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  1. Kinda late, but here was my Moon Patrol high: 48,080 My Solar Storm video was f'd up so I can't get a screenshot, but it was a little more than 2,800.
  2. Tbh, Im not even sure if I had time to play lately that I would have beaten any of these three scores. I played Solar Storm today for about 30 minutes and didn't break 3,000 LOL! Well done, @kermit73, and congratz on being the 2021 Gold Cup Winner! Ill post my final scores before midnight, which Moon Patrol was something like 46K, didnt do any better on Dark Cavern, and less than 3K on Solar Storm. Pssht. 🤣
  3. Dark Cavern - Game 1 A/X - 286,000
  4. My one and only submission this time. I'm surprised I had 20 minutes to play, tbh. Way too much going on 😞 I won't be playing again this round, @Vocelli . If you can top 675, I will concede. (I'm actually rooting for you LOL!) Birthday Mania - 675
  5. I'm an idiot and posted my score in the wrong thread 🤦‍♂️
  6. Congratz, Kermit! You're a beast! Well earned 😃 Favorite: Star Trek Surprising: Mountain King Least: ???
  7. Moon Patrol - 20,800 Best I could do in 15 minutes. A lot more fun and less frustrating than Gas Hog. I had 15 more minutes. 31,800
  8. Although some (like myself sometimes) do not (and in my case, usually *cannot*) post until Sunday due to work constraints, I personally feel that it is unlikely that anyone will match even the first score you posted, much less so this one. I can usually pick up pretty quickly on a game I've never played - if I don't master a game within 10 tries, I usually stop playing it altogether due to not enough time before the next game rolls around. This particular title would take me weeks or months of constant playing to get as familiar with the game dynamics as one would need to be to put up the kind of numbers you're putting up here. I honestly don't think anyone is sandbagging ... I think you're just that good at this game .. and by "good", I really mean "much better than anyone I've ever seen play the game ... by far".
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