4. XEGS carts snap together, once together they are a PITA to open again, generally one or more of the plastic posts snaps off when you reopen it.
  5. Absolutely not worth keeping at all, just send them to me Seriously though, I've been looking for one of these for my collection and they never seem to come up so I would hazard that they are fairly rare.
  6. It depends on the game, Telegames is basically printing these on demand now.
  7. Also bear in mind that Songbird is a reseller of that game. This would be how he received them from Telegames directly.
  8. orpheuswaking


  9. The bigus dickus looks cool, but please tell me the connector on the production unit isn’t that ugly kludge in the photos on that page
  10. Not purchased these but I have received several other items from Atarifreakz and always been very happy
  11. I'll happily wait another year for a rock solid product But seriously, I have your Lynx cart and I can't praise it enough
  12. How about making that part peel off? Kind of like an oversticker that gets removed to show the actual artwork underneath? Retailers happy, buyers happy? (Atgames maybe less happy at the added cost)
  13. PM User Magic Knight here and ask, I know for a fact he sold Japan belts (if he is still doing them that is)
  14. I usually can't find enough conductors or the right thickness, would be curious of the source of yours
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