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  1. I have the case I just need to put it all together, although I am not sure what size screws I need for the cart guide
  2. If this report is accurate Mario Bros should be a MUCH easier title to obtain
  3. I shall probably have to wait a little until I can purchase one, I'm just glad that they will be available indefinitely unlike a lot of limited run items.
  4. Feel free to wait until I get my Christmas bonus to release these
  5. Interesting tour stops. What ya got going on in Dayton?
  6. Still don't think you need a dedicated PAL machine, but hey it's your money
  7. Hey, I'm glad it found a new home. Hopefully it can be back up and running.
  8. Jon has already replied with detailed information. I had to update my JED before I could flash the FJC firmware.
  9. I know there isn't much in it, but I think the print on the right looks a tad better
  10. Looks like primarily Lynx stuff... Curious what Jaguar consumer items may come from this Regardless this is very cool news! Congratulations Carl
  11. I can state as a fact they have zero Atari parts. I tried ordering many of them and got orders cancelled, I eventually messaged them and they confirmed as much
  12. Agreed, that's what I am doing. The amount of time Jon has put into updating and improving this firmware is insane, I liken it to paying a premium for the added functionality and ease of use (plus support) rather than a cost of the actual flashing. Indeed part of the price difference goes directly to Jon from Lotharek
  13. I didn't realize either (Lothareks post on his main page didn't reference it so I missed it until later) I am trying to get it updated in the first post
  14. You could probably contact Lotharek to update the order OR you can flash it yourself and send Jon some funds via paypal at his website
  15. Sorry, Jon, I didn't realize there was a version with your firmware on it until after I posted the initial link. Honestly I don't know why he doesn't just ship all of them that way.
  16. Well I’ll just have to make sure I dial in frequently
  17. Cheapest option is 119 usd - not insured, don’t know what it is with as that’s not what I ordered... add $25 if you want it preflashed with FJC firmware
  18. Depends what shipping you want, there are about 8 options
  19. I'm correcting you... The original preorder in 2012/2013 was $90.00 US, after the number of buyers increased they actually sold for $70.00 US plus shipping. Subsequent runs (there have been 3) sold for $90.00 US all by Candle. This is the first run by Lotharek. It's also sold in two versions $93 for the original version or $118 for a version preflashed with FJC firmware - Lotharek is also paying both candle and FJC per piece sold. The shipping may have defaulted to UPS which is crazy expensive but you can pick a much cheaper option. So no you didn't get yours for $52 and it's not three times the price. It's also FAR cheaper and easier than waiting for one to come up on ebay, the last one I am aware of sold for over $250.00 I posted this link here because I've seen post after post of people asking for one, I've even been offered $400 for the one I have.
  20. As someone who has ordered from various countries and is originally from the UK... 6 weeks is not necessarily the sellers fault, I've had stuff that's been tracked into the country and then sat in customs for 2 months. Usually odd things that come from eastern european locations.
  21. It appears Lotharek is taking preorders for a small batch of Incognito boards. https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=276 this version has the FJC firmware already flashed and part of the added price goes direct to Jon. I would recommend this version as the functionality is much improved and a far superior experience. https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=275 this version is the original firmware by Candle, slightly cheaper but not as functional. Sadly not the incognito II but I know there have been a lot of people lamenting the fact these have not been available.
  22. Nope, For $12.50 I would just get a few and see how they are, if they suck then it's no big deal
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