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  1. Not many of these around in this condition: http://cgi.ebay.com/Colecovision-Expansion...1QQcmdZViewItem Not mine
  2. These may be PAL, but still neat! http://cgi.ebay.com/Atari-2600-Starpath-Su...1QQcmdZViewItem Not mine
  3. Wow.. thats the highest $$$ on an opened Quadrun I have yet seen!
  4. ahhh... Halo... always best played on the PC <snicker> <snicker> Halo 2 coming soon for the PC! Just gotta buy that darned Vista package...
  5. I can only hope that I would find one at a yard sale or something. Several hundreds, or even thousands of dollars is way.. WAY past my budget constraints. All well <sigh>.
  6. Congrats.. he did have some sweet items. Here is a link of the closed auctions: The closed auctions Is bruce_bidder an AA member? He won alot of them.
  7. Wow.. that is an amazing set of games. Too bad he didn't list them individually. He could have made alot more money!
  8. Yeah.. that price is a bit beyond my league. Still, I would like that Toy Troubleshooter patch... <drool> I emailed the seller.. asking him how he managed to acquire all those patches. I will post upon receipt of his return banter.
  9. Final 90 minutes! 1021028[/snapback] Sweet setup.. I wish I had the buxxx for it!
  10. Yeah, but if you really look at those emails they are SO easy to spot... Half the ones I get have me giving someone an outrageous sum of money which I know these people never got. Can't give what you don't have. 1020741[/snapback] lol.. mine always comes with the exact same dollar amount: $385.15. Usually a baseball card or something.
  11. Yeah, I remember a lot that looked a WHOLE LOT like the one Sean had bid on. Evidently, this guy must have won the auction from before, and now is selling off all the commons and keeping the good 'uns.
  12. txsizzler


    Whatever happened to Nesticle? Is it still being made or enhanced?
  13. ahhhh... lol. I prefer Tapioca myself.
  14. lol.. I get them all the time too. I usually move my mouse over the link that they have specified, and look at the properties to where the link goes to. Its always to some weird website, that has some kind of paypal extention at the end of it. Everytime I have reported this to Paypal as a spoof though, they never seem to do anything about it (they always send out a tough-sounding reply though.. saying they will prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law).
  15. huh... I don't really see what is so funny about this auction . It looks alright to me. Nothing mislableled or anything.
  16. Let us know what the cart is when recieved.. what the storyline is, pics.. you know.. the usuals so us folks that didn't get one can drool all the more.
  17. Sweet man.. very sweet. The best one I have ever found was at a yard sale.. paid ten bucks and got a Sears sixer with about 25 games. One of them was Chase the Chuck Wagon. The next best one was a complete Steel Battalion set for the Xbox ($35 at a yard sale) After that was a semi-working Xbox system for 5 bucks Finally, a complete Stack-Up game for the NES, CIB, for 3 dollars at yes, another yard sale
  18. Where's Trench at... he usually goes for these overpriced games....
  19. What was the last highest bid?? $468.93 Mr. Barker!
  20. Agreed. But, I would outbid you at 6 bucks!
  21. This guy is always bidding high on things, then decides at the last minute that he wishes he hadn't. There are other posts on here with him hoping someone will outbid him. Sad.
  22. Are most of those Brazillian/Asian ripoff carts?
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