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    For starters, obviously, retro video games, from the early days of pong through the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis 16 bit eras. Most of my concentrated interests lie around the Atari 2600-7800 games, as well as the older computer games of the early 80's. I still have several old computers I play these games on (as well as my VCS 2600).

    A little more info: I am married, with 2 wonderful kids and a great wife. I work in a technical/science field and have lived in North Central Texas for 10 years now.

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  1. This caught my eye this morning, just going through some fleabay ads. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333882214573?hash=item4dbcee48ad:g:VFoAAOSwJpxgIFAw But wait.. this seller has 2 of these! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334140274403?hash=item4dcc4ff6e3:g:UhQAAOSw6zlgPXud $450,000 each?! Ummm... yeah. Thoughts?
  2. Oh, I believe they "flipped the switch".. .. much like I do when I "flip the switch" on in the bathroom at night when I have to take a leak. 🤔
  3. Hell yeah! B Thats what I said I had no problem at all, in fact I couldnt get the money out of my wallet fast enough That was a STINKIN' good deal! I once got a complete Commodore 128 system w/2 1571 drives, and a 1702 monitor for free. However, I ended up selling it all off when I moved back a few years ago. How I miss it. Again, great score! Ian
  4. Nothing great here in the past 2 weeks, but: - Lego Star Wars II for the PC from Target: $2.54 - 2 Gamecubes, 4 controllers, Luigi's Mansion $10 (Craigslist) - Counterstrike 1 Anthology, PC, $1 (Goodwill). Ian
  5. Nintendo Gamecube + 17 games + 4 controllers (no wavebirds though) $65 Includes games like: Mario Kart Double Dash, the complete sets of the Zeldas, Mario Party 5, Super Mario Sunshine, etc, etc! Pretty good find, I suppose Ian
  6. sskatari2600 has a bunch of nice games... including The Music Machine for sale http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsskatari2600 Not cheap... but nice nonetheless
  7. Great lot. Lots of ones I don't have in my collection!
  8. Once an auction is completed, there are obligations on both sides and both sides need to communicate, and promptly. The buyer pays, the seller ships. I'm sure there are sellers who at four days would file a non-paying bidder complaint, leave neg feedback and relist. And if I paid promplty for something - which I always do, often immediately after auction close - I would become rather upset if the seller did not communicate with me to acknowledge receipt and/or shipment of my purchase. It's really rather simple. And if a seller doesn't have the time to attend to an auction properly, then don't make the listing. My point exactly . I know when I pay for something, and the seller writes back saying when they are going to ship, or something along those lines, it gives me a warm fuzzy inside, and makes the transaction just go so much smoother. As a seller, I always write back immediately (or as soon as I am able.. within 24 hours of payment) about when the item is being shipped, and tracking numbers on the parcel. If I sell an item over $50, I require that there is signature confirmation, just to cover my @$$. I know Paypal doesn't require that until it hits $200 (or is it $250... hmmm), but I like to keep that warm fuzzy inside knowing that my butt is covered. So, do you feel all warm and fuzzy now?
  9. Wow.. I haven't been on here in literally ages.. and so the infighting continues... Anyhow, just to put my 2 cents in, I feel CPUWiz is correct on cutting back with the eBay selling, if not stopping entirely. Get your rest, Atarimania, and when the time is right, you can start up again. Buyers do not understand your schedule... most of them feel that when they buy something, you will get it to them right away, and be very responsive with their emails. Its just the way it is on ePain.
  10. Sounds like you got a great buyer. Since he paid to ship it back to you, and he paid half to have it shipped back, it's not actually "halvsesies" tho. More like threequarteresies... I would have paid to ship it back, but then I'm not a big seller. desiv
  11. Curious.. why did you sell them so low for You could've gone considerably higher, and still probably have been reasonable. Not that us AA members have a problem with you selling low or anything
  12. Yeah, I have some video game items I need to unload (Have 7 feet of my garage wall being taken up by them), but I am going to wait until fall where I know people are more in tune with shopping. Summertime, especially around the 4th is a terrible time to sell. I usually buy lots of video game goodies at this time of year, because the prices are so low. As far as your 7800 goes, do like some of the previous responses above, and wait until about 1-2 months before Christmas, take some nice shots of your CLEAN system and games, and you should be able to fetch a higher price
  13. You got a member here from AA bidding on it
  14. Yeah, I had been watching that one closely too. Thought about bidding on it, for Malagai, but decided not to because of the label condition. Also, I had this wierd feeling about the seller that didn't sit with me right . I agree with Sean and Trade-N-Games.
  15. lol... this guy is something else. I am sure he is reading these forums still too. I just hope other new AA members read the previous post before buying anything from this guy. What a scam artist.
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