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  1. Hello, I guess you already sold this CCE cart lot? Also, if you did, do you have anymore Brazilian games for sale? Thanks, Adam
  2. You still have any CCE & Polyvox games for sale? Thanks.



    1. CPUWIZ


      You should try sending a private message.

  3. Well, I have a few CCE games & I'm trying to pick up as many different games that I can. So far, I have Bobby Is Going Home, Phantom Tank, Atlantis, Laser Gate & Seaquest. I just love the label graphics of these games. Right now, I'm just concentrating on finding Brazilian made games & consoles.
  4. I'm looking to buy foreign Atari 2600 games from these companies. Apple Vision CCE Dactar Polygram Polyvox If you have any of these companies games you would like to sell, then please message me or respond to me here. Thanks a bunch!! Cheers, Adam
  5. Hello Fellow Members, Well, there are a few Atari 2600 clones I'm looking to find. (1) is the CCE Supergame VG-2800 System, complete with all cords & a controller. (2) Atari 2600 Polyvox Video Game System, complete with everything & (3) Atari 2600 Apple Vision Video Game System, complete with everything. I hope these systems are out there to buy & if you do have one of these you would like to sell, then please pm me!! Thanks a bunch!! Adam
  6. That is a bunch of cool stuff you have there!! Well, I don't suppose you have anymore of the Brasilian consoles for sale, ie CCE Supergame VG-2800 or any other Brasilian made consoles for sale? Thanks, Adam
  7. Hello, Do you still have this for sale? Thanks, Adam
  8. Hello Sr. Ferraz, That is an AWESOME collection you have there!! I don't suppose you are selling any of your Brazilian games right now? I have found games by CCE & Polyvox on Ebay, but never of any of these games by Tiger Vision, Ultra Vision & Fotomania, which I'm looking for. Thanks a lot, Adam
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