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  1. I personally feel that because there is a timer, that this point pressing should absolutely be allowed. I've ran the numbers, and it looks like the player yields a mere extra 60-80 points per 100 timer units by doing the point pressing vs. just ending the stage. Not a huge yield of points, tbh. To answer your second question, I didn't point press at all on any of the stage 1s, however, there is about 3 seconds during the transition from stage 1 to stage 2 where if you move your man, you can get about 100-150 points by walking blind ... the downside to that is that the movements are retained as if you performed the movements while on the second stage, and if you're not careful, you'll begin stage two dying in the water because you walked too far during the transition. The risk is not worth the small reward. Also, after reaching the top of stage 2 and going off screen to "burn the monkey" (or whatever LOL), you can gain about 30 points if you keep pushing the controller (I think in any direction). I did that no-risk move a few times, but not every time. My technique's objective was fastest speed rather than point-press. While point-pressing, you might get 7,000 per minute or even less, but just blowing through the stages you can easily average 14k-18k per minute. So based on this, I considered any kind of point pressing being a colossal waste of my time, so I didn't engage in it routinely. The very little point pressing I did do likely amounted to a total of 2,000 points or less throughout the entire 30-minute game (never more than ~150 points on any given stage, with most stages none at all), some of that pressing being unintentional.
  2. If it were to be put up for a vote, I have no problem with "peak score" being the score to submit.
  3. You start out with 4,000 points. You gain 5,000 for gold bars, and 10K,15K,20K for the rat, Quickclaw, the girl, and the Raja Diamond. You lose points when you get hit commensurate with how far you are away from your last rally point (crosses). It is always possible, however, to get down to zero points if you keep getting hit and run out of gold bars and special items to get. With that being said, you'll always end up with at least 10,000 if Quickclaw is the last thing you grab, because the game ends once you grab him and he gives you 10,000. Beating the game is not hard at all. Just keep going until you get all four special items.
  4. Nooooo .. your score is indeed a great score. I just got lucky 😋
  5. Congo Bongo - 151,800. First time playing this game. Looking to roll it before the end of next week if @kermit73doesn't beat me to it 🤣
  6. I listened to several of Count Dankula's "Mad Lads" podcasts while playing. I couldn't have done it without some sort of external distraction.
  7. I will never get these 114 minutes of my life back. 🥱 Dishaster - rollage
  8. Unlike most (all?) other Brazilian manufacturers in the 80s, Polyvox was licensed by Atari to release their games under their own name, with the rest of the manufacturers simply engaging in illegal, whole-scale intellectual property theft in violation of many international IP protection laws. (There is some argument that Polyvox did engage in IP theft with their 3rd-party releases, like Activision games, but that IIRC it's just speculation.) For Polyvox games, no changes to code were made. Polyvox is considered "Original Atari Hardware" by all measures, so I can't imagine anyone would have any sort of issue with it.
  9. After completing sector 9, the sector counter whole number rolls to a blank, with the next wave displaying as " .1" rather than "0.1". The weird thing is when you complete Sector " .6", you loop back to Sector " .1", and the game at this point will loop this way infinitely and if I recall correctly, the skill level no longer increases. I did it once about 30 years ago (~1.4M-ish), and I know of others who did the same and better, but as they say: no vid, no did. 🤣 Regardless, that's what happens.
  10. Not my favorite (River Raid is), but it's up there probably among my top 20 favorites.
  11. Star Wars ESB 16A - Rollage (10,000+) Frogger 3A - Rollage (10,000+)
  12. Space Shuttle - stars If someone already picked that, then Polaris - sun
  13. Oops ... I suppose it would help if I posted the pic 😕
  14. Star Voyager - Lt. - Never played this game before tonight. Hidden Imagic gem!
  15. 13,717 Standard play 8,382 Bonus Every frickin time, I blow through several lives on that 4th stinkin' boss.
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