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  1. And the Sega cabinet has Wrestle War. That is one of my favorite games. And I have wrestling belts in my house, DVD's, toys, etc... So I'm happy with that cabinet.
  2. They could not get the rights to the them song because of the original singers. So they rerecorded it.
  3. I like my other mouse better. But I love the keyboard. It is so nice. It is lighting up a rainbow color.
  4. Hey my family just got me for free this. I'm 44 years old by the way. It is the EVO Core Gaming Kit 3-in-1 LED Glow Gaming Pack. It is nicer than the one I got for Christmas. It is mechanical and the keys on the keyboard is raised like the real expensive keyboards. It has a Aluminum frame. I'm shocked. They got it a TJ Max. it has a nice mouse. Really nice. Look. Here is the specs. Like I said I'm blown away. 🥰😲 About This Item Details - 3-piece set - Color: multi - OS Compatability: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10, Mac OS X - Perfect for game night - Imported Set Includes: Multi-color LED Backlight Keyboard - Anti ghosting keys accept simultaneous commands - Aluminum frame and multimedia volume and track controls - LED Game Mouse - Anti-skid wheel, emits multi-color "breathing" LED lights - 6 buttons including 2 side buttons, adjustable DPI switch (800-1600-2000), optical sensor and standard USB connector Multi-color LED Strip Light - Choose from 16 colors + 5 light modes - 6ft. long, cut to desired length to fit your space - Includes remote control, built-in adhesive backing - Powered by standard USB RGB LED Backlight - 5ft. USB Cable - Standard USB Connection - Anti-Ghosting: 7 Keys, Shortcuts: 12 Buttons Materials Aluminum, ABS, LED light
  5. Mine is great quality and works great. You might have got a bad one. It happens.
  6. I have had no issues either with my Street Fighter but sadly most people have had issues with quality and customer service. My Plexiglas came to me when it was free. People at the club asked for 1 thing and got another or 200 free Pac Man screens. Guess what they did? Because it was a shity company with shity customer service so they said. They sold them. And did not tell Arcade 1 Up. It was a mess. So customer service is a hit or miss. just return it and buy another one.
  7. True. And what people do not understand is this. The product was a bootleg product made in China. Sold at the places they sold bootleg guitars. Telemaskers found the product and made it legal. And worked with game companies to get the licences to the games. Some will say why wont they make it full size etc.. I think because the factory would make no such changes. And to keep the price down. So they requested better quality parts, screen etc.. And if people wood understand that then they may like the product or have a better understanding of their business plan.
  8. I love the product but that is the truth. Some at the Arcade 1 Up club hates the [email protected] machine and their past quality history. Yet they are doing a much better job in the customer service and quality of their arcade machine.
  9. No I personally do not. But the customer support sucks. And you can never get through to them. The Club hates that about the company. Return it and get another.
  10. I getting a new electric guitar for Christmas. But my tinnitus is so bad I cannot play it. Funny I know and sad too.  

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    2. BydoEmpire


      Sorry, I meant how long have you had the Tinnitus?  Has it been getting progressively worse?  Mine was stable for many, many years until I went to a particular concert without hearing protection and stood *right* under the PA.  That kicked it up a notch and it never went back.  Fortunately it's still not that bad.  My high-end hearing is shot, though.

    3. Tickled_Pink


      My tinnitus was caused by constant ear infections. I can listen to music as loud as I want and it doesn't make it immediately worse. Like Bydo, mine first started a long time ago - when I was about 6 or 7 probably. I remember getting severe earache as a kid. I'm now 50 and still have to have maintenance at the hospital every 6 months to clear my ears out to prevent further infections. Had my 8th and (hopefully) final corrective op 15 years ago. No infections since.

      Sounds to me that you have severe damage to the hairs in your inner ear for it to get worse while playing.

    4. Elvis


      Yep certain noises makes it worse. And louder.  

  11. Cool. Right now I'm using this with mu Cyberpower PC.
  12. I found it. So I will try it. Can't be that bad and was cheap.
  13. I get it at Christmas. It is in the closet.
  14. OK so yesterday I went to get me some boots for Christmas. I found a gaming keyboard. It was on sale at JC Penny's. Who would have ever thought they would sell one. It lights up. And has some headphones. I cant use them tinnitus is bad. Electric guitar done that to me. It also has a mouse. It was almost 30 dollars with tax. Someone said for that price it can't be good quality. Here is the product and specs. What are you thoughts on the product? In a world where winner takes all, victory means having the right equipment on your side. New from Alpha Gaming, the Battle Group 3-Piece Gaming Set comes with everything you need to seamlessly game for hours: the LED Pro Gaming Headphone, complete with dual built-in and removeable noise-reducing microphones, the Bandit Precision Gaming Mouse, and the Recon LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard. All Alpha Gaming gear is fully compatible with Windows 10 and Mac operating systems, utilizing Plug-and-Play technology for ultimate convenience. No matter where your gaming adventures take you, be prepared with comfortable style and the right gear to win. Included: 1 Headset, 1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse Traditional US Keyboard Layout with Numeric Keypad, Custom LED Backlight Settings and Easy Plug-and-Play Style Installation Keyboard Compatible with PCs and Windows Operating Systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) Precision Wired Gaming Mouse with Smooth Rubberized Palm Rest, Ergonomic Build, and Customizable DPI and LED Settings USB Port Connection (Supports USB1.0/1.1/2.0) for Use with Desktops and Laptops; Supported Driver Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS V10.X Gaming Headphone Features Over-Ear Foam Padded Cups, Dual HD Microphones, Passive Noise Cancelling Technology, and Red LED Effects; Y-Splitter Included # Pieces In Set: 3 Features: Surround Sound, Integrated Microphone, Adjustable Headband Tech Compatibility: Universal Measurements: 14 Length/Inches, 68 Height/Inches, 14 Width/Inches Base Material: 100% Plastic Country of Origin: Imported
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