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  1. That's probably the most prudent thing you've done since the day you were outed as a total liar ... and, no .. your old score still remains, and I'm pretty sure you know that (more evidence you're just a dishonest person). Everyone knows that the only way to get rid of it is if you posted an actually legitimate submission and it gets at least 20 votes. Had you submitted your current video, I'd have voted for it and encouraged others to do the same ... but as always, take the juvenile route.
  2. Excellent! Now all you need to do is get the top score everywhere And you had your chance to do the right thing ... I'll go ahead and remove your score from the top spot on Highscore.com for you, since you refuse to do the right thing. Whichever way is fine with me. It's just unfortunate you've taken the juvenile route on literally every fork in this road. Peace And for the record, neither your 527K, nor your 552k would be top scores on TG or HS. If I were to have joined HSC when I was invited, you wouldn't have the top score here, either. Nice bragging, though. That just means I get to finally post videos I've been holding onto with the hopes you'd simply do the right thing and not continue to make a total ass out of yourself. Like I said ... either way works fine for me.
  3. There's still the matter of dishonesty and deflection when first approached with all of these issues. His score is to be trusted. His words ... not so much. I'm still waiting for him to do the right thing and submit this one which will effectively remove the questionable one.
  4. This was all that was being asked for. Great job! IMHO, this should have been your initial solution rather than the responses you gave.
  5. I agree with much of your sentiment. With this particular assertion, however, while there may not be "a lot" you can do about it, you can certainly prevent further participation by those who have been caught, no?
  6. Sadly, my claims on this one example (out of dozens I have discovered) are easily verified by simply going to Wilson Oyama's own YouTube channel so you can check for yourself. You do not need to take my word for it. 5 minutes, 7 seconds into the video, the splicing is quite evident even without a sound-power-level/spectrogram digital analysis ... which has also been done, and shown at the bottom. Here's the link ... ... and here is digital confirmation that it was spliced. You do not have to take my word for it, either. Please feel free to run your own audio spectrogram on his own video on his channel. It will reveal the same result. Missile Command loops the same alarm audio sample 8 times during game play, and each segment's representation area on a spectrogram is supposed to be the same size, because the sample being looped is the same sample. Clearly, you can see the first splice (quite blatant) at 5:08.25, chopping off the 4th loop about a third of the way through it. As I said in my second video (linked above), I'm certain that Wilson is a nice guy ... and likely helpful, too. Being a good player, and/or nice, and/or helpful over a period of years does not exempt him from scrutiny. As I acknowledged in the video, people who are good players, nice, and helpful can also be cheaters. I appreciate the fact that this may be an uncomfortable realization for those who have known him for years ... it would be uncomfortable for me, too, if one of my online friends who I have known for years were a confirmed cheater. It is indeed sad and unfortunate. Regards, ZilchSr
  7. I'm not your attorney, but if I were, it would certainly be this point where I would advise you that it would likely be in your own best interest to discontinue talking about this whole fiasco. The more you say, the more you indict yourself. For example: You said, "As I said in my original submition in Highscore.com I'm not sure I've uploaded that picture with the video.", but your comments on Highscore.com clearly state, "If I remember correclty, I put a picture with my final score of 552,590 when I submitted this socre. Now I only see my video which, unfortunately, doesn't show the final score." Here, you have declared that you submitted this video, and you had originally thought you had uploaded the picture of with the "final score" (your words, not mine) with the video. 5 years later, you said you "found the original picture". That would lead any observer, casual *or* astute, to conclude that your picture was the final score that your video failed to capture. You are doubling down on your lie, dude. You said, "I didn't take the video out of youtube." Nobody has suggested that you did. Strawman argument. You said, "I have no problem with the cost of a camera." Nobody suggested that you did. Strawman argument. You said, "I play for fun..." Clearly, that's not the case. This is *obviously* EXTRAORDINARILY important to you for some reason. You said, "recording all time I play takes kills the fun for me." - uh .. okay ... so don't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Do you honestly believe for one second that the sole issue here is you not recording your performances on video? If that's what you think after aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll that's been said, then you haven't been paying attention *or* you HAVE been paying attention, but you're just deflecting AGAIN. You said, "I didn't go all internet writing in my defense..." Nobody suggested that you did. I clearly stated that you went to "all of the high score sites" and also "trolled on my YouTube channel", which you did. I even listed out the places you went with specificity - AtariAge, Atari Compendium, Highscore.com, and my YouTube channel. You said, "I just went to highscore where you were accusing me, to this site where northcoastgamer is asking my removal and I emailed ataricompedium after they listed me in the banned list" ... uh ... I think you're forgetting one, there, buddy. You said, "I state there's nothing fishy with it." ... and that's your subjective opinion, which you are entitled to have ... just like I'm entitled as well. You said, "I admit the 477k points mentioned in my own video doesn't make any sense at all" - No, it sure doesn't. Nice to see that you are capable of being honest for a change. Unfortunately, such honesty comes *only* after being outed, then you going all-in defending your score and your methods of submission on that specific score with that specific evidence including the video, and then being outed again for lying. Seriously ... you should have led with that ... but you didn't, and it is clear why. You said, "I hadn't any reason to lie." - You are demonstrating RIGHT NOW that you indeed have EVERY reason to lie. You believe your lies will cover up your past lies to do some desperately needed face-saving. Not sure that's possible at this point. You said, "No doubt it was a careless submition but I didn't cheat" - I gave you AMPLE opportunity to say that, however, instead of *leading* with this argument, you continued to defend posting that video and insisting the result of that video was 552K. You made your own bed, here, dude. You now not wanting to lay in it is a *you* problem. Now that you literally have no other recourse, your argument devolves into "careless mistake". CLASSIC. You said, "now I'm considering to record a new attempt to break my frostbite record" - Nobody cares. You said, "and admitted he likes to offend me in highscore.com" - Ah .. another moment of accuracy. I do indeed have no problem with offending cheaters and liars, with the understanding that telling the truth is offensive to some, especially to those who are inherently dishonest. If this bothers you, then the solution is simple: Don't be a cheater and/or a liar, and then you'll have nothing to worry about, no? You *obviously* CARE A WHOLE LOT about this score, evidenced by the fact that you haven't removed it. If it wasn't that important to you, you would have already done what I did, and that is remove the score due to the controversy ... but like all liars and cheaters who become incorrigible and refuse to correct the error until they realize they have no other choice but to do so solely to salvage whatever little integrity (if any) they have left, you haven't done it. Okay ... so you care a lot about it. Fine with me ... just goes to show you lied about that, too, when you projected this feeling of inadequacy onto me when you accused me of caring about the score too much. "There's nothing to rectify." - Liduario, 6.24.19 <-- Do you remember saying that to me? You had PLENTY of opportunity ... and you squandered it. Again ... I'm not your lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but you have been given wise counsel in the matter. It's up to you to take it ... and there's no charge. You're welcome.
  8. Dude ... you got busted. Stop blaming the manifestations of your own nefarious actions on others.
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