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  1. Eaten by a Grue is my favorite podcast!!!
  2. It shows them all out of stock, did we create a decent cable shortage ? 🤣
  3. hmmm I wonder who has the molds 🧐
  4. Thanks for the info!!! I think I'll grab one of the Pro versions at the end of the year (as long as I get a bonus LOL) - I didn't think about being able to use it for multiple machines.
  5. I don't have the funds for a regular cart lol... But I hope this goes for a lot!
  6. Thank you both, time to print this pdf off on tractor feed paper and put it in an Atari binder!
  7. Thanks Michael. Is there any lag?
  8. I keep seeing mention of these devices but can't quite convince myself to plop down $100 for one. I get adequate output from most of my machines and primarily use CRTs. What are the pros and cons of the RetroTink?
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