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  1. I recall I have used https://github.com/linux-rockchip/rkflashtool in linux. All main distros should have the package. For ubuntu: sudo apt install rkflashtool It can be reflashed in windows too with appropriate tool.
  2. Hello I'm looking for an Atari ST case (excluding early st models without power) and QWERTY keyboard. It can also be a defective unit in a good shape. It will be used as housing for de10 nano (mister fpga) primarily booting atari st core. Yellowing drops the price. Destination is Czech Republic. I was looking at ebay recently and most of good offers does not ship worldwide. Thank you for any offer.
  3. Here is the link for the nand partitions backup. Done with linux rkflashtool. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a12fxngokhuvwgm/ar3050.zip?dl=0
  4. Hello all. I have great news. I bought another console for 500CZK (25USD) and managed to dump nand and repair my broken one. I can confirm joysticks are working and can play games again. You can pm me for those partitions or be patient, I will upload them to some cloud as soon as possible.
  5. Console modding I have to discourage you from console modding, If you want to preserve warranty or If you are not familiar with soldering. I will describe you how my console have been done in modding tutorial. Overview of PCB Modding Tutorial You will need philips screw driver, tweezers, soldering iron with very small tip, solder, Cu wire and multimeter. 1. Open your console. Use philips screw driver. There are 5 holes. 2. Prepare 2 tiny Cu wires - apply solder on them. 3. Solder wires to pads. Tweezers surely comes in handy. 4. Measure conducitivy, there have to be no short circuit between pads, gnd or vcc. Alternatives ? There may be alternatives, which doesn't require soldering at all, not so reliable, but may do for our purpose. I can suggest using USB data cable from old mobile phone, which you can cut off on phone connector's end. Use GND, D+ and D- wires (black, white, green are standard colors). Prepare tip of each wire, you can put solder coating on them so they can be inserted into holes and do not slip out easily. You can also use scotch tape to fix wires in position. Double check conductivity with multimeter, so there is no short circuit between wires and no short circuit to pcb components. Let me know, If you try to mod your console. I would prepare dumping tutorial for windows.
  6. Thank you First of all we have to determine status of your console and what is your operating system. 1. Do you have connected usb traces on console's main board or soldered connector into usb holes ? 2. Are you using Windows or Linux ? I will prepare tutorial based on your answers.
  7. Hello, I'm looking for an Atari Flashback 9 firmware backup. I need to replace corrupted kernel partition, but I'm unable to find it anywhere. If you have modded your console and can access it using rkflashtool, can you please make one and post a link ? Some people have reported bricked consoles after applying update too. Firmware backup can help them solve the problem. I have allready contacted several people including atgames, but no one has a backup or not replied yet. thank you for help Meanwhile you can try my old hack of Dreadnaught Factor game for atari 800.
  8. Hello, I have finished xex for my old Dreadnaught Factor hack. It allows you to play with ship of your choice, inspired by Start Trek. It's more than 20 years I have done it when learing asm. It was just for personal use and used 2 parts in Turbo 2000. I recommend using an emulator first. I have not tested it using AspeQT yet, but it should work. BASIC should be disabled, OPTION during powerup on real hardware. dreadnaught-factor.cs-en.zip
  9. I have repaired atari squashfs rootfs. Unsquashed it, copied missing files using mounted sega rootfs and resquashed. There was libMali.so, two oder libs and some .h files unreadable. Now it boots with atari rootfs, but joysticks are still not functional. Kernel must have a special driver for atari ports builtin.
  10. No, joysticks are not responding in upgrade menu too. Only firebutton is working in game menu. I have successfully launched first game. It's obvious I need proper kernel.img and rootfs.img. It looks like there are some differences between sega and atari. At least I know, that unit is not lost at all. Please, can someone dump kernel and rootfs from Atari Flashback 9 HD ?
  11. I have made some progress. I have found, that my rootfs and kernel partitions were corrupted. I tried some backup from sega system, which used same rk3036 cpu. It booted up to the menu, but only fire button on joystick is working. Maybe kernel has special driver for atari joysticks. Can someone confirm that ?
  12. I have found UART TX pad, and serial console provided some info. It cannot read kernel. If someone have backup or can make one, please contact me. It seems, more people encountered problems with firmware update. ar3050-serial.dump.txt
  13. Hi, I have managed to connect usb traces and now I'm able to flash, but lack working dumps. Weird thing is, I don't need to press recovery button to be able to flash. Is it stuck in some mode (idVendor=2207, idProduct=301a)? Can someone make full dump with rkflashtool ? Thank you for help.
  14. Hi, I have somehow managed to brick this. I have prepared SD card for update. Downloaded official firmware by registering serial number. I have prepared 4GB FAT32 partision on 32GB microsd with gparted on my ubuntu platform. I have inserted flash card, booted, selected update by left triggering an option. Suddenly screen went off, restarted and system never came back. Maybe I was too eager to wait or something went off. I have opened the box scrapping the warranty, but all I found is just flashback gold (ar3560) pcb without bluetooth circuit. The microusb has stripped data links, so no connections to SoC by USB. I have not found any uart RX/TX traces for debugging purpouses. I'm curious, how are these bare pcbs are flashed or checked by manufacturer. I don't want to trash that pcb. There must be a way how to make some checks and restore it using update image. Maybe connecting those usb data traces will connect it to my pc and the "reset" button will prepare it for rkflashtool, but it's maybe. So far I'm playing myself "you are such an idiot" Any advises ?
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