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  1. Splain

    Lynx mosfet

    I don't know what mosfets are compatible, but if it might help, here's a picture of the mosfets I got from console5. Maybe there are datasheets that can shine some light. Zoom in to see the details https://i.imgur.com/U0juDAM.jpg
  2. Can't believe I missed this! Still available? I'm in the US.
  3. Splain

    Lynx mosfet

    Awesome, thanks for the link!
  4. Use this guide: https://atarigamer.com/articles/installing-and-testing-out-the-bennvenn-lcd-mod-for-atari-lynx https://atarigamer.com/pages/using-the-atari-gamer-bracket-with-the-benn-venn-lcd-mod-for-atari-lynx-model-ii If you have any questions, ask away!
  5. If you already have an SD cart, then you don't need an Agacart. Just like I don't need a sainT SD cart now that I have an Agacart. Because we can both play Lynx games off a microSD card. Maybe I misunderstand your question?
  6. Got my AgaCart yesterday, and I'm very happy with it! I appreciate the included case, soft foam interior, micro SD card, SD card adapter, and list of the SD card contents! Works great on my BennVenn'd Lynx II. Thanks!!!
  7. This is the first I've heard of it, so I don't actually know. But I found some pictures: To me it looks like the top one is a more "classic" d-pad, shaped like a plus sign. On the bottom one, the circle at the base of the d-pad looks to be part of the same plastic piece as the "plus" part, and the circle ring around the d-pad is a noticeably different color. I'd guess this is the 8-way one. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can confirm.
  8. Yes I did, thanks for the writeup! I wonder if my shipment sat in a hot warehouse (or truck or mailbox) for too long, because the bracket had a slight curve to it, as well as being a bit shrunken. I'm in AZ where it's nice and hot, and everything warps. I'm still glad to have the bracket, even if minor adjustments are needed for whatever reason. If anyone cares, I used some very thin 34awg enameled wire for all the data lines (everything but 5v and GND) and it works great.
  9. Got mine installed. The orange bracket was a little tighter than I expected, a piece of it broke off and it bent up the metal bezel on the screen. https://imgur.com/GahpgIT So I tossed the broken bezel and kept at it. It was a trick to screw the bracket in place, it seems like the bracket was about 2-3 mm small than it was designed to be. Not sure what happened there, but I did get it installed, and I love the result! https://imgur.com/6tvZqIl Just need to fiddle with the bracket (and a file?) to get the screen positioned exactly right.
  10. Got mine in the mail, looks just like Valdez's with the FRAGILE tape and orange bracket. Didn't have time to sit down and install it yet, hopefully tonight.
  11. Amazing. I'm in the US but I'd love one of these please, if they're still in production.
  12. I bought one. I'm already a big BennVenn guy since I'm a Game Boy modding junkie. I'll report back.
  13. This is great! When I was a kid, easter eggs and codes like this were the pinnacle of video gaming.
  14. Ah sorry, didn't know it was part of an article. I found it in an image search. Great article!
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