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  1. Thunderground: 990,560 - Level 45 Thunderground: >990K Level 44 (posted further down the thread)
  2. Thunderground: 50 Spitfire Attack: 400 Bermuda Triangle: 700
  3. If anyone would like to see strategies used on this game (conduit building, segment picking, flea repellant strategies via strategic mushroom retention, etc), the run is up on my YouTube channel.
  4. Am I the only one here jealous of this guy with this fantastic rig? LoL!
  5. That is correct. You will not get the teddy bear unless you first hit the game select switch, and even then, you will see it right away if you do.
  6. Polaris - Slight improvement. - 146,900
  7. Hey Nova, that's a great score! I think, however, you may have played it on the other game selection (teddy bear) rather than Game 1. Not sure if any of that matters, but I figured I'd point it out to ya just in case you weren't ultimately credited with a score and stopped playing before the time ran out to submit and ended up with no score
  8. For me, it depends on the circumstances. As you probably have noticed, the mine traversing speed cycles every 4 levels (until the 16th level, where every level thereafter behaves identical to the 16th, and the level indicator turns from numbers into an asterisk) starting from barely moving to zipping back and forth. I go out of my way to make sure I shoot the mines on the first three speeds (regardless of level), but on the fastest speed, I will always make a couple of attempts to shoot, and if the attempts fail, Ill speed up or slow down to time the mines being on the opposite side of the screen fir me to scoot by. Its been effective so far. You can check out my YouTube channel to get an example. I just uploaded a run a couple of days ago that shows the strategy.
  9. LoL! I was messin' with ya. I absolutely leeched to get the 500K+ and 1.1M scores. If a player waits until around the 13th or 14th level to start leeching, they can easily reach 1M in about an hour and a half. The boats come out every 90 to 100 frames at that point (about every 3 seconds).
  10. While that is flattering (thank you!), I can say with 100% certainty that is not the case. I.e. There are many MANY games that a few of people here can (and do) destroy me on (cough cough OldManG cough ROGER cough cough NADS cough ... and I have no doubt with how fast PatLarocque's skill is improving, he'll be smacking me around a bit in no time at all too LOL!) I have always immensely enjoyed the 2600, even as newer consoles were released throughout the past few decades. More enjoyment = more devotion ... and there may be a correlation between that and performance Cheers, and thank you again
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