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  1. Even so, the seller must know that being in Australia that you are PAL. Listing it as NTSC is deceptive. I agree that there should be more info on PAL items here on AA, but it still doesn't give the seller the right to just "assume", and automatically list his item as NTSC. I will email the seller myself.
  2. I would say he was trying to conceal the torn box. You should contact him and let him know that you are NOT satisfied with your purchase. Even though his description was "paper thin", that is one thing that should have been pointed out. Very deceptive.
  3. Well, if it isn't NTSC, someone should email the guy and tell him that he is scamming potential buyers with his listing (he claims NTSC).
  4. Despite some of these terrible games these companies have made, some of them are sure valuable... I would love to have a few of these NIB!
  5. Sweeet.. I found two recently at a thrift store for under $5 a piece, boxed. I am sure you should be able to hit the BIN on them. Good luck!
  6. I have to concur. If he paid a full G for it then he bloody lost his mind, no offense. That shrinkwrap would have to be gold to be worth it (actually that's probably more per ounce than what gold sells for right now). 997808[/snapback] I would agree too.. I know its a very rare cart, even more so boxed and complete. A thousand greenbacks would be awfully hard for me to swallow, though. Until then, I will hope that I come across one in a thrift store or something
  7. lol... maybe if you could somehow modify the gameboard.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......
  8. Thats alot of money.. even if it is a R9 boxed. But, what do I know.. it will probably go for the BIN (lol).
  9. Congrats on your great sale. $540 is not bad at all.
  10. Definately some nice games in there.. all boxed too <drooooool>.. still, like Sean said, way too high in price to consider bidding on. All well *sigh*
  11. Exactly. 994523[/snapback] I agree 995015[/snapback] Even so, as long as the bidder agrees to the condition of the auction, and buys it, the seller isn't doing a disservice. Technically, on that particular auction, it is a bit of savings over what alot of those XBOX systems are going for. As said in previous threads, it is the bidders responsibility to read the auction before bidding. So, if you bid, you condone what is being done.
  12. sweet.. I had one of those when I was a kid... let my best friend borrow it, never saw it again (go figure... were no longer friends either!)
  13. I bought one over the last 4th of July on eBay for $5.00 ($12.50 w/shipping). Came with the box too.
  14. Why don't you just start it at the $399 price, and let it go from there? I bet you would get more than $500, especially with the game included.
  15. I take it you couldn't sell it, eh? If you couldn't sell it for the $850 or $675 BIN, why are you going balls-to-the-walls at $3000??
  16. All auctions ending very soon! txsizzler auctions
  17. .. and here is yet ANOTHER Pete Rose that is boxed.. CLICK HERE Not mine
  18. Here's the link: CLICK HERE Not mine
  19. Wow.. if only I had some more greenbacks to my name.. CLICK HERE
  20. Sweet looking game: CLICK HERE Not mine... ends today!
  21. Here is the link: CLICK HERE Not mine... the box does appear to have some minor damage to it though. Ends today (10/01).
  22. Here's the link: CLICK HERE Not Mine
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