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  1. Ok....so, I was able to do a little more testing. SSVA w/Crayola mod -->2x Scart: LTO - I was able to experience a few drop outs after playing with browsing/paging up and down on the menu after a while. Definitely WAY less than what I had with the Fred K mod since I really had to play with the browsing quite a bit to get it to trigger (w/Crayola). However, I played Thunder Castle with this setup for about 20-30 minutes with no dropouts or issues. SSVA w/Crayola mod -->Rad2x Genesis 2 cable: LTO - No issues at all. I tried browsing the menu for a while and never experienced and drop outs. Also, playing Thunder Castle and other games did not trigger any drop outs.
  2. I just wanted to clarify my experiences with this. I was having drop outs on paging up/down browsing the LTO menu of roms, but this was only happening when I had the Fred K board installed. It was consistent on multiple TVs and had that board in an INTV II and INTV 3. Same behavior. I also have (2) 2x Scart boxes. Still consistent behavior. I used the Crayola board (early revision) on a SSVA and have not seen drop outs. I would have to test @-^CrossBow^- 's use cases specifically, but I definitely have not seen them in the places I saw them when I use the Fred K board. I liked the result in my SSVA, so I bought another Crayola board to swap out with the Fred K. board in my INTV 3. This one was the current revision and behaves the same as my SSVA. I sill have my INTV II on the Fred mod, so I will try to do another comparison in the next day or so. I hope this info helps
  3. The new board showed up yesterday, and I was able to install it today. I replaced a Fred K board in my INTV III and the results are the same as the first board I installed in my SSVA that had your code prior to Jan. 11 2021. The mod works with the RetroTink 2x SCART (as you mentioned), Rad2x (Genesis 2) cable, and the cheap Amazon scaler. These were all tested with the LTO and did NOT have any problems browsing the menu. LTO also performed as it should loading and playing games. I did not get any sync or signal through my OSSC. One other thing to note is that when I tested the 2x SCART, I tested both directly to the 2xSCART and through a GScartSW. Both worked great. No new pics as the output is the same as my previous posted pics of RT 2X SCART and Rad2x. I would love to get RGB through OSSC for the INTV, but I think having a working solution with RetroTink products is a very good option to have. Thank you for providing a board that enables this as an option.
  4. I wired everything (other than audio) from the color IC. I will try to open the console up again and get some detailed pics of the install I did. Might not get to it for a few days though. One thing I do remember I had an issue with was that my GND wire that runs from the RGB board out to the mini-din popped off the port shielding when I was re-assembling the mini-din and pushing it back through. I did not get a picture at first. When I soldered that GND back on the mini-din outer shield, it was fine and produce the pics in my post above.
  5. I posted my results from the board that had the old version of Crayola's code (prior to Jan 11 2021) HERE The only other thing I would add to the post in the link is that I do not have the video drop out for a lengthy amount of time while browsing the games on LTO. Small flashes here and there, but not like I do on my console(s) that have the Fed K board. A current revision board is on it's way now. I will install that and see how that compares. I am not expecting OSSC to work, but I would like to see how the new board revision performs with the 2x Scart and Rad2x Genesis 2 cable.
  6. The other option is to remove all attenuation from the cable. I have a Genesis 2 style scart cable configured like this and use it for other mods like the Colecovision RGB board.
  7. Ok, so I finally installed Crayola's RGB board in my SSVA. I was able to compare it to the Fred K RGB in my INTV 3. First off, neither RGB mods work on the OSSC. No shocker there. I was able to test connected via RetroTink 2x Scart and a RetroTink/Retro Gaming Cables Rad2x for Genesis 2 (all my INTV RGB mods are configured with the Genesis 2 9 pin mini-din). Crayola's RGB in my SSVA with the 2xScart: Crayola's RGB in SSVA with Rad2x: INTV 3/Super Pro System w/ Fred K RGB and 2x Scart: And finally INTV 3/Super Pro System w/ Fred K RGB and Rad2x ( I sincerely apologize, but these pics are pretty gross): Let me know what you think of the color differences between the 2 mods connected via 2xScart
  8. Do you have an LTO cart to test? Although I have had luck with my INTV, fred k RGB, and RetroTink 2x scart, I run into problems when I throw the LTO into the mix. Navigating the LTO menu seems to drop signal quite a bit once you start paging down the LTO menu.
  9. Yes, I am using Fred's mod. I did just purchase an RGB board from @the_crayon_king on eBay, so I want to see how that differs. As for the TV, I have had the same behavior on 3 different TVs (Sony, Samsung, and LG). I am not sure if the issue is on the mod, RetroTink, or the LTO side.
  10. I have this setup and working....mostly. It looks great, but one annoying problem. When I use it with my LTO the video drops out while browsing through the game list on the LTO. I can get through the top part of the list, but If I try to scroll down....say 10 or 15 games, I have a hard time getting to a game. The screen will go black, I wait till it comes back up and scroll down a few more, and the screen will go black again. Unfortunately, this is the best I can get. If I use other game carts, I have yet to see this issue. Picture looks razor sharp though
  11. My preferred install would be: 8 pin mini-din - MD-80SV Matching citrus3000psi "helper" board 8 pin mini-din SCART cable I would run that to OSSC or RetroTink 2x SCART. Then HDMI out. Backup choice for install would be 9 pin mini-din Genesis 2 style port and use a Genesis 2 style SCART cable with components in SCART cable removed. This is how I have my Intellivision RGB modded and works great (HDMI through 2x SCART because the RGB mod won't work with OSSC).
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