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  1. Thank you. I can't wait to give it try! Merry Christmas!
  2. I guess I'm a weirdo, but I used to love this game. I know that your disc needs to be in pretty good shape to play it. You need to have accurate shots into your target (to finish the field fast) and to shoot the enemies. I think they called them Nasties!!! If this disc is not in good shape, you'll struggle firing all over the place until you run out of power, or can't move away from an enemy.
  3. Thanks Oscar! I always look forward to the holiday games! Thank you for everything you do for the Intellivision community!
  4. It is news to me. But I also remember how close the starting point of Frogger was to Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. The way they ask the player and skill level numbers, were very similar.
  5. I totally understand. Myself, I don't think I have a problem with the cost of the homebrews (or 125 originals) as much as I have a problem that you'll pay a lot of money (for those games) for a 30-40 year old console, that might not power up tomorrow. Then I would get stuck with an expensive dust collector. ☹️
  6. I want to congratulate everyone for their hard work! I hope to be able to submit something by the next time they hold the contest!
  7. Thanks @carlsson! It is definitely different. This is bringing back a lot of memories using basic. I don't think I've use FOR / NEXT since 1987! I know that I'll get it the hang of it. As I am going through the book, I try to make a comment on each statement for my reference.
  8. Thank DZ, as I get more familiar with it, then I'll ask. I know that for me to understand more of what I'm doing, will require some experimenting. So I don't want ask too many questions about something I don't understand as of yet. One of the files I sent was copied directly out of the book. But if I put something in wrong spot, then I placed the copy / paste info in the same spots. So there won't be any need to review the other file. It didn't run either (because I put all of the info in the same spots that I typed on the previous one).
  9. I was not finished with entire program, but when I got to the spot where it said you can compile and look at the playfield. It didn't. But it said to put it at the end of the source code. I wasn't quite sure if it was the very end. I did move it to the very end, but same result.
  10. It is different. It looks like there was more added to it on Oscar's program, so I may not have gotten that far, but the book had said when I got to that point that I should have been able to compile it, then run it at that point. And it was blank. It is in a little different order than I have it though. Thanks again for the help!
  11. I ran the program from his download. It is running. So, I will compare what I have vs. his to compare what I have wrong. Thanks for the help!!
  12. Thanks. I didn't see that, but will try to see if that helps me out .
  13. Those are the 2 files I have. One of them I typed myself (with all caps). Thinking that I had typed something wrong, I copied and pasted directly from the book but still had the same result (blank screen). I did just try to put the DATA screen at the end of everything, but still is blank. I ran the game of ball on the program, and it is working. So that is why I am a little confused at what is wrong.
  14. Yes. I believe everything is in place. The only part that I thought was not very well explained was where it stated to put the DATA screen in. But I believe it is in the right spot (after the Constant assignment). monkey.bas monkeyball.bas
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