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  1. World Of Warcraft Worlords Of Dreanor. I bought it at Walmart for under 5 dollars. Then I found out you must pay to play it. I have never played it or really looked up info on it. I'm 43 and never played it. I do not care to pay to play. I thought you bought it and that was it. Oh well it is a collecters item's to me then. Yes I collect a few things. It has a nice box, book and some cards and a note pad. I do not for the buy the products and play to pay format. Have you played the game and thoughts on it? Is it a quality game etc..
  2. How do you run it in Windows 10?
  3. The China one had SNK games on it and Saterday Night Slam Masters. When they made it legal and got the rights to the games SNK games were gone. And Saterday Night Slam Masters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x48ASZT6Bdc&feature=youtu.be&t=54&fbclid=IwAR1YvuARnBpGE_lsh9Ia6eR1hw23ip3ISGLNer1dKEhPhwaqYjGncEfO1Lo
  4. It will not run on current Windows.
  5. Most people hate Arcade 1 Up. Facebook clubs someone always pop up and say poo. Or a nasty giff. But even YouTube video gets the same people. A lot of YouTubers buy bootleg junk and sing the praises of the products. But pi*s on the legit products. I do not understand it.
  6. Turtles Arcade 1 Up, Turbo Graphics min, and BC Rich a little over 300 dollars for a Mocking Bird guitar. Life is so good. I own a orginal Turbo Graphix and the CD unit. Wow what a shock.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Well and some Turbografxs! :)

    3. Flojomojo


      I have a CIB Turbo16 given to me by a friend. I have no feelings about the system. Is now the time to cash it in, while it enjoys a little attention but before the Mini pulls all the casuals out of the market?

    4. Elvis


      I love all electric guitars and brands. Even the 60's junk or great 60's guitars.

  7. My Tinnitus is louder and is awful. Noise makes it louder. Electric guitar, me being stupid, and my old expensive amplifier did it too me. Cleans and not a lot of distortion.

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    2. Andrew Davie

      Andrew Davie

      If you play a tone of the same frequency through headphones, it can actually mask the ringing. Give it a go.


    3. LaserCat


      I was told that purchasing hearing aids could help. So far no luck with that.

    4. BydoEmpire


      I've had hearing aids for 2 years now, if anythign t's made my tinnitus worse. No real change. Just get used to it, pay attention to it, and eventually your brian will ignore it a bit. Drown it out with white noise when you need to.

  8. Ok I bought Blade Runner. Years ago with my first computer. So I'm now going to try to play it on my gaming computer. Anyone everowned and played the game? It is old. I have not played it in years.
  9. Elvis

    New PC games.

    I got these at Walmart.
  10. New PC games. 1 is The Truth Is Out There Mystery Pack. It has Pinview Drive, Joe's Diner, Doctor Whatson The Riddle Of The Catcombs, Doctor Whatson Treasure Island,Realms Of Akarina Blade Destiny, Realms Stay Trail, Realms Of Arkona Shadows Over River. I also got Atari Independence Wars 2. Thoghts on the games.
  11. I like my Street Fighter. But not being able to change the diffculty setting is bad. It is on a high setting and hard to play. With my tinnitus from playing the electric guitar the sound is too loud or louder. I wish it was like my old Big Williams cabinet. The sound is like a TV and can be raised up or down. My tinnitus is reactive. Every noise makes it go up. Bummer. I want the Final Fight and a Bar Top.
  12. They had 1 left. They remodled my Walmart.
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