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  1. the 65XE is PAL and I don't need a PAL machine, also I took it apart and it's not a 130 board (or at least I don't see 130 anywhere on it)
  2. Indeed, however there is a ton more stuff going on in Doom than in Wolfenstein 3D (which was boring as all hell to me)
  3. Haven't touched a thing yet Not sure if I will... I'm willing to sell or trade for parts when I finally get to it... OR trade for a repair job on my dead 130XE (or other upgrade work)
  4. That poor 1200xl Does it work???? (If so I might take it off your hands LOL)
  5. Ok here is the scoop, I have a dead NTSC 130XE (Bad PSU fried it) and a working PAL 65XE but I'm in the US and I don't have a display for any PAL machines... So I have some ideas for my working 800XL machines... I was thinking about the Nir Dal PAL mod for my NTSC 800XL so that I can use the Euro demos and stuff... My questions are if I follow his upgrade and put the PAL antic into the NTSC and get the OS patched will it then output onto a regular NTSC display or am I still needing a PAL display... (was going to steal the ANtic out of the 65XE, along with the Pokey to do the dual pokey upgrade) The other question is what might be salvagable from the 130XE ??? or would all the chips be fried from the bad PSU??? Thanks to all the tech heads in here that I know will point me in the right direction... Also MyIDE internal with IDE-CF or SIO2SD????
  6. I have Captain Blood and Alien Fires for sale both complete in the box. Not sure if anyone here is interested in the ST, but I figured I'd put them here Make an offer
  7. It would certainley be harmless if I tried something like that... It would be a dead 800XL... Can't solder worth a crap and all my 800XL's are non socketed, I'd kill it trying to remove chips and the like
  8. Beetle, how much to frankenstein my 800XL like yours LOL
  9. The Gold Disk with "Tempus Erat Rerum" is a "Feelie" from the Infocom game Trinity... It's a sundial and it looks like it's missing the Gnomon (the stand up piece that helps cast the shadow)
  10. I haven't bought anything on Ebay in awhile... Everything I've sold or bought I did right here... Just got in the mail from the marketplace 800xl 1050 MyIDE/Flashcart w/CF Adator and several games
  11. 100%+++ To RasterScan I can't recommend him enough.
  12. It was a GREAT deal, Rasterscan threw in a ton of extras not originally listed and included a CF to IDE adaptor for the MyIDE... That man is 100% in my book
  13. So we got us some 2600/5200/7800 sections CHECK, some Jaggie goodness CHECK, Lynx is in the house CHECK, some good ole Flashbackness CHECK, oooo look even some other video game sytems CHECK... WAIT, where is the 8-bit computer section? or the ST section??? Or are we only doing Video Game Systems? <goes back to packing away his extra 8-bit doubles>
  14. I really liked flipout, it's a simple concept and easy to play... I play it probably every couple of months if I have a spare hour
  15. HEY, That's how I got my first 800 XL :) I had no idea what you were talking about earlier in the thread, but now I've seen it, it all makes sense
  16. I will not be reselling out of respect to the poster/owner, but will make available the extras to Agers that are true collectors and will get use from the items, not sell them for profit. That way, the legacy the collector had for this collection will continue with other Atari collectors and not Ebay resellers. I respect that. I just hope that I can convince you all I'm a collector LOL...
  17. I have the following for sale! Cart Simons' Basic Cart w/manual & Commodores Handbook of Simons' Basic $5 Magic Desk 1 Cart w/instructions $5 Super Expander Cart w/manual $5 Disk Music Construction Set CIB $10 Superbike Challenge CIB $3 Chernobyl CIB $3 Batman the caped crusader CIB $3 Tag Team Wrestling CIB $5 Scruples CIB $3 The Slugger CIB $3 10 Loadstar Disks $3 Ikari Warriors and Victory Road disks only $3 Gary Kitcheners Game Maker w/manual and disk only $10 All tested and working, plus shippping... Thanks for looking.
  18. Guitarman, are you going to be passing along some of those goodies
  19. When displaying an error code on the two digit LED display the left character will be a letter to represent the type of operation being performed when the error occurred. The letter "G" (represented by what looks like a number 6 with the horizontal center bar missing) tells you the error occurred during a "Get" or read operation. The letter "P" tells you the error occurred during a "Put" or write operation. The letter "F" tells you the error occurred during a "Format" operation. The right digit of the two digit LED display will show a number 3 for a LOST DATA ERROR, a number 4 for a CHECKSUM ERROR, a number 5 for a RECORD NOT FOUND ERROR, or a number 7 for a WRITE PROTECT ERROR and number 9 for a VERIFY ERROR. A full explanation of these error codes is contained in the final section of this manual entitled "DISK DRIVE ERROR CODES." Found Here http://www.retrobits.net/atari/indus.shtml#ch8 Not sure if this helps or not but figured I'd throw it out there
  20. It's the first Sunday I have had at home in weeks, I'm bored so what should I do with my A8? any particular games I should try out?
  21. Well I'm about as useful as a chocolate teapot, I wouldn't know how to begin and I would be worried about destroying my SIO2PC
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