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  1. I wrote the seller, asking why he/she ended it early: "Hi, Just curious why you ended your Atari 5200 auction early. Did someone offer you a good price to end it early? If so, may I inquire how much? You have some very rare items there, which I have no doubt would have fetched close to $400 if you had let the auction run its course." I will be interested to hear the response!
  2. Well, you know what they say about dudes that have big feet!!!
  3. I have alot of nice things up for bid.. including some brand new stuff: My Auctions Thanks for looking, and let me know if you have any questions!
  4. User names have never really bothered me when buying on eBay (sometimes they sound rather disgusting, or exaggerated as in this case, but hey... a deal is a deal, right??)....
  5. Sweet lot.. and at only a little over a buck for each piece (incl. shipping)! You did great.. if I had seen it, I would have done a BIN too!
  6. : 934613[/snapback] I was about to say... no auction.. no biddie! "Where's the beef??"
  7. Well said. Now its on my watch list!
  8. 933372[/snapback] What I was commenting on was his title, specifically the subtitle: "Atari Classic console system 20 games no reserve, New Easy hookup, controllers included, free games, nintendo" Further, there is NOTHING in the ad that is Nintendo!
  9. .. I didn't realize there was a first level to Pitfall CLICK HERE Read the caption below the pic Nice lot though
  10. I guess this guy doesn't realize the games are built in to the system... CLICK HERE Not mine
  11. If you didn't look any lower than what the header shows for shipping, you would be PISSED... CLICK HERE That really steams me when people put FREE shipping to entice you to look at their ad, when it really isn't!
  12. Look what I found here... the seller decided to change his alias and relist this same item... CLICK HERE I am even more curious why he got booted from eBay before now.....
  13. Oh yeah.. no doubt on my mind now.. totally unrelated items too.. what a loser!
  14. .. and it looks like Sean already has his fingers on it! CLICK HERE Not mine!
  15. Just curious.. is this because the seller is coming from France that they won't get rid of the auction?? I know alot of those eastern Asian auctions that show clearly pirated items never get knocked off...
  16. Just unreal.... CLICK HERE Nothing in this lot deserves the $100+ price this is going for. Oddly, its not even newbies doing this (except for the possible shill earlier in the auction)...
  17. These are just the boxes and nothing else. Primarily M Network stuff (except for the 2 Vidtec and 1 Imagic box). CLICK HERE Not mine
  18. Not mine CLICK HERE Not a bad end label either!
  19. Yeah, you're right... my guess is strange lighting..
  20. I know it ends very soon, but still... nice stuff! Not a bad price right now either ($137). Some good Zellers titles in here too! CLICK HERE Not mine
  21. Still, not a bad score... I like that skeleton+ you snagged!
  22. Its kind of like how flies are attracted to dung.. or maybe that was a bad example...
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