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  1. Interesting, I still use my original SIC cart. any idea of price on this?
  2. I thought I had seen something about that
  3. If you are only seeking 800XL/XE comparability then surely it would be better to just buy that machine? The 1088XEL/XLD are cost prohibitive in general for some due to everything that goes into them, but they were designed to be far more than a stock machine. If there is a desire for a stock Atari machine in a new motherboard layout then I think someone else will have to step up to do the layout and testing and at the end of the day buying a bog standard machine would still work out cheaper.
  4. Hey you shut yer mouth (or fill it with a taco)... I loved the Jaguar, and still have one
  5. you can't mix and match the parts, I found this out the hard way when I was trying to mix two to make one good drive. The little clips are offset in different places and wont fit properly
  6. What does on one of these cost for those of us printerless?
  7. Let me know how you get on, He hasn't replied to my emails yet
  8. Don't worry too much about Kieran, there is a reason he was booted from the Jaguar forums.
  9. Finally broke down and ordered these, they arrived today and I absolutely love them! A little bummed I made the mistake of letting my friends 5 year old open the package, tore the poster inside. But otherwise everything is perfect
  10. Interestingly I sent a message via the website and it came back as undeliverable
  11. I wonder if they can make a label for the 1088XLD
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