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  1. Thank you! Do not know how i missed that, even browsed through atarigamer's website but still missed it. It still feels a bit weird to not have any information/guide with it or on Benn's webpage but have to "google" the how to install it Anyways, i have something to go after now.
  2. I have got this screen in my hands and it looks really nice. But i do not know if i am missing something or if i did not get sent with instructions it where i need to solder each wire, it is not that obvious to my eyes at least.
  3. That timeline is sure informative, it has sometimes been a headache what is official and what is not. This clears it up pretty much. Even though everyone might not agree, but i mean is that even possible? Just have to do what you feel like.
  4. There was a slight problem with getting my copy to work at first. It was getting power i put in a number, got the blinking "p" but nothing happened still just showed "insert game" All my original games work all the way in. I contacted Rafal and he suggested trying to put the cartridge not all the way in, after couple of tries i found the correct spot for it to work by adjusting it a bit. Maby just put it out there if someone else has a problem. My Lynx might be picky, i do not know. Rafal offered to send me another cartridge, i do not think this one is faulty so i do not think it would change regarding the one i have. I just now how i have to insert it to get it working. This is a really neat thing and i am overall happy with it.
  5. I think it is a good idea to remove this. It would be optional for the developers if the feedback is good to expand it into a full blown game. Not that i have anything to submit, but i have seen this in other homebrew scenes. Good idea to have this competition, not that i do have any skills to show at this but will be fun seeing the outcome.
  6. Even though most of this can be found on the internet it is neat to see this summary in one place. Thank you for sharing
  7. I did as well pre order a screen from him, looking forward to this!
  8. Thank you for that input. I had no idea this was a thing, we can say it sure is clunky but it is a good option to have in mind When surfing through ebay, those prices you estimate are probably the best case prices, nothing near that available now
  9. Maby you should just learn programming and make A plus game for us? But i feel simular, i will not just buy anything that comes to the surface as in new addition for the Jag. Even though i would sometimes want to contribute and buy the rom itself, to add to the SD cart(when that arrives)/skunkboard It is nice that people are doing all that stuff, but for me i am still getting the originals and they are my main priority at this moment.
  10. I can at least confirm two in Europe, there is one in Iceland i know of. These cases i find really cool, even though it would sit empty in the shelf for me most of the time
  11. That sounds good. In particular i like you're point of view regards to lower the future prices. Thumbs up, look forward to seeing some reviews of this
  12. I had a feeling i would get answers by scrolling through the 50 something pages. But you guys really summerised it most in detailed way. Thanks for that, i really am a fanatic about not running emulators. Unless it is like an sd card on the original machinery. We collectors are a wierd bunch and this is just my stubborn idea. But i do my research by checking youtube and seeing some gameplay, i have seen some games i want to try out. Good question if i need access to the CD library, it is really good to have the option. If it is used, that is another story
  13. Did not know about this! It does still cost a bit, but ok so recommended would be getting a core grafx with the super sd system?
  14. In the near future i will add a Pc-engine/turbografx console to my collection. Since Krikzz Sd cart does not support CD games it would be practical to have a CD version. From what i have seen a PC engine DUO seems to be a good solution to that. There are just so many variants and many choices to be made, anybody got some good points to add?
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