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  1. Such a wonderful tradition this has become. I check the forum Christmas morning before even looking at the tree! Thank you so very much and Merry Christmas!
  2. ZooKeeper would be incredible. However, it would need to come with a warning label on the side of the box saying that playing with the original ColecoVision controller may cause severe arthritis.
  3. Do we get a clue this year like last so that we can play the guessing game? Another game that hasn't been already ported?
  4. Woo Hoo! Access to the ROM vault is here! Gotta go play now!
  5. Satan's Hollow has a homebrew port to the Atari 5200. Available in the AtariAge store. Tron would be great, but the controls would be prohibitive.
  6. That would be awesome. However, at my age, I would end up in carpal tunnel braces trying to play Zoo Keeper with original Coleco controllers!
  7. I always liked crush roller/make trax. I'd be good with that...not so much crash.
  8. Ghostbusters doesn't work on the AtariMax SD. Tried on a Colecovision and on a Phoenix. However, it does work on the Phoenix if you use the SD card on the Phoenix itself. I also found that Wizard of Wor doesn't work on the Phoenix SD slot, but works fine on the AtariMax. Are any of these games still available? I would love to pick up a physical copy of Children of the Night. I see it on the secondary market occasionally, but didn't know if it was available directly from you or not. Thanks again for gifting the ROMs for Christmas!
  9. Thank you so very much for the Christmas gifts! The rest of the day is now spoken for!
  10. The magazine generally listed only the top 15 game carts across all of the platforms. If the Colecovision hadn't been competing against all of the other platforms, I am sure we would have seen Frenzy, Gorf, Space Fury, Looping, Q*bert, Popeye and Smurfs along with many others on the list. One comment about Smurfs; while it wasn't the best gameplay, it had the most incredible graphics. For the time period, it was truly impressive.
  11. Had trouble. It is now edited. Thanks
  12. Here is a list compiled from going through my Electronic Games Magazine from back in the day. For those who might not have been around back then, the magazine had an almost monthly list of the top games on cartridge. The list was from across all platforms in the day (VCS, Intellivision, Odyssey2, Vectrex and Colecovision). I don't have a complete set of issues, so there are some missing dates. Issue Game Ranking Jan 1983 Donkey Kong 13 Jan 1983 Venture 15 (Jan 1983 was the first appearance of games for the Colecovision) Feb 1983 Donkey Kong 4 Feb 1983 Zaxxon 12 Feb 1983 Ladybug 15 April 1983 Donkey Kong 2 April 1983 Ladybug 3 April 1983 Venture 4 April 1983 Zaxxon 7 April 1983 Turbo 14 May 1983 Donkey Kong 2 May 1983 Ladybug 3 May 1983 Zaxxon 4 May 1983 Venture 6 May 1983 Turbo 9 June 1983 Donkey Kong 1 June 1983 Zaxxon 2 June 1983 Ladybug 3 June 1983 Venture 5 June 1983 Turbo 8 July 1983 Donkey Kong 2 July 1983 Zaxxon 3 July 1983 Ladybug 4 July 1983 Turbo 5 July 1983 Mousetrap 12 July 1983 Venture 13 Aug 1983 Donkey Kong 1 Aug 1983 Zaxxon 3 Aug 1983 Ladybug 4 Aug 1983 Turbo 8 Aug 1983 Venture 9 Aug 1983 Donkey Kong Jr. 12 Aug 1983 Mousetrap 15 Sept 1983 Donkey Kong Jr. 1 Sept 1983 Ladybug 2 Sept 1983 Donkey Kong 3 Sept 1983 Zaxxon 7 Sept 1983 Venture 11 Sept 1983 Turbo 12 Nov 1983 Donkey Kong Jr. 1 Nov 1983 Zaxxon 2 Nov 1983 Donkey Kong 4 Nov 1983 Ladybug 8 Nov 1983 Turbo 11 Nov 1983 Pepper II 14 Nov 1983 Venture 15 Jan 1984 Donkey Kong Jr. 1 Jan 1984 Miner 2049er 3 Jan 1984 Zaxxon 6 Jan 1984 Ladybug 7 Jan 1984 Donkey Kong 9 Feb 1985 Mr. Do 4 Feb 1985 Super Action Baseball 5 Going back and looking at these issues, it wasn't much of a surprise to see the best carts. The Colecovision was the best way to experience the arcade at home back then. Therefore, arcade ports were usually the best selling games. From looking at the list of best games, it is also easy to see the genius in having Donkey Kong as the pack in game.
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