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  1. Man that's a good price for some toes
  2. Any cables I've made myself turned out complete garbage, soldering those tiny pins is a PITA
  3. With the new kid all my Atari stuff ended up in the closet, I just checked through it yesterday and realized I now have 15 projects in various stages and many boxes of new things I've purchased 😆
  4. I've been eyeing their cables for awhile now (and I wish I had purchased one instead of the Lotharek cable) - Let us know how it turns out.
  5. So excited to see all the new interest. Both of my Eclaires need some new friends!
  6. The difference is each of the individuals referenced here have produced and delivered professional quality releases. When they ask for input we know that the resulting product is going to be worth it rather than half formed ideas that don't deserve to be on a cart.
  7. a polished turd on toast is still a turd, that said your turds are not even polished.
  8. $80 for a new Jaguar game seems to be about the going price these days. I already own it but not sure I would drop $80 on it now
  9. Dickish shooting... Every time you count the word dickish repeated in a post you score 10 points. You could add it to the cockfighting game.
  10. I like how the Pit Stop picture it appears the cart is DRIVINGAWAY!!!
  11. you git, that's the one Jag game I don't have that I would love to play.
  12. I would prefer the AA logo in all blue and the jaguar logo solid red - and definitely not on a white shirt, maybe a heather gray
  13. I agree, $300 sounds reasonable.
  14. Dang how much does it cost to build something like that?
  15. Jesus christ @tripled79 how many more threads are you going to necrobump?
  16. Shipping is just crazy all over right now. I too will either have to wait for cheaper shipping or if someone bulk orders. Just hope these will be available indefinitely (I assume they will as the SIDE 2 has been up on the Lotharek website for awhile)
  17. I second the beta testing part. Having a programmer would allow me to use this cart more often
  18. I can tell you that is not the same person. I have some of the 1200XL covers from Slor and they fit perfectly, they also are designed to be used with the cords in place.
  19. you could try here at the AA store 🤣 https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1111
  20. Let me know if you come across any Atari User UK or Page 6 magazines
  21. @lotharek I want to order one but I unfortunately I can't justify $138 shipped right now. Will there be any available in the future after the preorder?
  22. NO! Actually the real answer is, what are they asking for it? If it's a good price it would be worth picking up.
  23. In the other thread it was mentioned they should be back in stock in a couple weeks.
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