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  1. Cosmic Commuter - 1,000,000 maxout BONUS - Keystone Kapers ... with not even as much as a criminal to assuage his loneliness.
  2. Dolphin - Max-out on one life. Bonus = 18 lives remaining
  3. Dolphin - maxout & 15 lives on the last pause screen
  4. Really wish I had time to play more than a handful of tries this week 😞 Crackpots - 84,460
  5. Crackpots: 15,320. Playing with a mouse instead of a joystick = not highly recommended. 😕
  6. Ugh ... it's too bad time's now up and we don't have another 2 minutes ... was working toward a 5K run on game 8 😞 Oh well.
  7. Stampede 1BB - 18,917 Stampede 8BB - 4,434
  8. Neither ... just an analysis of the game. There are a finite number of levels. Each level has a finite amount of dogies, and thus, points. A perfectly executed level nets between 5k and 6k, leaving a theoretical ceiling of 42K if all levels yielded the upper bounds of 6K, which they don't. If you take a look at the current and former (by OldManG) world record performance, you'll see an almost-flawless execution, and both ended up with 36K.
  9. This is just a guess (maybe some 6502 programmers can chime in), but if 6502 allows for signed integers, and the devs knew that a score above UInt(32767), or UInt(&HFFFF), was possible, they may have decided that allowing a rollover at 10K and displaying a rollover sprite was their only option if they wanted to save that 16th bit for one reason or another. The maximum score possible on this game is around 40K.
  10. Hey man, great score! But you have to play on "Skilled", which is the game selection that doesn't have the teddy bear to the left of the score
  11. You posted at exactly 12:00 midnight, which is on-time. 12:01 is late, and is that point your post doesn't count ... well ... at least it shouldn't count, even though it has recently.
  12. You have to make him swallow your lance ... dead center in his open mouth
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