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  1. Guessing you sold your Into The Eagles nest
  2. They are just hard to come by, if I had an extra I would absolutely sell it to you.
  3. What I would really like is the ability to connect several a8 machines to a group of peripherals without worrying about power flowing back into the machines and causing issues. Maybe 3 slots for a8s and 5 slots for peripherals
  4. I much prefer cart releases, unfortunately I have to really budget my purchases currently and I am without the funds to purchase.
  5. I must know who this halfwit is... although I'm pretty sure I already know.
  6. It's a brand new project for him. My understanding is that there will be some a8 games down the road.
  7. I did wait until later to order mine, so no shipping email yet. Can't wait though.
  8. Even more reason for a single release of ALLLLLL your games
  9. We need a TEZZ greatest hits release with all of the games in your sig line
  10. What if one should want a badge but ISN'T going to the show? (for use at shows closer to home)
  11. Rob is around and kicking, I've had some communication from him this year. My understanding is Excel #6 is still in the cards.
  12. No, just no... Give them to someone who can finish them properly.
  13. Iv'e had 3 separate ingots destroy 3 machines (I didn't know it was a thing until the third one went kablooey)
  14. Gah, that red one would have been perfect
  15. Just received an email letting me know Pro(c) Atari issue #14 is out now https://proc-atari.de/en/xt_new_products I think I am going to snag the magazine/shirt bundle
  16. Well you got it cheap I'll go $50 and a pound of grapes
  17. Soooo.... About that Mouse 3D print?
  18. I may just have to purchase one instead of using a working one
  19. Regarding the "waves" running through the video, can you show me a picture of the power supply you are using? I've found that when you get those waves a dead power supply isn't far behind, and that can take out the rest of the machine when it blows.
  20. Most online used book stores have the Atari programming books marked in the $25 and up range. The best bet is to post a wanted ad on the marketplace here
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