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  1. That did the trick. Thank you very much.
  2. In reference to my post from yesterday, I do have both files in the NET folder. I still cannot do anything other than go to the config screen.Everything must be hooked up correctly if I can use the config screen correct? I have Crubase 1100, Pi version 1.39, Auto=off. My IP address always shows. No other files have been uploaded to the PI other than what came with TIPI. When I press enter after typing call tipi("tipi.net.telnet"), the tipi card lights up, but then goes out when the screen gets to the main screen. I would really appreciate some help with this if possible. Thank you.
  3. Or they may not have been in a folder. Either way I saw them.
  4. I did go to the admin yesterday and did look in the NET folder and I do believe I did see both files. Ill look again tomorrow after work. Im not able to get to my pc right now. Thanx for a quick response.
  5. Just got everything set up and have an IP address on the tipi. When I go to ti basic and type CALL TIPI("TIPI.NET.TELNET"), it goes back to the TI main screen. I've been able to get the update, so I have wifi. It seems as if the TI isn't communicating with the TIPI. Not sure, so I need some advice. I can type CALL TIPI from basic and go to the config screen and edit without any issues, but can't go anywhere else. Thanx,.
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