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  1. what are you looking for on the retropie setups?
  2. Ha, that looks like my son on the left! Thanks for having us along on the ride, I'm honored to be a small part of this project.
  3. I would pay good money for a Brundles cart package with a full manual and mouse.
  4. Yes I'm pretty sure that was the last timeframe given when I asked for two
  5. looks great @olix I'm jealous as my build stalled half way due to work and kids. I'm hoping to get it completed by the end of the year though.
  6. I've used both the spade bit and the step bit and 100% would go for the step bit every time. Afterward put a little acetone on a rag and gentle rub around the cut hole and it will smooth off the edges (a little goes a long way, don't overdo it)
  7. The ATARIMAX devices are designed with APE in mind. They do work with Respeqt but you will always run into issues like this which is why I no longer use SIO2PC at all.
  8. Very strange, I don't recall this behavior when I played my original copy. I'll have to dig it out and see if there are any notes in the instruction leaflet
  9. https://therobotfactory.net/shop/3d-prints/sys-check-case/ choose the 2.2 standard based on build year
  10. I use this https://retro.moe/unijoysticle2/ and a 8bitdo M30 bluetooth controller
  11. There are various revisions, what does your board say?
  12. VCFMW - If I recall a few years ago we had 6-7 Atari displays in the old location and took an entire section of the show floor
  13. There are usually at least 3 or 4 more Atari displays on hand, this was just a bad year as Stephen, Slor & Myself all made the decision to either not attend or only go as spectators. I'm hoping that we are all there next year as between us we have some really cool things to show.
  14. This is the main reason. There is an issue with the POKEY timing in relation to the keyboard TKII that needs to be resolved to be able to use this as a POKEY in the NUC. Pokeymax can be used as a second POKEY in a 1088
  15. You CAN open them, but I would say 75% of the time you will break one or more of the clips. In my experience it's better to just leave it as is.
  16. Just wanted to say this is still my favorite book purchase of recent years.
  17. My build has been on hiatus with some crazy overtime at work and a vacation. Glad I read this now before I go crazy when I get to that part. Thanks for pointing it out.
  18. Pretty sure it's just a grubby white tshirt (probably why it's in black and white).
  19. Yeah Shows how often I check IRC lol... I only noticed because Freenode booted me. I'm over on Libera now.
  20. Yup just found that, thanks
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