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  1. I bought my Apple IIC on Ebay about 6yrs ago for $100, free shipping. It included the pc, monochrome monitor, joystick, 6 "get started with Apple" disk, several manuals, all in very good condition. The guy said he bought everything at an estate sale and knew very little about the stuff. The graphics are pretty sweet when I hook it up to a color monitor.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I’ll see what I can do.
  3. I looked over the computer, took things apart and reassembled. Didn't see any corrosion or broken parts. I'm submitting videos to show what is going on. Might not help, but I'm giving it a try. The first video shows how neither floppy drive works, nor can you hear the hard drive. The second video shows the top of the 5.25 floppy. As I said in the post, everything worked fine up until a few weeks ago. I've had several people tell me to replace the battery to see what happens. They claim it works. I'll see. https://youtu.be/1XTnpNh5oGM https://youtu.be/zqWkBuhIhFg
  4. I have a confession. I have a brand new 300 baud modem for the Macintosh. While it is not practical for use today, to me it’s just cool to have something brand new from that era. I also have a modem and three games for the Aquarius still in the wrapper, never opened. I can play the games using the aquacart. Too me, it’s just cool to have something brand new like that. I also have a bunch of advertisements for internet services from the early 80’s, along with warranty cards from retro computers. Again, nostalgia.
  5. Thanks. I'll look into it. I unplugged the hard drive and the disk drives last week and looked at all the boards and didn't see anything unusual. But I wasn't looking at the battery. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Major issue. I have been using a Packard Bell 416SX without any issues until lately. When I turn the unit on, the hard drive makes the usual sounds, but doesn't read from the 3.5 nor the 5.25 drives. And nothing shows up on the screen. No other odd noises or actions. I have not been doing anything different. The battery has been dead for some time, but the computer seems to work without any issues. I have a lot of 5.25 floppies that I like to use from time to time and I don't want to have to buy another unit somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas that I can use to solve the problem? Thanks for any constructive advice.
  7. That did the trick. Thank you very much.
  8. In reference to my post from yesterday, I do have both files in the NET folder. I still cannot do anything other than go to the config screen.Everything must be hooked up correctly if I can use the config screen correct? I have Crubase 1100, Pi version 1.39, Auto=off. My IP address always shows. No other files have been uploaded to the PI other than what came with TIPI. When I press enter after typing call tipi("tipi.net.telnet"), the tipi card lights up, but then goes out when the screen gets to the main screen. I would really appreciate some help with this if possible. Thank you.
  9. Or they may not have been in a folder. Either way I saw them.
  10. I did go to the admin yesterday and did look in the NET folder and I do believe I did see both files. Ill look again tomorrow after work. Im not able to get to my pc right now. Thanx for a quick response.
  11. Just got everything set up and have an IP address on the tipi. When I go to ti basic and type CALL TIPI("TIPI.NET.TELNET"), it goes back to the TI main screen. I've been able to get the update, so I have wifi. It seems as if the TI isn't communicating with the TIPI. Not sure, so I need some advice. I can type CALL TIPI from basic and go to the config screen and edit without any issues, but can't go anywhere else. Thanx,.
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