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  1. Thought my order did not go through at the time so my friend ordered one for me, but at the end I had two, so I have an extra Analogue NT mini noir still in shipping box. Can also open it and provide more pictures if you want, open the shipping box etc. Price 625$, including worldwide shipping from Iceland
  2. No it is just the color of the plastic. Was thinking 450$ shipped for Hyper Fighting
  3. I am seeing is any intrest in my flash boy+ cartridge, it can store one game at a time and all games for the Virtual boy library apart from Hyper Fighting Also have Hyper fighting CIB if someone is keen getting that one
  4. Knud

    WTB Neo Geo games

    Hi, I am looking for Neo Geo games mostly looking for AES games, but i will consider MVS as well, does not matter the region the game is from. If you have some, hit me up. Thanks
  5. Looking to buy if you have a virtual boy laying around and or games, i am open to that. Thanks!
  6. That is what it looked to me, issue with the console since it worked with they're PC's where i saw this issue mentioned. It just stopped working in few days. Well it is either TG16 mini or the CoreGrafx. You are right, we do not have amazon but i can use both US or UK. A local dealer said he would get it in stock, but i thought it was Amazon exclusive. It still is no issue importing it, apart from the delays everywhere what i meant is that it's the cheap option of getting a sense of the TG console since there are very very few options in the local market here.
  7. Had been looking into getting a TG16 for a while, and now i am looking at getting the mini. This release is convenient for me since i would need to import everything from abroad if were going for the original stuff, but here i will at least get some sense of this system that has always looked really interesting to me. I saw some reports of people loosing contact with controllers on the mini's but they still work with they're PC. Does somebody know anything about this issue, if they are looking into fixing that in the newer version or other version. Since i am in Europe i was wondering if i should just wait for the Core-Grafx mini.
  8. Thank you! Do not know how i missed that, even browsed through atarigamer's website but still missed it. It still feels a bit weird to not have any information/guide with it or on Benn's webpage but have to "google" the how to install it Anyways, i have something to go after now.
  9. I have got this screen in my hands and it looks really nice. But i do not know if i am missing something or if i did not get sent with instructions it where i need to solder each wire, it is not that obvious to my eyes at least.
  10. That timeline is sure informative, it has sometimes been a headache what is official and what is not. This clears it up pretty much. Even though everyone might not agree, but i mean is that even possible? Just have to do what you feel like.
  11. There was a slight problem with getting my copy to work at first. It was getting power i put in a number, got the blinking "p" but nothing happened still just showed "insert game" All my original games work all the way in. I contacted Rafal and he suggested trying to put the cartridge not all the way in, after couple of tries i found the correct spot for it to work by adjusting it a bit. Maby just put it out there if someone else has a problem. My Lynx might be picky, i do not know. Rafal offered to send me another cartridge, i do not think this one is faulty so i do not think it would change regarding the one i have. I just now how i have to insert it to get it working. This is a really neat thing and i am overall happy with it.
  12. I think it is a good idea to remove this. It would be optional for the developers if the feedback is good to expand it into a full blown game. Not that i have anything to submit, but i have seen this in other homebrew scenes. Good idea to have this competition, not that i do have any skills to show at this but will be fun seeing the outcome.
  13. Even though most of this can be found on the internet it is neat to see this summary in one place. Thank you for sharing
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