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  1. Actually I was thinking of a different Telegames release. I prefer the later label on Breakout 2000 as I think it looks more professional. That said the fact still remains some people prefer the original run.
  2. Purchased an arduboy and it arrived safe and sound!!!!
  3. The later editions have generic labels mostly. Some people prefer one from the original run.
  4. Holy crap that is beautiful. I am not supposed to be buying any new stuff right now but I think I have to have that.
  5. Yeah I think the meaning has relaxed somewhat over time
  6. He got two awesome monitors for free just by going to the dentist, that seems very lucky with no apparent effort LOL
  7. This is the problem with just getting my GD, I keep forgetting what is available as a download. Time to head to Orion's webstore.
  8. As a Brit I have to say "you jammy git"
  9. Looking forward to receiving this. I have everything else ready to go
  10. Yeah that indicates to me you can probably get at least double that. Maybe put it up with a reserve and see where it goes.
  11. I was planning on logging in next month as I already own this game and as I won a few months ago I want to let someone else have a shot. (I'm also surprised it hasn't had any interest.)
  12. GD arrived!!! Time to double check what I've missed in this thread.
  13. How about sketched?
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