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  1. Thanks for the answer. I own the FG99 and have also saved the CF2K program on one of NANOPEB's DISK volumes. This all works fine. The only thought came to me in recent days when I burned the XB 2.7 Suite and RXB2015 software onto UberGrom-Cartridges. I would like to run the RXB2015 software and the tools or games on a cartridge. For this I would have to know how the creation of the individual images.BIN works. I know that is not an easy thing and probably requires knowledge that I do not have. It was just such a thought. The GF99 from RB is one of the best expansion for the TI. Almost all modules, disks and other software can be stored on it and all work without changing the cartridge
  2. How are the UBERGROM images of the XB 2.7 Suite actually put together and what tools are being used for this development? I ask because I use the NANO PEB and for the program CF2K in version 2.5 would be the better tool for it. Only I do not know, how the program Compact Flash HDXS can be changed and whether that is possible at all. Perhaps the tools under points E, L, M, N are no longer required and the free space could be used for other requests / suggestions.
  3. Thank you for the information. is good for me, because otherwise the project Self-Catrige would be over again.
  4. Is there a real replacement or a pin-compatible alternative for the chip AT49F040-90JC? The chip is hard to come with, contains lead and is not RoHS compliant. I got the Mini Pro and two pieces of PCB Fetzner Ubergrom board and will buld my own Cartridge. The problem is that the 1284P is easy to get, but the AT49F040 ... chip is not. Nice greetings Gernot
  5. A big thank you to all of you who always have an answer for me. Beautiful evening
  6. Why single XB2.7S image? The Mechtronic Basic XBPlus.bin, XBPlusd.bin, XBPlusg.bin or Super Extended Basic (2.5, 2.6) - superxbc.bin, superxbd.bin, superxg.bin or the RXB 2015 - rxb2015c.bin, rxb2015d.bin, rxb2015g. I am composed of 3 parts of the program. Actually, the XB2.7 should also be able to be loaded in FG99
  7. Is there a Final Grom 99 version of the XB 2.7 Suite Cart? I do not currently know what are the big and crucial differences between the different XB versions. Are the RXB 2015/2016/2018 versions similar to the XB 2.7, apart from the additional tools. Will the RXB 2018 also get new Commands? The MLOAD command of XB2.7 is very handy.
  8. I will now first of all think about, whether i should invest in this old technology even more money, or i just stay with the Classic 99 and experiment with this emulator a little. It costs nothing and it just works. 16 years ago I had a PBox with all the cards from Michael Becker, including the TI-99 / 4A (snug99) with already the TI Extended Basic. The configuration, I should not have sold anymore. I was able to read out all the modules and save the images. No module was needed for the following work anymore. There was playing and programming just great.
  9. Yes it is. But unfortunately with the input of size no message concerning the memory is spent, but the TI hangs up.
  10. I have cleaned and controlled everything now. Unfortunately, these actions have not been successful. Right now something funny has happened. I turned on the TI and just left it in the cover picture and went for some food. After three quarters of an hour I went back to the TI. Now the title picture is displayed clean, also "2 - Super Extended Basic is displayed correctly, after selecting" 2 "Ready is displayed, but unfortunately no command like size, call bye, call new is accepted. I think this TI or the XB module has a little more problems than expected. Beautiful evening.
  11. A big thank you to all the fans who gave me their tips. The TI-Basic works perfectly. I had already cleaned the Catridge port and the side board connection with spirit. The port of the Triton XB is also cleaned and the individual soldering tracks are slightly tinned. The CF7A + module is not recognized, because it is not displayed in the title screen. However, it worked well until I stored it dry many years ago. I will clean the plug with contact spray. Maybe the CF7A + module will work correctly then. many Greetings Gernot
  12. Good evening and a friendly hello to everyone. I have purchased an old TI-99 / 4a. Unfortunately, I have a problem now. When I insert a Super Extended Module (Triton) and turn on the Ti, then very often the selection point 2 is not displayed. Next time, only "2 S" will be displayed. Suddenly, in further experiments, "2 Super Extended Basic" will be displayed. The TI returns to the title screen after selecting "2". This process repeats until the TI hangs completely and this intrusive continuous tone is output. I have / had another CF7A + module. If I made it, that after countless attempts the TI does not hang up again with inserted CF7A + module (no CF card is plugged in), then after a few attempts I have also made the XB module run a few times. It also happens that XB was started, but knows about commands like SIZE, CALL INIT, and outputs syntax error. If I insert the CF7A + with inserted CF-card at the side of the TI, then the TI simply does not run and it only different continuous tones are issued. What can I do now? Is this TI lost and unrepairable. Is it even worthwhile to repair this board or should I try to find another one? For tips I am very grateful. Dear Greetings Gernot from Austria
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