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  1. @Vorticon this will also help -> COMIX-35 Assembly Resources | Hackaday.io
  2. I think half the fun is chasing down IC's (and playing the "Patience" game as you wait for the IC pack to be delivered, via carrier turtle, from China). .... also, this is part of a playlist from an Aussie who's got an OG COMX-35 and has built a COMiX-35
  3. i'll just leave this here in case you hadn't stumbled across the project yet (apologies for necro-posting) https://github.com/schlae/comix-35
  4. Ahh, apologies on that recommendation, I incorrectly assumed Coco1 and 2, it was just 2.
  5. I'm in a similar predicament. There's an excellent Modulator replacement (from 3rd party accounts), offered up by Ed Snider at TheZippsterZone Unfortunately it's out of stock for the variant I need and I've yet to hear back on availability. It feels like chip/tech shortage/price gouging, plus increasing demand on these very talented people, might be taking its toll.
  6. If you're looking at option on ACTUAL Atari hardware, this has potential (7800 targeted, but I think the pinout for the 7800 still works for 2600, just not registering the other button independently). C64-JoyKEY/adapters/Atari 7800 at main · tebl/C64-JoyKEY · GitHub
  7. thank you @tf_hh - this additional info is excellent. Gotta keep these Jr's alive and performing well.
  8. Finally got to ordering a Basic board..... shipping is killing me 😣
  9. ....CD4050 reinstalled, continuity from TIA checked - everything as expected, per your info @alex_79 (thank you again!). I've tried some removal of header / jumper pins from my existing UAV (Plug in) with no decent progress for the effort (i only have braid, i'm also concerned with the heat i'm pouring into a tiny board). I'm going to order a basic UAV and continue work with that i think.
  10. This is great information and very helpful - thank you @alex_79 . I'll definitely reinstall the CD4050 as @DrVenkman has recommended. My board is the plug in style, but i'll see what i can do to desolder the headers from it as there's no a lot of spare room in a Jr case. All going well it might be a v1 upgrade. Bare board(s) will be ordered on proving this successful, for swapping in (i have other Jr's that could use svideo). Hopefully i'll get a chance this weekend (early Friday morning here right now) - I'll post updates back when i do.
  11. I *might* have already kicked another project off, thinking the UAV was straightforward and was done....... I’ll try and do some tracing when I can get some time. See where that takes things.
  12. The CD4050 is removed. I’ll check the BnW output as soon as I can in the morning.
  13. I'll have to get a picture of the image on my display, but in Pitfall! - I only get one shade of green for both the treetops and the background (the background is a lighter green in all imagery I've seen, but not on my Jr with mod). The background and treetops are both the darker green used for the treetops, no separation. The brown tree trunks are as expected. As previously stated - the quality is excellent. I've adjusted the colour ('color' for you US folk) pot and there's is no position that corrects the tree colours either. I'm loading the PAL rom via a HC encore.
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