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  1. Digging this post in memory of BITRATE that vanished from internet a long time ago from a galaxy far far away! Anybody knows about him?
  2. AMAZING job Robert Dale! Would you please try to use the same assembler but for SEGA GENESIS control to work with 3DO? Thanks in advance
  3. Yes, until now there is no update by FROM´s SOFTWARE to fix DS3 running in Xbox Series, like it did for PS4/PS5 users unlocking fps and improving drastically the experience. Any news from insiders?
  4. All Mega Drive/Genesis controllers I have worked with Legends. If 8bitdo works with original Mega Drive/Genesis 99% probability it will work with Legends!
  5. Draxxon I am interested in mount a full set for FB2018, with all boxart for MAME2003, Mega Drive and more. I just dont know how to do it without compile a new FW or botthering rrifanas again! Can you help me? Maybe some guide can be useful for others too. Thanks for all efforts (y)
  6. I´m a LFB2018 owner Draxxon... where can I put this ini file above? In the SD root? Tks!
  7. I solved the problem without mess up with our Legends console... now I have hdmi plus audio in TV and headphones! (y)
  8. Well, it is supposed to use headphones or audio out to a HT... or to use in a screen with no speakers... Too many functions!
  9. I dunno whats wrong, done the same process with the old 16Gb model and worked like a charm.
  10. Here the 32Gb SD card doesnt work with the console. 16Gb worked like a charm, 2.8.4, both fat32 formatted. Any hints?
  11. Im thinking in to add a phone jack in front of the console... what do you think? I marked red the spot.
  12. Pretty amazing resume, Draxxon! You and rmr_md do a amazing digital team for this 2018 arcade machine! Thank you both for all efforts and patience with us
  13. Yes, for 2018 (old version) there is a firmware to unlock the SD Card and run all MAME 2003 fullset roms.
  14. I would like to try this IMG file and to run it in Windows 10, please how can I do? Is there a specific emulator or program to open this img file? Thanks in advance.
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