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  1. I took apart the left controller and removed the sheet of switches, and lo and behold I see the game select screen. Clicking in the switches by hand, I can verify right and down work, but left doesn’t, and I’m not sure any of my games use Up. Hopefully just cleaning the board and replacing all these switches will lead to full restoration. Guess I’m keeping it
  2. I found one of these consoles today in the wild and bought it with one game (Pinball/Dungeon Hunt/Blockout). Haven’t opened it yet, but I’m not very technical. Here’s what I’m seeing so far: it boots but Rocket Patrol doesn’t seem to take any input from either controller. If I play Pinball, I can play with the right controller only. Pinball uses down, right, left, fire, and Enter, and all of those work on the right controller. Left controller doesn’t seem to do anything here either. Weirdest thing is that in both games, I do not get the startup screen with game select at all. It just boots directly to game 1. So my theory is either something is wrong with the booting, or one of the controllers is constantly sending a 1 signal from its keypad. Could be left controller is dead and right controller is sending 1, or left controller is always sending 1 and right controller works as normal. I can take it back if it “doesn’t work”, but I would be happier if there’s a fix that a dumb guy with some screwdrivers and simple parts can do. Any advice is appreciated, including telling me if there’s a better thread to ask in.
  3. Man this is a bummer. I had the eBay alerts set up for gen2jag and snes2jag in like January at the latest, figure COVID delayed or cancelled things and that I should check the thread. Crushed to find out I never got an email alert because they didn't survive 24 hours on eBay. If anyone has moved to a different solution for cables and no longer needs theirs, I will gladly buy it from you. Please send me a PM if this is you.
  4. Thank you guys very much for the info. I will make sure to post back here if/when I get it figured out. It may take a while as I lack some of the skills to implement these fixes, and in the end it might be "good enough", but anything I find out will make its way back here.
  5. Hi all, I recently had a system repaired from "no AV" to "almost working" by having the quartz timing crystal replaced. Now, I get AV but the signal has some issues - sometimes it has lines briefly across the screen, or sometimes the audio pops for a second. Almost like there is a small amount of interference in the signal. But there's something else slightly worse - during the games included in the system, there are many flickering black lines across the screen as well as input issues. Weirdly, I can only play these games if I use one hand to hold down one of the buttons in the top row of the calculator pad on the system. If I do this, the AV issues and input issues disappear and I can play normally. Cartridge games do not seem to have this problem. I have tried taking out the RF box and cleaning the contacts (both the port and connection to the board) with alcohol as best I could without opening the box itself, but this has only helped a little, if at all. I'm wondering if there's anything I need to replace, short of just trying everything. New RF cable, new RF box? Something else completely? Any help is appreciated. For reference, the system is a Bally Computer System. I can provide more model numbers or a video if that would help diagnose.
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