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  1. If you click on one of the catalog links it doesn't take you an access forbidden screen? I have tried it from several devices and browsers on both wifi and data to see if something was blocking it and I still get that every time.
  2. The main page is up, but all of his catalogs are gone.
  3. I got a sales email from him in the last few days
  4. Stephen, this is why I am bummed I didn't make it this year, we could have tag teamed the demo
  5. Planning to get this book later in the year, don't have any extra Atari budget currently LOL
  6. I'm in the same boat, I remember when you couldn't do an Atari search on Ebay without 50 of these things coming up. Wish I had purchased one for Spy Hunter
  7. Knowing RG I would say it was a misquote.
  8. Well I mean if you want to see them on a storefront you could go here https://www.casio880.com/en/product/new-set-4-pens-color-or-black-for-plotter-sharp-ea-850c-ea-852c-ea-850b-casio-bp-1-bp-2-canon-commodore-atari-and-others/ Looks like a Spanish Casio dealer, I would hazard these really are new.
  9. It appears the XL/XE line are just not in there
  10. Dangit, of course this is the year I can't make it
  11. I always forget about Jed's site. I had a lot of fun reading through the Atari VAX emails.
  12. That's why I said good luck finding it LOL... I spent about an hour searching permutations for different Atari Patents. The search isn't very friendly.
  13. It's in the US Patent office database somewhere, good luck finding it though
  14. So good to see all of the orders for this! Bummed that I have to wait on mine until I have the funds
  15. Very cool, I used to take my daughter to the Boonshoft Museum.
  16. Would be good if we had someone who worked for Roklan who can spill the beans, would love a detailed history of working there.
  17. Same here, I sense some gaslighting... Anyway back on topic, Has anyone received their bare boards yet? I'm looking forward to seeing builds in progress.
  18. Again, this project was designed to fit into a 1050 case, if you want to go ahead and print up your own go right ahead but don't lambast someone for their desire to do exactly what this was designed for with a dead 1050.
  19. Does this mean there will be a IDE 3.0
  20. I'll be having to wait until later in the year. Glad to see so many have been preordered already though.
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