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  1. You cant delete posts as far as I am aware ... only edit. 😕 Hello kermit, Zilch... Now fixed *deleted* by ol' Mod of the past.
  2. The best *by far* in my opinion is "OBS Studio". It is totally free ... no stupid adware/malware/"complete this survey first"/redirects/popups/ads, etc. No-nonsense, powerful and EASY to set up and use. At the moment, I believe it is the industry standard-bearer for beginners like myself. https://obsproject.com/ You can check out my youtube channel for some ideas as well. https://youtube.com/zilchsr Let me know if you need help!
  3. Believe me, I too have had my share of being skeptical of these photos in these photo-only, friendly competitions, some of the skepticism warranted, some not so much. Some players post videos on their YT channels when they get a good score here for others to see and get some good strategies and tips. Not everyone posts video, obviously, but it's a good practice, imho. I do this myself for every 1st or 2nd place I've gotten here (unless my score doesn't even beat my own PB that I have a already have published video of). For others it seems as though posting video of a record that literally no human being has achieved in ~40 years (even though thousands have tried including many world-class players) is too much of a hassle for them, even though I can't see what the hassle is. It is what it is I suppose.
  4. Venture - 21,800. Not sure I'm willing to put in the time to get better at this one.
  5. Been a couple years for this one. - Millipede - 491,255
  6. You are correct and I was inaccurate. 300K is the maximum according to the manual.
  7. @Vocelli Just looking for a settings clarification. Millipede allows you to start a game starting with many points (up to 990,000), and I noticed that "continues allowed" is mentioned in the settings above. Is submitting a score where we start at something other than 0 points allowed? I would assume it is yes, and wanted to make sure (unless I missed where the was already specifically answered) ** edit ** Answered. The maximum starting score is 300K (thanks, @kermit73), and the settings as indicated in the game posting make it obvious that continues are allowed, so I take that to mean you can start at any score the game allows you to.
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