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  1. Ummm... Possibly the drive belt, If it's loose it can slip and slow down the drive (don't know how it would +speed though). Just a thought!
  2. See and this is where the reality kicks in that everything is objective. I LOVE the 7800 Proline, it fit my hand perfectly and I kicked some serious butt on my 800xl games with it And as for the Jagpad, well I like it too. I think the worst sticks I ever used were on some old apple IIe systems my friend had.
  3. Nice, My collection is in 3 locations.... and fairly large, photographing the software would be a nightmare LOL
  4. Slightly off topic, but what the hell did I miss... What Atari Email List???
  5. I think U4 needed 48K 968278[/snapback] 32k in addition to the exisiting memory I am sure, so U4 would run fine
  6. This is where I get stuck; the metal clips are bigger than the slots they fit in. Even if I bent them, I'd have to clip them off to open it. 968375[/snapback] you will probably find they are longer on one side than the other, allowing you to twist them straight and then angle them out (be careful you don't slice your hand - I did twice on an 800XL)... They went in so they HAVE to be able to come out don't you think?
  7. Wow dude, can't sneak the screamingly obvious past you! 968002[/snapback] Bit redundant there dude Since SCs post was in response to T2KFreeker's Also.. nice way to pick on someone communicating in their second language. YOU SURE look big and clever 968025[/snapback] OK guys, lets all cool it before we lose another member to a flamewar... We all know it's a joke... I mean Starcat DID use a smiley face :)
  8. Wait a minute, this obviously has a keyboard upgrade, maybe that is part of it.
  9. Oh.. and for the comedy of it.. what is this man doing: My word! 953154[/snapback] I am a little scared about the man flailing around with a giant green dildo... But I am interested in the hot chick in the background LOL
  10. You shouda said something, myatari are AWESOME when it comes to stuff like that... sometimes mistakes happen and they have always been really good for me...
  11. The game was called "Softpom." In the Spring of 1981, Ken had met a programmer who had been talking to publishers about an adventure game he had written and was trying, with little success, to market himself. This game was not your usual adventure where you quest for jewels, or try to solve a murder, or try to overthrow some evil Emperor Nyquill from the Planet Yvonne. In this game, you were a bachelor whose quest was to find and seduce three women. The programmer had written the program as a training exercise to help teach himself about data bases, using the sexual theme to make it interesting. It was the kind of thing that hackers, at least the ones who were aware that a thing called sex existed, had been doing for years, and it was rare to find a computer center without its own particular sexual specialty, be it an obscene-joke generator or a program to print out a display of a naked woman. The difference was that in 1981, all sorts of things that hackers had been doing as cosmic technical goofs had a sudden market value in home computer translations. The program in question was a cleaned-up variation of the original. It would get vile only if you used obscenity in your command. Still, in order to win the game you needed to have sex with a prostitute, buy a condom to avoid venereal disease, and engage in sadomasochism with a blonde who insisted on marrying you before you could bed her. If you wanted to do well in this adventure, the replies you typed into the computer had to be imaginatively seductive. But there were perils: if you came across the "voluptuous blonde" and typed in EAT BLONDE, the computer would type out a passage intimating that the blonde was leaning over and performing oral sex on you. But then she'd flash her gleaming choppers and bite it off! To those with a sense of humor about that sort of thing, Softporn was a uniquely desirable Apple game. Most software publishers wanted nothing to do with the game; they considered themselves "family" businesses. But Ken Williams thought the game was a riot: he had a great time solving the adventure in three or four hours. He thought the controversy would be fun. He agreed to market Softporn. One day not long afterward. Ken walked into the office and said, "Who wants to come over my house and take pictures in the hot tub naked?" The idea was to get three women to pose topless in Ken's hot tub for the Softporn advertisement. Somewhere in the picture would be an Apple computer, and in the tub with the three naked women would be a male waiter serving them drinks. They borrowed a waiter from The Broken Bit, a Coarsegold steak house which was about the only decent place to eat in town. The three women, all On-Liners, who took their blouses off were the company bookkeeper, the wife of Ken's assistant, and Roberta Williams. The full-color ad, with the women holding wineglasses (the water in the hot tub tactfully covering their nipples), the fully clothed male waiter holding a tray of more wineglasses, and an Apple computer standing rather forlomly in the background, caused a sensation. On-Line got its share of hate mail, some of it full of Bible scripture and prophecy of the damnation ahead. The story of the game and the ad caught the imagination of the news services, and the picture ran in Time and over the UPI wire. Ken Williams loved the free publicity. Softpom became one of On-Line's biggest sellers. Computer stores that wanted it would be reluctant to order just that one program. So, like the teenager who goes to the drugstore and says, "I'd like a comb, toothpaste, aspirin, suntan oil, stationery, and, oh, while I'm here I might as well pick up this Playboy, " the store owners would order a whole sampling of On-Line products ... and some Softporn too. Ken guessed that Softpom and its ripple effect just about doubled his revenue.
  12. Well me for one... but thats nothing to do with Gorf, and everything to do with the fact I'm a lazy bastard who didn't want to post 10 posts... finally did it yesterday...
  13. I have no iea how to program for the Atari, beyond what I remember from the 80's in my very basic BASIC days.. I do still have my systems though and play games... I was a game collector mostly, especially from Page 6 in the UK...
  14. Weren't they the same mob that created the Nuon with other atari staffers and legendary atari hacker/coder Jeff 'the Yak' Minter (what the jaggie should have been... if Atari hadn't fu*&*& things up)... god knows where they are now Flare 1's hardware...wasnt that used in MGT's Sam Coupe 939827[/snapback] John Mathieson From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. John Mathieson is a Computer Science graduate who initially worked for Sinclair Research before going on to found Flare with fellow ex-Sinclair colleagues Martin Brennan and Ben Cheese. After working at Flare on the Flare 1 and its development into the Konix Multisystem he went on to work for Atari developing the Atari Jaguar with Martin Brennan. John moved to California and worked on Jaguar 2 which never saw the light of day. He led the development of the ill-fated NUON media processor at VM Labs. He moved to work for nVIDIA at the end of 2001. Martin Brennan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Graduate of Cambridge University and co-founder of Flare Technology a design house involved in the design of the ill-fated Konix Multisystem. Martin initially worked for Sinclair Research before going on to found Flare with fellow ex-Sinclair colleague John Mathieson. After working at Flare on the Flare 1 and its development into the Konix Multisystem he went on to work for Atari developing the Atari Jaguar. So yeah, not much on Brennan, but Mathieson went onto NVIDIA
  15. I'm pretty sure Carl won't give any hints to his mystery projects. As you may or may not know, in the Jaggy community announcing something before you're ready to sell it is VERY dangerous. Folks here don't take too kindly to delays or cancellations in projects. One nice thing about that is we get great suprises like this every once in a while (sometimes too long of a while)....I'm guessing more surprises are on the way.... 937001[/snapback] Yeah I knew he wouldn't, but it never hurts to ask... I just really love the way it's gone from 1 secret project to 2... even AFTER TC has been released... looks like we have a lot to look forward to... <bows down to the God that is Carl>
  16. So come on Carl, you release TC (after I bugged ya for an update too, I feel so honored) and now we have TWO secret Jag projects on the products page... What's the deal? give us some clues... Keep us hot and you could be the king of the Jag Community by year end
  17. Web Site is back up today. I asked Brad what was up with the site and here is the reply I got... Q. Hey Brad, what's up with the website? A. Sometime on Monday the New server that holds the Best Web site and about 15 others went down Simon. My Web Host company had to rebuild each web site from the beginning again. I just checked and they finally got the Best Web Site up and running today. Three days without the Best Web site Ugh!!!! Regards, Bradley Koda __________________________________________________________________ I have never has an issue with Best never emailing back, and I've sent them a ton of messages, and a lot of them were not even about purchases... a lot of times I've just had random Atari questions and I have always got back a reply within 24-48 hours... Brad is a great guy and does a hell of a lot for the community with his sales and service..
  18. Yes a LONG while... Too long... Loooooonnnnnngggggggggg.... Well now I have that out of my system UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE PLEASE!!!!! or at least give us an indication of how much longer we have to wait for the secret jag project...
  19. OH, and Carl, update your site with some news already
  20. Is it just me or should we make a definative list and make it a sticky?
  21. Yeah, I really don't like his auctions at all... Too random on the buy it now prices and a lot of carts are way over the top.... Seems pretty flaky to me...
  22. Yes I am well aware of how to quote (see my previous posts in here)... HOWEVER I was on a friends jank ass computer on Dial up and somehow deleted half the quoted HTML and decided to not wait the painful timeframe for it to go back to the post so I could requote it)... As for eating, Well I kind of have to eat to be able to play my Jaguar, if I don't eat I die and then no CD is going to help me .... I'll get one, eventually...
  23. I got mine in the UK (where I lived until 1997) about a month after it came out, right before Christmas if I recall... I paid £200 for it with the regualar package... Two months after the CD came out I got that also £200... However to finance a trip to NYC I sold the CD unit (they were having problems getting supplies in the UK and I was able to make a little on it for my trip)... I then moved here to the US in 1997 and in about 1999 I purchased a core unit and power supply from ebay for $15 to use my exisiting games and controllers... Still use it to this day, especially for Rayman (MY GF loves it and when we play it at her college everyone wonders what the hell is that strange gray machine ) I wish however that I had never sold the CD unit, as I can't justify buying a new one right now... But I DO want to get ahold of Mutant Penguins
  24. >Their a slice of videogame history. And their cool. I paid that price for mine new. >So quit your snibblin' and go buy one. >Oh and fix your sig. Something went awry. Well I could buy one if I don't eat for a month...
  25. Well I wish I had a JAG CD, but even with the prices on ebay being around $130 I still can't justify buying one... I know some of you out there will think that's pretty cheap but not to everyone... I would rather buy something I can play in my current JAG without having to shell out for the add on to then have to pay for a cd to play in it...
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