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  1. Thanks for the link! Sure no problem. I should've been more clear about my frustration googling details and video tutorials about this program. i.e. You can find videos on Koala paint
  2. Again I was not referring to what is said in this thread. I am an Atari user the time the 800xl hit the European market. I started creating graphics with that computer and I still do that for a living. I never heard of that program and even now I can not find anything about it on google (just a page in Czech language I believe). This is really strange for a program so capable...I guess most people just used their computers for playing games.
  3. I was not referring to this thread Mr Fish.....
  4. I arrived late, but if you are still interested in a painting program, Rambrandt is hands down the best 8bit program I have ever worked with! It has amazing capabilities in colors. It provides access to a feature called "Display list Interrupts". This means that you can split your screen in horizontal"stripes" of any size (i.e Sky/earth/body of water etc) and you can introduce up to 90 colors in addition to your active palette of 4,9,16 colors (up to ~90 intercepts). You can create random mixtures with all the colors of your active palette(not just two)! You can also apply transparency (color 0/backround...like a png!) and you can create small flicks in your painting! The best part of all is that in the additional disk you will find a long and comprehensive tutorial where you can learn everything about the tricks and keyboard shortcuts of the program. IF you have extra ram (128)you can even work on several pictures (up to 8.) at one time and you can share elements.( you can use them as layers and combine them all in one when you are done!). I don't know why nobody talks about this old program (1985!). Its a showcase for Atari's palette!
  5. The DV-515up(C061763-11/220v) is not the "ignot"(C061982) http://atariprojects.org/2018/08/05/purging-dangerous-power-supplies-15-60-mins/
  6. I am working on a basic list and the following line writes the following. 1015 REM NEXT LINE CONSISTS OF FOUR CONTROL N'S, FOUR INVERSE PERIODS, AND FOUR INVERSE SPACES. Any ideas on what "inverse periods" are and how I can insert them in my list (Altirra 3.90)? The next line is the following: 1020 FOR X=4 TO 8:POSITION 2,X:? #6;"---____--":NEXT X: POSITION PC,PR-------:? #6; ' #" sss4c+nss 7spaces I would really appreciate any help
  7. Pokey: Allrounder ,FXs, Music, 8 joysticks, keyboard,IRQ Intrs, Serial I/O SID: Synthesizer chip. The issue I have with synthesizer sound quality is that in the 80's it was mainly used in low budget "video cassette" movies!. So its very difficult not to make the connection between the squeaky melodies of the SID and that industry.
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