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  1. Eaten by a Grue is my favorite podcast!!!
  2. It shows them all out of stock, did we create a decent cable shortage ? 🤣
  3. hmmm I wonder who has the molds 🧐
  4. Thanks for the info!!! I think I'll grab one of the Pro versions at the end of the year (as long as I get a bonus LOL) - I didn't think about being able to use it for multiple machines.
  5. I don't have the funds for a regular cart lol... But I hope this goes for a lot!
  6. Thank you both, time to print this pdf off on tractor feed paper and put it in an Atari binder!
  7. Thanks Michael. Is there any lag?
  8. I keep seeing mention of these devices but can't quite convince myself to plop down $100 for one. I get adequate output from most of my machines and primarily use CRTs. What are the pros and cons of the RetroTink?
  9. Man that's a good price for some toes
  10. Any cables I've made myself turned out complete garbage, soldering those tiny pins is a PITA
  11. With the new kid all my Atari stuff ended up in the closet, I just checked through it yesterday and realized I now have 15 projects in various stages and many boxes of new things I've purchased 😆
  12. I've been eyeing their cables for awhile now (and I wish I had purchased one instead of the Lotharek cable) - Let us know how it turns out.
  13. So excited to see all the new interest. Both of my Eclaires need some new friends!
  14. The difference is each of the individuals referenced here have produced and delivered professional quality releases. When they ask for input we know that the resulting product is going to be worth it rather than half formed ideas that don't deserve to be on a cart.
  15. a polished turd on toast is still a turd, that said your turds are not even polished.
  16. $80 for a new Jaguar game seems to be about the going price these days. I already own it but not sure I would drop $80 on it now
  17. Dickish shooting... Every time you count the word dickish repeated in a post you score 10 points. You could add it to the cockfighting game.
  18. I like how the Pit Stop picture it appears the cart is DRIVINGAWAY!!!
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