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  1. Once the designs are nailed down is anyone willing to print me a case for a REASONABLE price?
  2. Working on my 1088XLD

    1. DrVenkman


      *vigorous clapping* I fixed the CF interface on my XEL tonight after frying it about two eeks ago.

    2. DrVenkman



  3. Uploaded to a couple of online printing services (I don't have access to a 3D printer) - The costs are crazy, average was $120 for the top and bottom
  4. That's how I did mine, I still have my board in the plain case, no panels and just the UAV basic video (which is fine)
  5. Run it without and see if you still get the same lag
  6. No specific link as it is listed in the addendum, here is the info Atari 400/800/XL/XE Empty Game Cartridge with metal back. CB101080 $5.00
  7. These are not being sold by Tursi currently but can be purchased here https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/skunkboard-flash-cardridge-for-jaguar-27561 Or you can wait for the SD cart that is currently under production
  8. you can get brown cart shells from Best Electronics
  9. I can't speak for everyone but I for one really appreciate that. I don't have the disposable income to purchase the carts but having Skunk releases gives me new software to play with. Thanks again CJ
  10. How about if I used vinyl wrap it would look like garbage LOL
  11. Wait, when has there been sun recently Also, good progress on your board, I told you you would be ahead of me LOL
  12. Well time for me to start cleaning out my stockpile in the basement
  13. Thanks Michael that definitely gives me enough to work up my own version.
  14. The ultimate 1mb is a required part. It does quite a bit of the heavy lifting and is extremely flexible with the custom bios. That said you can set the u1mb to stock mode and it will for all intents and purposes be just like a 800xl
  15. I know your address, I'll be sending my 600XL to you this weekend to upgrade
  16. That sVideo is in demand... Im hoping that the two already marked off are the ones I claimed earlier.
  17. It's ridiculous, and sad as I would really love to use a few of these
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