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  1. I'll be having to wait until later in the year. Glad to see so many have been preordered already though.
  2. I don't disagree, now you have me thinknig about asking for mine in black LOL
  3. Everyone is free to have an opinion, no need to be sorry that you disagree. From my point of view if I wasn't on the beta team I would absolutely buy a fully assembled version. The reason being that I believe in the hardware and would do whatever I could to obtain one. Your points are valid, and I applaud you for putting them in a well written and cogent post. Lately there have been some threads that have gotten out of hand with demands and requests. It really is good to see so much interest in the project and the desire for people to obtain the XLD. As you can see the decision was made to offer a fully built unit as well as a set of boards, so you will absolutely be able to obtain those and build your own from scratch. You will just have to do some of the work locating the BOM (which to be fair a lot of the beta group did too). I wish you the best of luck with the build and I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures when you get it fired up.
  4. I have the case I just need to put it all together, although I am not sure what size screws I need for the cart guide
  5. If this report is accurate Mario Bros should be a MUCH easier title to obtain
  6. I shall probably have to wait a little until I can purchase one, I'm just glad that they will be available indefinitely unlike a lot of limited run items.
  7. Feel free to wait until I get my Christmas bonus to release these
  8. Interesting tour stops. What ya got going on in Dayton?
  9. Still don't think you need a dedicated PAL machine, but hey it's your money
  10. Hey, I'm glad it found a new home. Hopefully it can be back up and running.
  11. Jon has already replied with detailed information. I had to update my JED before I could flash the FJC firmware.
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