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  1. huuuummm It's probably that, they don't look new. I haven't thought about the old video card, I'm going to go through my archives. Thank you very much.
  2. Resolved Of the 10 chips purchased at Aliexpress, 7 are dead, 3 OK. I tested the chips with an arduino thanks to this assembly. => github ! With two good chips, it worked the first time. Thank you to everyone.
  3. Hello, Sorry I use google translate. I'm trying to make the modification for the 64k. But nothing wants to work. I tried all 3 methods and checked my wiring 10 times. nothing, black screen. I put the 16k back in by removing the modifications and it works ( in 16k). I'm confused. Memory module TMS4464 from AliExpress, maybe the problem is this (bad memory)? Do you have any ideas? Thank you.
  4. Thank you, I'll run some more tests. What is curious is for the sound, it always happens 5 to 6 seconds after the start of the sound sequence. For example, with the self-test the music starts on the screen and the sound arrives only 5 seconds later.
  5. Hello, Excuse me, I use google translate. I recently purchased 4 XL/XE Atari. Two 800XL (secam rose, I am French) one 130XE one 600XL I have an 800xl that starts instantly ( sound and screen), but the others start slower. The sound takes a few seconds to come. Is it a capacitor problem? Thank you.
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