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  1. Oops, thanks for reminding me, I played game 1 this season and then fell off.
  2. When I got back into Atari I ended up throwing out a bunch of carts that I thought didn't work on my 800XL. Nope they just needed a 400/800 or a translator disk. At that time I had no idea. Still kick myself about that.
  3. What would be the best Flashback for her to purchase currently that Pole Position can be added to? (I can do the upgrade/add Pole Position if I have the instructions)
  4. I have a non gamer friend who is dying to get some kind of flashback type unit with Pole Position on it. I know the old Jakks Pacific Pac Man plug and plays had it, but I was wondering if there is something a little more up to date that might have it? I do not follow the Flashbacks or such so I figured asking the AA hivemind would be the best way to go.
  5. Yes I wrote that there is a patched version. nice of you to omit that part from the quoted text. I added that as not everyone is familiar with it. Elektraglide... Speak for yourself. I enjoy both games in PAL.
  6. next time we have an in person VCFMW we will have to do matching shirts
  7. If you are playing original Dropzone on a NTSC machine it's the pits, it's best played on a PAL machine for correct timing and an easier game play (there is also a NTSC patched version to correct the timing)
  8. I wouldn't buy PAM for that price, however there are very few in the original packaging in the wild so I don't think it's too far off.
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