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  1. This caught my eye this morning, just going through some fleabay ads. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333882214573?hash=item4dbcee48ad:g:VFoAAOSwJpxgIFAw But wait.. this seller has 2 of these! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334140274403?hash=item4dcc4ff6e3:g:UhQAAOSw6zlgPXud $450,000 each?! Ummm... yeah. Thoughts?
  2. Oh, I believe they "flipped the switch".. .. much like I do when I "flip the switch" on in the bathroom at night when I have to take a leak. 🤔
  3. Hell yeah! B Thats what I said I had no problem at all, in fact I couldnt get the money out of my wallet fast enough That was a STINKIN' good deal! I once got a complete Commodore 128 system w/2 1571 drives, and a 1702 monitor for free. However, I ended up selling it all off when I moved back a few years ago. How I miss it. Again, great score! Ian
  4. Nothing great here in the past 2 weeks, but: - Lego Star Wars II for the PC from Target: $2.54 - 2 Gamecubes, 4 controllers, Luigi's Mansion $10 (Craigslist) - Counterstrike 1 Anthology, PC, $1 (Goodwill). Ian
  5. Nintendo Gamecube + 17 games + 4 controllers (no wavebirds though) $65 Includes games like: Mario Kart Double Dash, the complete sets of the Zeldas, Mario Party 5, Super Mario Sunshine, etc, etc! Pretty good find, I suppose Ian
  6. sskatari2600 has a bunch of nice games... including The Music Machine for sale http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsskatari2600 Not cheap... but nice nonetheless
  7. Great lot. Lots of ones I don't have in my collection!
  8. Once an auction is completed, there are obligations on both sides and both sides need to communicate, and promptly. The buyer pays, the seller ships. I'm sure there are sellers who at four days would file a non-paying bidder complaint, leave neg feedback and relist. And if I paid promplty for something - which I always do, often immediately after auction close - I would become rather upset if the seller did not communicate with me to acknowledge receipt and/or shipment of my purchase. It's really rather simple. And if a seller doesn't have the time to attend to an auction properly, then don't make the listing. My point exactly . I know when I pay for something, and the seller writes back saying when they are going to ship, or something along those lines, it gives me a warm fuzzy inside, and makes the transaction just go so much smoother. As a seller, I always write back immediately (or as soon as I am able.. within 24 hours of payment) about when the item is being shipped, and tracking numbers on the parcel. If I sell an item over $50, I require that there is signature confirmation, just to cover my @$$. I know Paypal doesn't require that until it hits $200 (or is it $250... hmmm), but I like to keep that warm fuzzy inside knowing that my butt is covered. So, do you feel all warm and fuzzy now?
  9. Wow.. I haven't been on here in literally ages.. and so the infighting continues... Anyhow, just to put my 2 cents in, I feel CPUWiz is correct on cutting back with the eBay selling, if not stopping entirely. Get your rest, Atarimania, and when the time is right, you can start up again. Buyers do not understand your schedule... most of them feel that when they buy something, you will get it to them right away, and be very responsive with their emails. Its just the way it is on ePain.
  10. Sounds like you got a great buyer. Since he paid to ship it back to you, and he paid half to have it shipped back, it's not actually "halvsesies" tho. More like threequarteresies... I would have paid to ship it back, but then I'm not a big seller. desiv
  11. Curious.. why did you sell them so low for You could've gone considerably higher, and still probably have been reasonable. Not that us AA members have a problem with you selling low or anything
  12. Yeah, I have some video game items I need to unload (Have 7 feet of my garage wall being taken up by them), but I am going to wait until fall where I know people are more in tune with shopping. Summertime, especially around the 4th is a terrible time to sell. I usually buy lots of video game goodies at this time of year, because the prices are so low. As far as your 7800 goes, do like some of the previous responses above, and wait until about 1-2 months before Christmas, take some nice shots of your CLEAN system and games, and you should be able to fetch a higher price
  13. You got a member here from AA bidding on it
  14. Yeah, I had been watching that one closely too. Thought about bidding on it, for Malagai, but decided not to because of the label condition. Also, I had this wierd feeling about the seller that didn't sit with me right . I agree with Sean and Trade-N-Games.
  15. lol... this guy is something else. I am sure he is reading these forums still too. I just hope other new AA members read the previous post before buying anything from this guy. What a scam artist.
  16. txsizzler

    Get this!

    You, Wester, are indeed a rarity then. Most sellers that wait until the buyer has left feedback to leave feedback for them, do so with the intent of "eye for an eye". I still stand by my point, and sellers have the responsibility to rise above the muck, and do the right thing. If you recieve payment for the auction, you really shouldn't have a choice in the matter about leaving feedback, as you have recieved all that the buyer was meant to give. I think the eBay feedback system is severely flawed in this area (as well as several other areas), but just like so many other things in life, we deal with it, because it is a medium that most of us want to and do use. Anyhow, no offense, Wester. I hope you continue to do the right thing with the feedback issues.
  17. txsizzler

    Get this!

    I do the same thing too. I don't leave feedback for anyone until they get the item I sold them, I tell them to leave me feedback to let me know they have recieved the item and are satisfied. That way I don't have anything to worry about i.e. someone neging me for any reason without first contacting me with any problem they might have. I don't agree with your feedback method. It should be the responsibility of the seller to feedback about buyer payment, as that's about all you can honestly rate a buyer on. Whether he paid you promptly or not. the buyer should give feedback relating to the condition and or if he received the item as advertised, and if it was packed peoperly. The fb system pretty much sucks and is open to unfair practices like retaliation. people don't often read the needback of a neg feedback author. Ebay is a marketplace. the Seller is selling a product, and has a responsibility to the buyer to be honest and not take someone's money without return of a good product. The buyer is the person giving up the cash, they should be respected just like a person walking into a store. Unfortunately, ebay favors the seller. I see that a lot of ebay sellers bitch and complain about buyers. One of Billy Galaxy's posts even stated that he hated his job because of "buyers like this" A buyer is usually only pissed if he didn't get what he paid for. It's that simple. If the buyers go away due to bad sellers, then ebay goes away and we can start finding our stuff in the thrifts again!!! I agee with you Zonie. As an eBay seller myself, I ALWAYS leave feedback whenever the buyer has paid. I have yet to get a Negative Feedback on anything I have sold, and I hope it remains that way. It is the responsibility of the seller to make sure that what he/she is selling, that it is what is described in the auction, and to make sure the item is packed properly to be shipped. True customer service is to make sure your customer is satisfied, and that means going the extra mile for them. To me, what Wester is implying, is that if the buyer is really unhappy, and negs or leaves a neutral, my guess is taht Wester would leave the same back. What Wester is missing here, is that he has already recieved his end of the deal, but the buyer hasn't, so its okay to leave bad feedback to the buyer if the buyer leaves bad feedback. That isn't right. Did you pay for your item by Paypal Zonie? If so, start a case investigation with them. That might help you recoup some of your money, and you won't have to go through the "Feedback Shuffle" in the process.
  18. Wow.. that was a heck of a deal! I am surprised Diggs didn't pick it up.
  19. Here are some more "baggie" games for you: http://cgi.ebay.com/Rare-atari-games-and-o...1QQcmdZViewItem Evidentally, he did not have a way to melt the plastic to make it look like a "sealed" game. But, hey.. he IS using Ziplocs! I guess that does count for something!!!
  20. Gee.. you think he could have at least wound up the cord? http://cgi.ebay.com/ATARI-video-game-syste...1QQcmdZViewItem Not mine!
  21. At the bottom of the auction page, it says he thinks it might be PAL, but it works on his system fine. So, he is not sure. Basically, there is a chance it could be NTSC.
  22. Not sure if its PAL, the seller thought it might be, but it plays on their system (from Canada). Less than 15 min left. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 Not mine
  23. My best find was a Sylvania Intellivision, with about 60 games (including 2 Diner carts), and an ECS unit, all for 5 bucks ($17 with shipping).
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