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  1. According to RetroRGB it appears like Analogue abandoned the Analogue 8 trademark. Lets all proceed to speculate wildly. They've abandoned it because they've decided to pursue the Analogue 64, an FPGA based Jaguar clone, but they just haven't gotten around to filing for the trademark yet. 😉
  2. They've been happy to use any excuse they can to delay things. I am positive, legitimate or not, they will use covid-19 to further delay things.
  3. They can be purchased (pre-order at the moment) on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08536LMXN
  4. I think the bigger question is whether they still rely on parts (CPU/PPU) from real consoles. If I recall correctly, that was one of the troublesome aspects of making the NT Mini.
  5. If your adapters haven't shipped already, they likely will soon. I got my shipping notification & tracking number a few hours ago.
  6. $21 to New Hampshire. Nearly half the price of the adapters. Was always going to order them regardless.
  7. The best that I can tell, it is an embedded music player.
  8. Regarding the Hyperdub MegaSG, I'm curious about the technical side of the music cart that comes with it. Is it generating the audio on the cart and using the pass through audio feature of the Genesis? Because of the quality of the music, and the voice samples, I suspect it is, but I didn't try disabling the pass through feature on the SG. I also found it interesting that there's an SD card in the cart, but I guess it makes sense as a cheap storage means that could be updated after manufacturing the cart.
  9. This is a hot tip, I'm going to have to give it a go when I get home. I have a image of it on my Rhea and can get it to boot if I try it enough times, maybe this will be a more reliable method.
  10. Answering the question about which FPGA's will be used: Source
  11. Engadget's article about the pocket states that the dock will be available at the same time as the console.
  12. Just to fill in the details for those who are curious: Analogue Pocket, 3.5" screen 1600x1440, with GB/GBC/GBA and via an adapter Lynx, NGPC, and GG . They're also planning an HDMI dock. Interesting little blerb about it also working as a digital audio workstation with a built-in synthesizer.
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