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  1. ummmmm.... let me think... letsee... 90 cents... damn.. not enough to even buy from the dollar menu!!! So, I suppose in this instance, I will PASS
  2. Trust me.. my britches were feeling quite heavy after I found it!
  3. Oh, and ET... wow... what a truly miserable waste of time that was! I think I spent more time in the pits than actually even playing!
  4. Awww.. c'mon now! Pac-Man wasn't ALL bad... I kinda like how the comma shaped eyes in the ghosts just swirl and swirl and swirl and swirl.... kinda mesmorizing, ya know? Kinda like how the water goes down when you flush the toilet... ahhhh.... swirrrrrrling!!! Seriously though... Karate... damn, thats a hard one to beat! I would have to say that it truly is the worst game on the 2600!!
  5. Here is a pic of my haul. Paid about 45 cents for CTCW. It is without one of the best scores I have ever gotten. BTW.. I have some Atari stuff on eBay if anyone is interested. My username is txsizzler, if you want to look me up.
  6. Hmmm... Letsee..... 1.) Berzerk 2.) Space Invaders 3.) Ms. Pac Man 4.) Donkey Kong (yes.. I AM smoking dope!) 5.) Frogger
  7. I am a happy camper today.. added Chase the Chuck Wagon to my collection.. a dream come true! I also found Death Trap last week.. any idea of what it is worth?
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