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  1. Oh! I didn't realize that. That's super useful. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, but I can't program the 2732 easily either with my crappy programmer. I'm looking for a 27128 -> TMS2532 (so, 28 pin to 24). If not I can probably easily make one this evening, but I figured I would ask first in case there was one available.
  3. Right, I saw that too. And after it failed, I tried the trick of applying 21V to VPP directly to one pin and it made no difference either. At that point I wasn't sure if it was the programmer just not supporting them (even though they claim to) even with the applied voltage, or if they were fake chips. The fact that they all had different die sizes and shapes doesn't fill me with confidence. If you're familiar with legit 2732s, can you have a look at the video and see if you think they're fakes? Here's the link with the time stamp to the close up (04:30)
  4. After struggling to use the TL866II Plus to try to program some 2732 (which failed, probably because they were fake EPROMs) and then making a rather ugly 27C128 adapter on the fly (see video below), I would love to make or buy a small PCB that has those adapter connections built-in. Before I just make my own, is there one already available? Either as Gerber files or ready to buy somewhere? My initial search failed to find anything (mostly this thread comes up, but it seems to be more about the adaptor for the 2732 instead of a 28-pin one like I need).
  5. The latest arrival at the Lab is a TI-99/4A, which is a computer new to me. Shoutout to @ti99iuc for their help getting a power supply! Hope you enjoy it!
  6. Thanks @ti99iuc, I'd rather find a European power supply, but if I can't find anything else, I'll let you know. Another member alerted me that there's one on French Ebay, so I might go with that one. Thank you anyway!
  7. Hello, Does anybody have a TI-99/4A power supply for sale in Europe? It doesn't have to be original, a modern one would do too. I looked into the options to power it with a MW RT-50A directly to the DC connector, but it would be nice to have something closer to the original. Thanks!
  8. I was told in the comments that the early PAL Apple IIs were mono, but in later models (like this one apparently), they built the composite video out from the card directly on the board. So check it out, although from the name of your unit it sounds like it's probably one of the early ones.
  9. Should be particularly interesting to those of you in Europe, or if you want to know how they managed to get color on PAL systems from a computer that relied on NTSC interference to create color 🙂
  10. A quick video revisiting the 65XE from a couple of weeks ago. The keyboard membrane replacement wasn't as straightforward as I was hoping because... I got the wrong kind of membrane! Fortunately I followed @Simius advice and fixed it using some M3 washers inside each key plunger. Worked great after that!
  11. Thanks everybody! I almost threw away the RF shields (I always throw away the silvery cardboard C64 ones), but with the XL computers I had in the past, they actually made a big difference in the RF video quality. So I decided to give them a try just in case they were salvageable. The spray I used was marketed as "galvanizing zinc spray". Specifically for cold temperatures. They have them available in any hardware store. I didn't find any good hits on the Amazon US store, so maybe it's called something else over there. Here's the link to the Spanish store just in case it helps as a reference: https://www.amazon.es/CRC-30713-AA-Spray-400-ml/dp/B00U1J1AYU
  12. This Atari 65XE didn't look too bad on the outside, but the inside was a complete nightmare: dust, rust, dirt, insects, spider webs, and even some kind of cocoons! Where did this poor Atari come from, the trash?? I actually had to use hydrochloric acid to remove the massive rust stains on the bottom case. All in all it came out really well, especially when I get the keyboard membrane 🙂
  13. Already got in touch with him and ordered the membranes. Thanks.
  14. I just tried messaging Simius directly, but it said he can't receive messages (maybe full inbox?). Anyway, I'm interested in two XE membranes shipped to Spain. Could you let me know the total and form of payment, please? Thanks!
  15. Awesome. Sending you a PM now. Mariano, there are plenty of good Speccys to be had here. Send me a PM and maybe I can help you get one.
  16. I just bought an Atari 1040STE that's missing the Alternate key and the plunger is broken. Does anyone have one I could buy from them? I'm in Spain but I'll be visiting the US in a couple of weeks, so I can have it mailed there if it's easier. Thanks!
  17. :-) The shipping is a bit steep to Europe, but if there aren't any local sources I'll probably get one. Or maybe I'll wait until this summer and get it when I'm back in the US. I've bookmarked the page for now. Thanks!
  18. I reached out to them a couple of weeks ago about getting a POKEY but they never replied. Are they still in business? (Yes, I read their page about having the right incantation in the subject line). Any other sources for a POKEY chip? (especially in Europe).
  19. I'm looking for an UnoCart and I'm based in Europe. Where's the best place to get one? Thanks.
  20. Very useful stuff. Thanks everybody. I'll give it a try and see how it goes.
  21. I have some 600XL that have some ugly metal keys and cartridge doors. I'm guessing those parts are brushed aluminum, right? Any tips to restore them? It looks like they've gotten some kind of oxidation, and they're not smooth to the touch.
  22. Hi, I'm looking for a POKEY chip. Would you be willing to sell that one individually? Send me a PM if so. Thanks.
  23. I realized that the 800XL shares a lot of chips with the 600XL, and I have several of those around. So I first changed the BASIC ROM and... nothing. Then I changed the POKEY chip and... bingo! That was it. Also, for completeness sake, I tried turning on the computer with a working POKEY and without a BASIC ROM, and it went straight to the self test. Good to know for the future. Now off to see of POKEY chips are easily available to purchase. I have a bad feeling about any chips with proper names :-b
  24. That's right! I remember counting and the BASIC ROM not being 28 pins. It's 24. Of those, only the POKEY chip is socketed. I took it out and put it back in again, but there was no difference. Could still be the POKEY even though cartridges load fine?
  25. Doh! I can't believe I didn't try that :-) The cartridge loads fine. I tried that, but it didn't do anything.
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