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  1. The SID "metal" always reminded me the 80's porn music. I thought it was my personal bias...until I found out that I am not the only one with that impression.lol
  2. Since my first job was creating digital illustrations I have to say that I do love C64 still images. The higher resolution, the earthy colors and creative use of that grey and purple colors produce real art in my opinion. I really appreciate creative art on limited resources. But again the problem is that there aren't enough colors to produce dramatically different results, without ignoring advantage of the higher resolution in the detail of these images. On the other hand, images on the Atari 8bit line are a bit more "rough" from a resolution perspective but the available hues and colors can produce a huge spectrum of different color schemes. Here is a great image from Lamer's demo "Prozac".(Scrolling picture). If you check this thread you will see many examples of converted still images. Of course they are not "art" but they can roughly show the abilities of the hardware to produce images in a variety of different color schemes. An other great example is the conversion of the "Defender of the Crown" title screen.
  3. This thread's title is about the graphics abilities of two 8 bit micros. I threw in CPC because even coders of that period accepted CPC's superiority over C64's capabilities. (Virgin Software quote in the video below). The homebrew community has proven that all 8bit machines are capable game machines and provided a larger pool of "data" for our evaluations. Some are better in specific genres than others. Sure, scrolling looks great on C64 and Atari machines with their dedicated hardware, Pseudo 3d and scaling is superior on atari 8bit computers due to Miner's advanced architecture(I saw a new C64 racing game with impressive scaling), and "16bit" like appearance is CPC's strong point without having many serious drawbacks in scrolling or sound. In my opinion and based on old and new game library , the Atari 8bit line and the CPC are the most balanced machines since they both score really high in all categories (graphics/colors,scrolling/scaling,sound). Of course we are forgetting MSX2 machines with their objectively superior graphics and Speccy's aesthetic which is so unique and artistic in so many instances. I would be equally happy owning any of the 8bit classics micros but I have to admit though, in the case of the C64, its the support this machine enjoyed during his commercial life not its graphics that would justify my satisfaction. Well I don't really play games anymore(I just test them for some secs) so my critique is solely based on my initial impressions on their graphics, sound and control response.
  4. Can't really disagree with anything you said. I would also agree with your main criterion. "It has to make the fewest concessions with nearly every game type. " I didn't own an Amstrad in my childhood and my opinion is based on how capable the machine looks in Home brew projects. It appears that the Z80 is powerful enough to scroll things around on its own. It is true that C64 games(as I already wrote) reached the limits of the machine during his commercial life...earlier than any other 8bit. Its also true that the Atari's custom chips/architecture were far more advanced and the Z80 is a superior cpu in many ways for the programmers to take full advantage of them(Atari's "embargo" on third party software did really help lol). This is why we never managed to see in full the limits of those machines. Complex hardware and the invasion of 16bit machines in 1985 made things even more difficult. Now even the Speccy has amazing " tech demos" of games producing more inviting end result(graphically) that the good old C64, in limited cased of course). Sure the fluidity in animation by a dedicated hardware can not be matched by those two British machines , but our brains also need color and graph to be trick in the "story". So I guess its all about how ready you are to accept reduced colors and graphics or reduced quality in animation. This is why I believe the Atari 8bit line holds a sweet spot. Many colors, great animation.(and I know that there is some bias in there).
  5. Here is how this picture is supposed to look ( PAL version/all lines). Now the homebrew community has shown that Jay Miner's machine has a superior architecture, rendering the specs you mentioned,in my opinion, almost irrelevant(its an IPC issue). Sure C64 sprites logic is superior since it was newer by some years, but even with that deficit the Atari machine manages to outperform it by using many of its tricks. Software sprites are easily animated by its faster architecture and CPU clock(Albert,RGB, project Abyssus, The extirpator, Calisto,Pang etc)the hardware scrolling and scaling capabilities have allowed games (Yoomp!, Space Harrier,Total Eclipse, Stunt car racer) to appear colorful , display a larger screen and provide higher frame rate. The machine's lower resolution does help of course but at least atari games don't all look the same (C64 Dirty grey look). The POKEY chip can simulate SID's tone and ever produce clearer sound while doing it...but I can understand that sound choice is based on our subjective preference. The fact is that SID can not reproduce POKEY's SFX and dynamic music sounds while the POKEY can't reproduce SID's bass. The C64 was designed to be sold in SM and toy stores so for its price tag the machine was surprisingly good, but we managed to see almost 100% of its capabilities during its commercial life. The Atari 8bit line still surprises us with what the home brew community is delivering. They are both good machines...but I find Miner's work to be superior and for my second choice (if not the first) it will always be the "scrolless" Amstrad 6128 with its limited but amazing color palette, ideal for arcade games and decent sound chip. I just love what I see on the CPC! Even the programmers of the contemporary software houses admitted that they felt writing code for a superior machine when they were working on the CPC. So my classification for the 8bit multimedia micros group is 1.Atari/CPC 2. C64
  6. Here is an Atari 1200XL running C64 Basic & Kernel! The benchmark results are really interesting!
  7. lol....I think you will need a PC for this one.
  8. Enjoy this rare alliance between these two sound chips rivals. ( you can find more Pokey-Sid Music Mix in this channel).
  9. I did the same thing on the PoP thread and now...revived the conversation and now its a bloodbath lol. Fortunately the users here understand that an opinion on this question is subjective and can be affected by practicality of both choices. It is also fair to say that it is reasonable to expect from most people in a forum on retro computers to have access to real hardware and emulation!
  10. Before Covid I would probably agree with you. I was really happy with emulation. But with all those lockdowns I found time and I hooked my old computers on CRTs. 2 Atari 8bits and one Amiga. None of them worked. I had more fun with the process of repairing, upgrading and refurbishing those machines than playing their games on emulation. So it is purely subjective what makes people happy. And then, there was the familiar odor of the plastic case and electronic parts getting hot, the feeling of the keyboard, the sounds of the system, the original crt artifacts....Waiting for your favorite game to load from a cassette after 25+ years. Searching and loading your programs and games you wrote in Basic , loading your music, paintings and primitive animations. Priceless DejaVu. Emulation can be pretty good for a console and from a gaming perspective, because of all those advantages you mentioned and this is why I use emulation daily, but it is really limited when it comes to replicate the experiences you had with your computer.
  11. A ran the following tests. I loaded "pop_DD_fastishmouse_notplayable.atr" demo twice. It loaded without any issues! In both attempts there is only one retry at the same sector ([Disk 1] Read Sector 385 ($181) #7 in track 21 ($15) [x2]) I tried to load "PoP_DD_20210619_bugfix" 6 times. Only one was successful and only after I skipped the loading of the demo! Here are the logs. I inserted spaces at every retry so you can easily spot them. I have details in every file on what were the issues. pop_DD_fastishmouse_notplayable_loading list A.txt pop_DD_fastishmouse_notplayable_loading list B.txt Prince of Persia20210619_bugfix _ A log.txt Prince of Persia20210619_bugfix _ B log.txt Prince of Persia20210619_bugfix _ C log.txt Prince of Persia20210619_bugfix _ D log.txt Prince of Persia20210619_bugfix _ E log.txt Prince of Persia20210619_bugfix _ F log.txt
  12. NO I didn't notice the post of that additional test release. I just downloaded it and I will try it asap. Those reports can be copied as text! What I can do is copy multiple attempts as text so we can compare them. (they will be really long but the [x#] will make the job easy)
  13. So here is a video of the loading process. As you will see at Sector 646 there is a shift in loading speed and level of sound drops dramatically. At Sectors 385, 91, 111, 114, 147, 363 and 364 you can see the attempted retries. Generally I can hear noise and parasites that the screen matches FJC's. Sometimes I get a black screen. Notice that the weird sounds in the background are my finches singing....not my 800xl lol!
  14. You are welcome and it's my pleasure. Only the 610 and 619_bugfix files appear to have this loading issue with my machine. All previous releases work fine.
  15. This is how things are after a couple of long days. I loaded more than ~1000 program/games during a long test of my freshly repaired and memory expanded 800xl ( by the one and only flashjazzcat ). This was part of the feedback I wanted to send to flashjazzcat and tfhh. I ended up with a list of only 30 games/programs that did not load or run. I downloaded and replaced those 30 files with different versions(I replaced some atrs with xexs) found at a couple of sites. That reduced the number of titles not running to just 2! (one game and the other a demogame). 1. PoP_DD_20210619_bugfix.atr / the 610 (the older versions load just fine). 2. Abyssus (an unfinished shoot'em up). I also replaced the serial adapter with a new one in one of my cables which resulted to: a. All files now load without the need of turning off the extra memory or reducing the loading speed in RespeQt/AspeQt(android) for ~20 "sensitive" file.(Maybe it was placebo and just retrying to load the file was enough!) b. Rambrandt-Antic paint finally loads without issues or the need to load the instructions first! C. I managed to load PoP 5 times (1 corrupted) out of numerous attempts.(zero with the previous serial board). So I think that the machine, the memory expansion plus the cable appear to work excellent. I don't know if an xex version of the game is possible just for testing. P.S. Jon I owe you a reply....now that I finished crash testing the Kruger board.
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