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  1. Hi Emerson, I was wondering how your progress was coming on your RGB solution. As an OSSC user, I am very interested to see if your board will work with the OSSC (and when you will be willing to sell them). I also wanted to ask you if you planned on testing with RAD2X HDMI cables being released soon by Retro Gaming Cables. They are making one for the Genesis 2, so my thought was that this "should" work with your board. Let me know what you think
  2. It is always great news to see your updates. Thank you. As an INTV 2 owner, my opinion is that I would be ok with grinding the case slightly. Small price to pay for what looks like a great RGB solution. Any news on testing with OSSC?
  3. On Win 10 and having the same issue. App drop down shows version 1.0.0 build 4484, but LTO Flash! tab shows factory and current version to be 2893 and update version to be unavailable. No 4484 .upg can be found. Just posted the same time you did and saw your update. Will look back later for the updated version. thank you
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